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sendy|April 04, 2023
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The Best Health Insurance 2023 in UAE – The cheapest health insurance for individuals and workers

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We will talk about insurance for individuals or workers and cover everything you need to know!

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What are health and medical insurances?

Health insurance gives you financial coverage for all expenses of medical services you obtain outside the framework of free health care services. 

It aims to provide a financial and medical safety net to finance medical expenses in complex or rare cases, for example, organ transplantation, the purchase of expensive medicines, surgeries, advanced consulting services, hospitalization and treatment, alternative medicine services, and more.

Women are often wondering if maternity is covered by their insurance company? The answer is yes! 

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Health/medical insurance is an insurance product offered by insurance corporations to finance healthcare expenses that are either not subsidized by the government or are only partially and insufficiently covered.

You are protected against unpredictable, excessive medical bills with your insurance. Dubai residents’ insurance covers all medical emergencies, health treatments, emergency treatment, or medical visits.

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So, why is health insurance required in UAE?

Insurance is essential since these products, among other things, cover daycare procedures, medical care at an extensive network of hospitals, pre, and post-hospitalization charges, and even your treatment for mental illness.

The Department announced that non-members of health insurance plans would be liable to a fine of AED 300 per month for each month they go without coverage.

The terms of Health Insurance Law No. 23/2005, its revisions, and administrative rules are adhered to in doing this. 

Healthcare in the UAE is expensive because you get the best care possible for your money.

Your plans can be improved following your needs and requirements and should be acceptable under Abu Dhabi’s health insurance law.

In addition to having highly skilled doctors and cutting-edge medical technology, the UAE is renowned for its groundbreaking research. Every medical treatment is at a high level, and healthcare, in general, is excellent everywhere in the UAE.

There is also a medical plan known as “outside of hospital network. All treatments, consultations, tests, and other services received through this network of hospitals and clinics must be paid for by policyholders.

However, they can use the claim reimbursement form to submit a reimbursement claim later for these services and treatments.

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The sum you pay before your insurance plan begins to pay for eligible health care services.

For instance, if your deductible is $1,000, you would be responsible for the first $1,000 of covered treatments.

Insurance plans benefit anyone trying to shield their loved ones, property, and selves from risk or losses.

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Insurance policies will help you pay for unforeseen healthcare expenses, hospital stays, developing illnesses and treatments, and future medical care requirements.

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Advantages of Medical Insurance Protection And Healthcare Services:

  • Protects through providing.
  • Insurance protection does lessen the effect of loss that one experiences in dangerous circumstances.
  • Gives assurance.
  • The policyholders are given a sense of security by their insurance coverage.
  • Risk sharing, the value of risk, the creation of capital, economic growth, and saving practices. 

These insurances include financing all healthcare expenses in whole or part, including many complex medical conditions, as stipulated in the health insurance policy.

And for those who wonder what the insurance period is, here are some quick definitions:

A policy’s effective period is referred to as the insurance policy period.

The length of your policy periods will also affect when your payments are due.

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The best health insurance in the Emirates helps you get the best medical assistance with full or partial funding.

It doesn’t matter whether you live or stay in the United Arab Emirates, in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and the rest of the Emirates.

Health care services in the UAE are provided to all citizens, residents, or visitors through government medical facilities with valid medical cards, i.e., valid health insurance.

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Accordingly, purchasing health insurance in the Emirates is mandatory for all residents of the Emirates and their families, and it differs in its foundations and systems between the different Emirates.

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Why should you buy health insurance in the UAE?

Buying health insurance in the UAE guarantees advanced health insurance coverage for yourself, your family, or even the workers you employ. 

Health insurance is binding in the UAE and is one of the essential insurance products for health and its dimensions.

Why should you buy health insurance if you are healthy and don’t have any medical problems?

Here are two main reasons to buy health insurance:

The law requires all citizens or residents of the UAE to purchase health insurance

As we already mentioned, health insurance in the UAE is mandatory.

The law obliges employers to provide health insurance for their employees and their families (wives and children under 18 years of age) while taking care of all costs without deducting them from employees. 

You and all members of your family must be under health insurance coverage.

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Insurance provides you with a financial and health safety net. 

Health insurance in the UAE provides you and your family with an economic and health safety net to finance all periodic medical assistance and emergency cases. Also, your insurance covers all your treatments at accredited health facilities. 

This is in addition to comprehensive medical insurance that covers: critical health cases, specialized surgeries, organ transplants, dental treatments, non-subsidized drug insurance, treatment of incurable and rare diseases, drug insurance, personal accident insurance, pregnancy insurance, breaking the geographical barrier, and more.

