Cheapest Car Insurance in Saudi Arabia

sendy|April 04, 2023
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Best And Cheapest Car Insurance in Saudi Arabia for 2023

If you want to buy the cheapest car insurance in Saudi Arabia, you must compare car insurance prices and offers from approved insurance companies.

Also, you should ensure that you are fully aware of everything related to the insurance policy.

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Given that Saudi law stipulates that every vehicle driver must possess valid car insurance, this makes car insurance the most crucial insurance product in the insurance sector in Saudi Arabia and the fastest-growing one.

Also, car insurance is the most essential one, especially in light of the new amendments to the unified insurance policy and allowing women to drive.

Here is everything you need to know about the cheapest car insurance in Saudi Arabia while ensuring that you get the best possible coverage that matches your profile, traffic and insurance record, and vehicle type.

Also, these insurances come with practical tips to help you get the best car insurance in Saudi Arabia at the lowest price ever!

The cheapest insurance for May 2023 in Saudi Arabia

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Insurance in Saudi Arabia At The Lowest Price With Almowafir

Every motor vehicle in Saudi Arabia must have legal car insurance.

Therefore, to drive a vehicle on the streets of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you must purchase car insurance – compare car insurance rates exclusively via Almowafir! 

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Driving a motor vehicle in Saudi Arabia without valid insurance is considered a dangerous traffic violation that leads to a fine on the driver of the car in addition to other penalties issued by law; 

In addition, it is considered a blatant risk and leads to severe financial and judicial consequences. 

In the event of an accident, the uninsured driver is at fault – God forbid anything ever happens – because he can cause damage to other drivers, which he must compensate in addition to all additional costs and court judgments.

Before buying a new or used car in Saudi Arabia, you must purchase compulsory vehicle insurance before driving it on the streets – at least to cover your civil liability to third parties following the law.

Purchasing compulsory car insurance is not optional in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Instead, it is charged to every car driver, regardless of the monthly costs incurred.

Also, the price can differ from one driver to another and one insurance company to another, given that they are all included under the supervision of the Saudi central bank on car insurance and a document for the unified policy for compulsory insurance.

Laws About The Best Car Insurance in Saudi Arabia

As we already mentioned, according to Saudi law, every driver must own car insurance.

To clarify, you must have at least mandatory car insurance, liability insurance against third parties, or third-party insurance. 

This is the minimum car insurance, while car insurance can be upgraded to cover the driver and his vehicle as well, in addition to insurance additions and other benefits by purchasing a comprehensive insurance policy.

Let’s assume you want to buy a car in Saudi Arabia, whether with money in your current account or by obtaining a car loan.

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To get insurance coverage, you will find that there are two types of car insurance in Saudi Arabia, and they intersect in terms of compulsory insurance. 

Still, they differ significantly regarding insurance conditions, monthly premiums, and insurance coverage.

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Different Types Of Car Insurance In Saudi Arabia

There are two types of car insurance in Saudi Arabia: compulsory and comprehensive car insurance.

Buying car insurance in Saudi Arabia puts you in front of two options:

  1. Buying the best car insurance is mandatory. This is third-party car insurance stipulated by law as compulsory insurance for every motor vehicle driver. It covers your civil liability towards third parties only, not towards you.
  2. Buying the best comprehensive insurance not only covers your civil liability towards third parties but also covers you and the vehicle you drive, i.e., ensuring the third party and the car he drives. Through the comprehensive insurance policy, we obtain one insurance that includes compulsory and personal insurance.

Comparing several providers is the most straightforward approach to obtaining affordable auto insurance after you know how much coverage you require. This is the best approach if you want cheaper car insurance or affordable car insurance based on your needs.

The Compulsory Car Insurance In Saudi Arabia

Compulsory insurance is the minimum insurance stipulated in Saudi law for every driver. It is known as third-party insurance.

It covers your civil liability towards third parties. It only extends for 13 months and is usually the cheapest car insurance you can buy.

Compulsory is insurance under which the insurance company covers the civil liability of the insured towards third parties.

It is represented by compensating others for all physical and material damages and judicial expenses resulting from a traffic accident in which the insured or his vehicle was proven to have occurred.

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Compulsory car insurance guarantees you legal and financial insurance against third parties so that if you were the cause of an accident that resulted in damages to others, the car insurance company is the one that bears the civil liability towards others instead of you.

