Best health insurance in Saudi Arabia

sendy|March 19, 2023
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The best health insurance in Saudi Arabia – The cheapest health insurance for individuals and workers for May 2023

We know how hard it is to find a good and cheap health insurance plan out there. But you’re in luck! We’ve decided to take on the quest of finding the best medical insurance premiums for you, regardless of if you’re a worker or just an individual.

It’s impossible to imagine someone needing medical treatment and not being able to afford one, so we’ve made it our mission to display the best information about health insurance plans for you!

What is health insurance in Saudi Arabia?

Health insurance in Saudi Arabia is an optional insurance product that’s provided by insurance networks in Saudi Arabia. It provides health insurance coverage for the insured. If you, God forbid, need a non-government-subsidized life-saving drug, any surgery, medical advice, or health service outside of a government-funded primary health care system, you’ll need private health insurance.

The best health insurance in Saudi Arabia may be:

  1. Additional health insurance. Additional health insurance is the best health insurance supplement to the free health care services that are provided by government medical facilities. It covers all unsubsidized medical expenses, such as treatment of chronic or incurable diseases, purchase of life-saving medicines, and many, many more.
  2. Alternative health insurance. This is the best alternative health insurance for basic or complementary health care services provided by medical facilities and government institutions. For example, insurance for surgeries, insurance for medical consultations, insurance for organ transplantation, treatment, accommodation, daycare in the hospital, and more.

The best health insurance – The factors that affect the value of the insurance premium

You should know that the higher the possibility of using the insurance, the higher the total insurance cost for one year and the monthly premium that you have to pay.

This is because all the factors that affect the value of the insurance premium are derived from the risk assessment factors that the insurance company adopts to accept or reject the application for health insurance and in the pricing of the insurance policy for each individual applicant.

Here are some of the most important factors that affect the price of the best health insurance in Saudi Arabia and that insurance companies take into consideration with every applicant:

  • The type of health insurance
    Family health insurance is usually the most expensive, followed by individual health insurance and then group health insurance for workers. It’s important to note that the type of health insurance plans you get doesn’t affect whether you will get or not get the insurance, it only affects the price. Medical care is included in all three types.
  • The health status of the insured
    The health condition of the insured is a fundamental factor in determining the cost of insurance. Even the acceptance or rejection of the insurance application can be at stake. Many Saudi families opt for family insurance to cover a loved one that’s in poor health instead of getting them an individual health insurance plan since they can be rejected. Insurance companies usually do not insure people with chronic diseases or complex medical conditions unless the applicant has excluded his medical condition from the terms of the insurance policy. But, excluding a condition that may be a “deal breaker” often leads to the cancellation of the insurance plan or simply not covering the bills for said disease.
  • The generation of the insured
    The more advanced generation the applicant is, the higher the insurance premium.
    The purchase of health insurance at an advanced age will have a significantly higher total cost than at an early age. In this case, the insurance company excludes many insurance items due to the applicant’s advanced age, the higher the level of risk, and the possibility of activating the insurance. This may prove a problem for many since the elderly need coverage most often.
  • Tolerance amount
    The higher the deductible amount that you incur in financing expenses for each insurance event, the lower the value of the monthly health insurance premium that you pay, and vice versa. The deductible amount is a fixed amount or a partial percentage of the insurance coverage value that is determined upon negotiation with the insurance company. The insured undertakes to bear it upon the occurrence of any insurance event. It usually amounts to 20% of the total costs of the insurance event.
  • Smoking
    Smokers are more susceptible to diseases at an earlier age, so private health insurance is more expensive. This means that if you’re a proven smoker, you’ll almost certainly pay a higher premium for your private health insurance and won’t be able to get cheap health insurance, for that matter.
  • Your lifestyle and the type of environment in which you spend your time
    Insurance companies often take interest in what you’re doing in your free time. That doesn’t sound fair, right? Well, in order to estimate how prone you are to certain diseases and medical problems, your medical insurance company will take interest in your lifestyle. Do you exercise, whether you drink, what kind of job you do, and every other aspect of your life that may cause you any serious health problems? This is done by medical insurance companies, so they know what to expect and whether you’re a suitable candidate.
  • Geographical area
    If you live in a geographical area with limited health services, the insurance premium will be higher. Medical services and the availability of medical facilities differ from one geographical area to another in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Thus, the monthly health insurance premium may be relatively higher in geographical areas that lack medical centers and advanced health care services.

Best health insurance for 2023 – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best health insurance in Saudi Arabia?

The best health insurance in Saudi Arabia is comprehensive insurance coverage for all medical expenses in all cases of illness and insurance events stipulated in the insurance policy. It is available to you in addition to the free health care services provided by the government. You can discover the best health insurance offers from the most important insurance companies in Saudi Arabia and get the cheapest health now!

Do I need health insurance?

Yes, health insurance offers you financial insurance coverage for all medical expenses in critical and complex health cases or unsupported medical procedures. In addition to free healthcare services in government medical facilities, you guarantee the availability of a financial safety net to finance all medical expenses. Medical services in difficult cases (diseases, chronic diseases, purchasing life-saving drugs) or to obtain alternative health services faster (securing faster surgeries, organ transplants, pregnancy and childbirth insurance, dental treatment, advanced medical consultations, and more).

When do I have to buy health insurance?

The best time to buy health insurance is at an early age when you are in good health so that the insurance company does not exclude any insurance clause, but rather you guarantee that you will get the cheapest health insurance. When done right, the premiums for health insurance for young people stay low, even when they get into more mature years. So don’t wait around – go ahead and find the best affordable medical insurance out there with the parameters we’ve displayed!

What are the most important factors to consider when purchasing health insurance in Saudi Arabia?

When purchasing health insurance in Saudi Arabia, the following factors must be checked:
1. The type of insurance, limits of insurance coverage, and compatibility with your needs.
2. The network of authorized service providers provided by the insurance company.
Claims settlement ratio in the insurance company. It should not be less than 3.90%.
4. The deductible amount that you have to bear when the insured event occurs.
5. Your financial ability to bear the monthly insurance premiums in the long term.
6. The available insurance benefits and add-ons and their contribution to expanding insurance coverage and meeting your needs.
7. Availability of technical support and a call center.
8. A website or application to track your health insurance policy and file claims online.
9. Insurance company offers and discounts. Includes No Claim Discount, Loyalty Discount, and more.

Should I buy health insurance in Saudi Arabia?

Honestly, you’re not in need of buying private cheap health insurance. All citizens of the Kingdom receive health care services in medical facilities free of charge throughout their lives. However, health insurance provides health and financial insurance coverage for critical health cases (rare diseases, chronic diseases, surgeries outside the Kingdom, organ transplantation, expensive life-saving drugs price, specialized medical consultations, and more) whose coverage is insufficient in community medical facilities.

How to buy the cheapest healthy online in Saudi Arabia?

Be sure to purchase health insurance as early as possible and compare health insurance prices from all of the most famous insurance companies in Saudi Arabia. By doing so, you’ll see which health insurance company gives out the best plans, and you can pick one that fits your needs and desires. By comparing prices, you’ll see where you’ll save up the most money in regard to what you need in medical coverage.