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Types of health insurance in the UAE

When buying the most profitable health insurance, you will find that there are three types of health insurance in the UAE, namely:

Health insurance for individuals

Health insurance for individuals is the best individual insurance that a person purchases from the insurance company to obtain comprehensive coverage for all his healthcare expenses, depending on the insurance terms and limits he chooses.

Health insurance prices for individuals vary between different companies in the UAE. With us, you can discover the most substantial health insurance offers, get the cheapest health insurance for individuals from the most important insurance corporations, and save money!

Group health insurance plans

Group health insurance or workers’ health insurance is the best to cover a specific group of people who share expected benefits within a business, organization, association, club, and more.

An employer, organization, or another representative insurance agent typically purchases workers’ health insurance to cover healthcare expenses for all health services a member may need up to the coverage limits agreed upon in the group insurance policy.

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Family health insurance plans

Family health insurance is the best medical insurance that provides comprehensive medical insurance coverage for anEmirati family with all its members.

Family health insurance provides financial coverage for all health and treatment services in various approved and unapproved medical facilities (emergency cases). 

Also, these insurances cover treatments for chronic and incurable diseases, pre-insurance treatment, financing/compensating medical fees for all family members, vision coverage, pregnancy and childbirth, dental and other services.

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Benefits of health insurance plans

Here are the essential advantages of health insurance in the UAE:

1. Health insurance is available through insurance companies to all citizens in the UAE. 

Any citizen can buy medical insurance, provided that his request is accepted by the insurance company, in line with his health condition.

Purchasing health insurance in the UAE does not deprive you of your right to receive free health care services under the law. Still, it is in addition to any medical assistance provided by government medical facilities.

There is also an “outside of hospital network” medical plan. Policyholders are responsible for covering the costs of all procedures, consultations, examinations, and other services obtained through this network of hospitals and clinics.

Nevertheless, they may make a reimbursement claim for these services and treatments using the claim reimbursement form.

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2. Purchasing health insurance that requires a declaration of the general health condition.

Insurance companies allow you to buy health insurance and provide specific coverage for medical conditions that existed before entering into the insurance contract with the company.

To obtain excellent medical insurance, the insured (and his family members if the insurance is for the family) must declare his total health and medical condition without concealing any information. 

The insurance company can cancel the insurance policy if the insured has concealed information.

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3. Medical insurance is the same as financing your medical bills in advance. 

The best medical insurance is to finance your medical bills by paying insurance. That is, it invests the medical fees for treatments, either by compensating the insured or by paying the service providers themselves, which requires the insured to bear a monetary amount (amount of deductible) from any insurance event.

The employee’s pay and position define the level of coverage for employers and their families. So, the employee’s salary is the crucial factor in his insurance.

4. Individual health insurance versus group health insurance. 

If you want to buy insurance for yourself or your family, you need individual medical insurance/personal medical insurance or family insurance that can determine its coverage.

Also, it can cover terms and insurance events following your needs and requires you to declare all details related to your health condition.

You will receive the finest medical insurance policies from Almowafir, which adhere to all Dubai health authority regulations.

On the other hand, there is medical insurance for workers and families, which we have already mentioned a few times in this article.

This insurance plan is specifically intended for companies, organizations, establishments, and clubs that wish to insure their employees or members with group insurance.

This insurance coverage and limits are determined in coordination with the insurance company (its representative) without you having a direct relationship or influence on the insurance policy, so it is optional.

You must declare your state of health. The price of medical insurance for workers is usually significantly lower than for individuals.

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5. The health insurance policy is automatically renewed. 

Suppose you continue to pay the monthly insurance compensations on time. In that case, the insurance policy will be automatically renewed until the end of the insurance period. The insurance period is determined in advance when contracting with the insurance company.

6. To activate the health insurance plan, you must submit a claim. 

If any insurance limit is covered according to the health insurance policy, you must submit a claim to the insurance company to activate the insurance to collect your rights.

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What factors affect the value of the insurance premium?

When buying the most promising health insurance plan, you will have to pay a subscription or a monthly insurance premium to the insurance company throughout the insurance period to keep the policy active.

Otherwise, they will cancel your healthcare insurance plan.

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It is not worth mentioning that health insurance prices vary between insurance companies in the UAE, but among the essential factors that affect the price of a health insurance policy is the level of risk.

The higher the probability of activating the insurance, the higher the insurance price, i.e., the monthly premium you have to pay.

The price of insurance in Dubai is affected by several variables.

So, What Elements Affect the Cost and Premiums of Health Insurance in the UAE?

Here are a few: age, geographical location, and more.