Also, it compensates them for all physical and material damages and expenses resulting from lawsuits so that the total does not exceed compensation for all damages of ten million Saudi riyals.

If you’re looking for insurance coverage for yourself, your vehicle, and against third parties, you should consider purchasing comprehensive car insurance in Saudi Arabia. 

Accordingly, compulsory car insurance in Saudi Arabia is the cheapest car insurance and is not expensive compared to comprehensive insurance.

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The Comprehensive Car Insurance in Saudi Arabia

Comprehensive car insurance provides coverage for the insured (the driver) and his vehicle in addition to civil liability against third parties (third-party insurance), valid for 13 months.

This insurance is usually the best car insurance in terms of the insurance thing it provides.

According to which car insurance company you are at, comprehensive car insurance is optional, following the full insurance rules approved by the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia.

This insurance compensates the insured for the physical and material damages incurred to him and his vehicle and his absolute civil liability against third parties due to traffic accidents – God forbid.

Also, it covers any damage caused by car combustion, vehicle theft, natural and climatic disasters, personal accidents, and more, in addition to covering:

  • the costs of preservation and transportation
  • all insurance additions
  • optional additional features and benefits

The best comprehensive car insurance is independent insurance offered by the car insurance company to its customers with various insurance benefits and additions.

It must be provided with the following decisions of the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia, which guarantees the availability of compulsory insurance coverage under the unified policy for mandatory vehicle insurance.

Accordingly, you realize that comprehensive insurance is usually more expensive than compulsory insurance in Saudi Arabia because it combines personal and third-party insurance. 

It is determined based on the value of the car in the first place and the limits of the optional benefits you add to the insurance policy, including replacement vehicle rental, death, bodily injury, roadside assistance, geographic coverage, coverage for all vehicle drivers, and more.

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Why Do Car Insurance Rates Differ Between Various Insurance Companies?

Car insurance is a product that insurance companies offer customers according to different pricing strategies. 

It depends on many considerations that include decisions of the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia, standard insurance policies and amendments issued by it, the principles and rules adopted by the insurance company in pricing its insurance products, the resources available to each company, the profile of the driver and his personal needs. 

Also, it depends on estimating the risk level when a person buys insurance based on their previous insurance experience.

You will find that comprehensive insurance prices vary significantly. The difference is in car insurance rates.

It is more noticeable in comprehensive insurance policies than compulsory insurance policies because the insurance conditions and coverage limits are very different.

Rules And Evaluation Criteria For The Cheapest Car Insurance 

To get the cheapest car insurance, you must compare car insurance prices in Saudi Arabia, which differ between approved and licensed insurance companies.

The difference between car insurance rates is the diversity of insurance companies and pricing strategies, the variety of insurance products, and the fundamental differences between drivers (customers).

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We compare car insurance rates from different insurance companies according to many rules and foundations to help you obtain the cheapest car insurance. The most important things are:

  • The type of car insurance

The type of vehicle insurance you choose affects the price of the insurance policy and the value of the monthly premium that you will pay.

Compulsory car insurance in Saudi Arabia covers third-party civil liability.

It is usually significantly cheaper than comprehensive car insurance, which provides insurance coverage for you, your vehicle, and your third-party civil liability.

Comprehensive insurance is determined according to the value of the vehicle and the limits of optional insurance benefits in addition to compulsory insurance costs.

Therefore, compulsory vehicle insurance in Saudi Arabia is the cheapest car insurance, of course.

  • The Limits of insurance coverage

Insurance coverage limits affect the total value of the insurance policy.

Saudi law stipulates that a minimum level of insurance coverage that must be provided – whether in compulsory or comprehensive insurance.

The compulsory vehicle insurance coverage limits aim to cover your civil liability against third parties with a total compensation not exceeding 10 million Saudi riyals. 

On the other hand, the limits of insurance coverage in comprehensive insurance include – in addition to insurance against third parties – the insurance value of the insured vehicle and the limits of optional insurance benefits, which the insured adds to the program.

  • The Prices And Limits For Insurance Add-ons Or Benefits

The customer adds insurance additions and benefits according to his considerations and personal needs for an additional monthly fee.

We can include additions and benefits as an optional insurance product offered by the insurance company to customers during negotiations to set up the optimal insurance program. 

They directly affect the total price of the car insurance policy, as it requires the customer to pay additional costs.

Insurance additions and benefits are attached to comprehensive insurance programs only. 

