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Who is Almowafir?

Almowafir means the economizer, or thrifty-spender, in Arabic. Everyone loves a good deal. Almowafir offers you the quick and easy way to find the best coupons, discounts and promo codes on everything you need. We all have stores where we love to shop. But still, we visit a broad range of sites because we’re looking for that extra special flash sale or end of season discount or promo code. Almowafir makes the life of the deal-seeker easier. No jumping from site to site, no need to check back to see if a sale or coupon is still valid. Almowafir lets you see all the deals live at your favorite store. Or, you can see all the deals available in your region for the type of product you want.

Almowafir is the top platform of its kind in the Arab world. It is the biggest and the best in its class, with thousands of coupons and discount offers from the region’s most popular e-commerce sites. So next time you need to buy something, go to Almowafir and enjoy the savings.

Almowafir Offers & Coupons

We are a close-knit and dedicated team, working 24/7 to provide our users with the world’s best customer service and support, as well as an ever growing selection of coupons and offers for all the region’s best shops and most popular categories.  We collect all the best store discounts & sales, limited-time vouchers, giveaways, exclusive coupons deals & promo codes and deliver them to you all in one place.

Further, Almowafir offers close working relationships with GCC retailers meaning we have exclusive coupons and deals you simply won’t find on the store website or anywhere else. The Almowafir team negotiates exclusive coupons for our users that you’ll find nowhere else.  Almowafir also posts the latest coupons to our site before anyone else, and you’ll NEVER find an expired code on our site.

Almowafir saves you time and money. And we offer you all our services for free!

What Stores Have Almowafir Offers & Coupons on Almowafir?

We work with the leading online shopping sites in the Arab and international markets, such as Souq, Noon, Groupon, Indigo, Rehlat, Amazon.AE, Namshi Dubai, Voga Closet, Elabelz, AliExpress, Jumia, Shein, Faces, MumzWorld, iHerb, Air Arabia and many more. 

We also cover all categories, products and services, from fashion to electronics, baby & kids, health & beauty, gaming, entertainment, travel, and even financial services.

Using Almowafir Offers & Coupons

  1. Search to find the store or category you want to shop 
  2. Browse the list of offers available right now
  3. Click to “Get Coupon” or “Get Deal”
  4. Click to go to the Store 
  5. Paste the code at checkout

Store Reviews

You can read our trusted reviews of each site before you visit it & make a purchase. Almowafir offers you reliable and impartial research, delivering you the crucial details you need to assess a store on their customer service and amenities. 

Using Almowafir, you’ll not only get Noon coupon codes & Noon offers for brands like Cobone, but also the hottest offers, best coupons, and deepest discounts for sites like Indigo, Groupon, Rehlat,, Namshi Dubai, Voga Closet, Elabelz, HomeBox Dubai & more – but you’ll find useful data on all our e-commerce partners, such as most popular categories and products, returns policy, delivery and shipping availability, payment methods and more.

We only work with stores that have a top-notch reputation in product quality, customer service, and delivery and payment options. We give you the information you need to make your purchase in confidence! So go ahead, buy your favorite products, or get a gift for a friend or relative. Simply click to copy the code you want, and save!

Customer Service

Contact us here, or on our social channels to let us know what you need and want. We’ll respond right away with the Almowafir offers and coupons you’ve asked for. And if you have any feedback that can help us improve, let us know! We’re all ears.

You might find that our privacy policy and terms of use are good informational resources.

Please reach out if you have any questions. We’re happy to help!

The Almowafir Mission

Our mission is to bring you the biggest savings by making it simple and easy to find the right discount coupon, offer, promo code, sale or voucher for the purchase you want to make. By saving more, you can also afford more for yourself and your family. Almowafir offers you the resources so you can buy the highest quality products at a much lower price. 

We all want the latest innovative electronics, the most beautiful clothes from popular international brands, wonderful children’s accessories, cosmetics and health care products and amazing travel flights and vacation packages. 

Almowafir gives you the best discount coupons so you can turn these dreams into reality!