For example, older folks may pay up to three times more for insurance than younger ones. Geographical location has a considerable impact on health insurance prices. 

Many factors affect the price of the finest insurance in the UAE, the most important of which are:

Type of insurance. 

The type of medical insurance is an essential factor that affects the amount of the monthly insurance premium that you will pay.

Family insurance is usually the most expensive, followed by individual insurance and group insurance for workers.

Additionally, you may purchase additional coverage that covers extras like services, eye care, immunizations, overseas coverage, etc., that are typically not included.

Now you may wonder if is your dental covered with this type of insurance? And the answer is sure!

A basic insurance plan for a family of four should cost around 17,000 AED.

For a thirty-year-old ex-pat on a comprehensive plan, insurance premiums range from around 5,500 AED per year to approximately 33,500 AED for a family of four on a comprehensive plan.

You can also pay online with Almowafir. It’s easy, and all you need to do is follow these steps: Pick your desired plan tenure and enter your payment information to purchase insurance online.

The generation of the insured. 

The purchase of medical insurance in an advanced generation will be more expensive than at an early age. It may even deprive the insured of many insurance items that the company excludes from the medical insurance policy because it has a high probability of activating the insurance.

Therefore, the older the insured is, the higher the monthly life insurance premium you will pay.

The health status of the insured person, family, or workers. 

The more threatening the insured’s health condition is, the higher the medical insurance premium will be for him or her.

In some cases, the insurance company may refuse to conclude any contractual relationship with them, that is, refuse to insure them, due to the increasing possibility of activating the insurance.

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Smoking – Smokers

Smokers will undoubtedly pay more when purchasing medical insurance, as statistics confirm that smokers are more susceptible to early diseases and medical examinations at an earlier generation.

Because the Affordable Care Act permits insurers to increase coverage costs for smokers by up to 50%, the additional expense is lawful.

This is because smokers have a higher chance of experiencing several major health issues.

In most states, smokers are subject to a 50% maximum fee.

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It depends on your lifestyle and the type of environment in which you spend your time. 

The insured’s lifestyle directly affects the value of the monthly premium that the person pays. The insurance premium will also rise whenever your lifestyle exposes you to diseases or critical medical conditions.

Tolerance amount.

The higher the amount of endurance you bear in claims, the lower the value of the monthly medical insurance premium you pay, and vice versa is necessarily actual.

The deductible amount is often a fixed amount or a partial percentage of the value of the insurance item according to the insurance policy.

It usually may reach 20% of the costs in the event of an insurance event covered under the medical insurance policy and when the insured bears responsibility for the occurrence of danger.

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Optional additional features and benefits. 

Adding features or benefits to the medical insurance policy is for an additional fee added to the monthly premium. For example, the death benefit is the main perk provided by a life insurance policy. 

The Geographical area. 

Medical services and availability of medical buildings differ between emirates, so Dubai’s monthly medical insurance premium is supplementary to Abu Dhabi due to different policies, medical establishments, population density, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Insurances In The UAE

What is the best medical insurance in the UAE?

The best medical insurance in the UAE gives you comprehensive financial medical insurance coverage for all medical expenses you incur following the insurance policy.
With Almowafir, you can find the best health insurance companies to cover all your medical emergencies for the lowest possible price!
Almowafir will help you conclude a contract with the best healthcare services and medical insurance companies!

What are the most important factors to consider when purchasing your insurance in the UAE?

When purchasing insurance in the UAE, you must check the following factors:

Insurance coverage limits and their compatibility with your needs.
Benefits and additions available and their contribution to expanding insurance coverage.
Your financial ability to bear the monthly insurance premiums in the long term.
Claims settlement ratio in the insurance company. It must be at least 90%.
The deductible amount that you have to bear when the insured event occurs.
Availability of technical support and a call center.
A website or app to track your insurance policy and file claims.
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Do I need comprehensive medical insurance?

Yes, medical insurance is mandatory for all citizens and residents in the UAE. It provides you with financial insurance coverage for all medical expenses, including critical health cases, thus ensuring the availability of a financial safety net to finance medical services under challenging issues.
Challenging medical cases include incurable diseases, buying expensive medicines, or obtaining assistance for faster alternative health (securing surgeries, organ transplants, and more).

How to buy the cheapest sanitary pad online in the UAE?

Click to discover medical insurance offers from the most important companies in the UAE. Continue to buy the cheapest medical insurance at the lowest possible cost!

Is it necessary to buy medical insurance in the UAE?

Yes, all citizens and residents of the UAE are required to obtain good health and medical insurance to ensure that they receive the medical services they need in various medical buildings, as is the case in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, for example.

Best Health Insurance in UAE – May 2023