They are optional and aim to meet the insured’s needs, including renting a replacement vehicle, roadside assistance, death, and bodily damage, geographical coverage (outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), coverage of vehicle drivers, and more.

  • The Insurance Company’s Settlement Ratio

The claims settlement ratio refers to the rate of claims settled out of the total claims submitted to the car insurance company in the tax year. It dramatically affects the insurance company’s reputation.

The claims settlement percentage should not be less than 90%. 

Therefore it must be considered in particular to evaluate insurance companies before contracting with them.

  • No-claim discount

If your insurance history is free of claims, you will be entitled to a discount on the insurance policy for the following year.

The discount for not submitting a claim contributes significantly to obtaining the cheapest car insurance. 

If the insured has yet to introduce claims for compensation in the past years, whether in the same insurance company or not, he gets a discount of 10% or more on the total annual subscription.

The discount percentage for not filing a claim varies between car insurance companies in Saudi Arabia, at least 10% for the following year.

Also, it reaches even more than that if we add the loyalty discount and the absence of the insurance record for more previous years.

  • Online car insurance.

Digital car insurance services have become essential in our so-called digital world.

It is essential to have a website or mobile application that allows the insured or the customer to purchase vehicle insurance online and compare the prices of different insurance programs, manage the insurance policy and monthly installments, submit claims, communicate easily with customer service, and more.

How To Buy The Cheapest Car Insurance Online?

Here are six tips for buying the cheapest car insurance for May 2023 from one of the most famous car insurance companies in Saudi Arabia:

  1. Choose the type of insurance that best suits your vehicle.

The best insurance for an old-fashioned vehicle is compulsory insurance, as spare parts are abundant in the market and repair costs are low.

  1. Do not rush to make claims.

There is a benefit from a no-claim discount of up to 50% and more on the total policy cost when you keep your insurance history clear of claims.

Suppose you can bear the costs of the damage caused by the accident that you caused and do not file a claim with the insurance company.

In that case, your insurance record will not remain empty, which may lead to an increase in the value of the insurance premium for the following year.

  1. Buy insurance for all new drivers on the exact vehicle.

If your family includes a new driver or one young driver, purchase car insurance for all of them on the same vehicle.

Insuring a new driver is usually the most expensive among drivers. Still, you may benefit from exclusive discounts when purchasing more than one insurance policy or a single policy with multiple drivers.

  1. Register the new driver on the older model car.

It is preferable to register the new driver on the older model car, as it may suffice to purchase a compulsory insurance policy only and allocate it to the new, inexperienced driver.

Renew the car insurance with the same insurance company. 

Benefit from a loyalty discount of 10% or more when renewing your car insurance with the same company.

  1. Notify the insurance company of any change in the vehicle usage pattern.

A car not used or used infrequently will help you reduce the insurance premium.

Any decrease/change in your car usage pattern helps you lower your monthly insurance premium. 

The best example of this is traveling abroad for some time, a significant decrease in car usage, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions – The cheapest car insurance for May 2023

Question 1: What is the cheapest car insurance in Saudi Arabia?

Go to Almowafir’s website to get the cheapest car insurance in Saudi Arabia from the most famous car insurance companies.
Compare insurance offers and buy the best car insurance online at the most affordable possible price with just a few clicks.

Question 2: What is valid car insurance?

Valid car insurance is the insurance whose owner pays his monthly installments or pays his annual total cost to the insurance company regularly in exchange for obtaining the insurance coverage stipulated in the insurance policy in the event of an insurance accident.
The total value of car insurance is determined according to several factors that depend on the contracting parties, some of which are related to the insurance company and its strategies in pricing, risk assessment, and sale of insurance products. 
Others depend on the profile of the driver who applies for insurance, your traffic and insurance record, the type of vehicle you have, and more.

Question 3: Should I buy car insurance in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, every driver of a vehicle in Saudi Arabia must carry valid car insurance, whether compulsory vehicle insurance according to the unified policy issued by the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia or comprehensive insurance.
Almowafir can provide you with the cheapest car insurance rates in Saudi Arabia for May 2023!

Question 4: What is the difference between compulsory insurance and comprehensive insurance?

Compulsory insurance is stipulated by Saudi law for every vehicle driver, and it is third-party insurance that covers your civil liability toward others only.
In contrast, comprehensive insurance covers all risks and damages that may occur to you and your vehicle in addition to your civil liability towards third parties, which is usually more expensive.
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