Singles’ Day Sales, Coupons & Deals 11.11.2024

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Singles Day Super-Savings with Almowafir 11.11 Coupon Codes & Promo Codes

Great news for you lovers of smart discount online shopping. Big November sales shopping highlights just keep on coming! Preceding the super-sized sales days of black Friday, Middle Eastern white Friday, and Cyber Monday is yet another sizzling gala day for the lovers of MEGA bargains and great sales – singles day 2024!
What an opportunity for UAE sales lovers and savvy shoppers across the Middle East.
You won’t be alone in your Chinese singles day 2024 shopping bonanza. Almowafir is going to be your Valentine’s date for the day with unbelievably amazing singles day promo codes, singles day coupon code offers, and 11 11 single day discounts that are hot. Almowafir will make sure you have a truly happy single day. Woohoo!

When is Singles Day 2024 ?

The amazing event of singles day sales discount paradise takes place from midnight of November 11 2024 and lasts for a full 24 hours. It is a global celebration of a really cute Chinese idea that blossomed into a massive day of international singles day sales and commercial online shopping festivities, branching out from the enormous e-commerce Chinese marketplace. In many ways singles, the day is the commercial counterpart of Valentine’s Day. It once originated because before, there was a day only for lovers, on which they could buy products with big discounts, but singles didn’t have these options. It was from this ‘inequality’ that China came up with the commercial idea for singles day sales. A day, and nowadays almost a whole week, is full of huge discounts on enormous quantities of products. UAE shoppers and all GCC discount lovers, get ready!

singles day sales 11.11 ِ UAE discounts & coupons

Fun Singles Day Background Facts

The background of happy singles day, November 11 is from a Chinese holiday that originated from Nanjing University to be a celebration for single people during the 1990’s. The date corresponds with four “ones”, representing four singles. It was originally called Bachelor’s Day due to how four male college students decided on this day to celebrate the idea of being single.

Did you notice November 11 is written 11/11, 11.11, or one-one-one-one? One is the loneliest number The idea spread to different universities and eventually into mainstream culture, evolving over time as something both men and women can enjoy. A very particular kind of I love you every single day!

So, the initiative of 11 November singles day has also become an opportunity to say goodbye to singledom.
Many young people in China celebrate 11 11 single days by attending karaoke dating parties or going on blind dates. Some also try to win their special someone’s love by buying the perfect gift, or they even may decide to propose. Interestingly enough, there are more weddings held on singles day 11/11 in China than most other days of the year.

The special singles day also serves as a time when people can meet up and socialize at parties and has evolved into one of the most popular shopping days in China, a day of massive singles day deals, singles day sales, and 11 November singles day discounts. 

The date and idea have caught on globally and these days, singles day, November 11 is celebrated as an international day for singles day sales bargains galore.
Just to twist your ear, in 2017, the Alibaba Group, a multinational e-commerce conglomerate in retail and manufacturing, earned over $25 billion in sales, beating the previous record of $17.6 billion in 2016, .
The result is that singles day sales have become a mega commercial event that is close to becoming bigger, or possibly is already bigger, than black Friday and cyber Monday combined!
This makes Chinese singles day a world singles day and a wow in promoting Chinese commercial prowess and their home-developed products! Not to miss out on the sales frenzy, top brands and international online stores have gotten into the singles day sales too, so that the experience is truly immersive in the best that the retail world has to offer.

Which shops have the best singles day 2024 deals?

Some of the top global retailers to bargain shop on the singles day are:

  • Aliexpress
    Aliexpress has spread out it’s singles day event over 11 days. Some of the most substantial deals during singles day will come from AliExpress, a popular online hyper marketplace owned by the Alibaba Group, the parent company of Alibaba. You can find special aliexpress singles day sales across the board and the price discounts are unbeatable. It pays to shop around, compare between sellers and read reviews to gain both insights and the top discounts. Almowafir has single-day aliexpress coupons to match your shopping needs, be sure to pick up a deal.
  • Amazon
    never misses out on an opportunity to offer up big discounts and lure you into buying more for less. Check out their single-day sales offers and flash sales on products across the board and also see if you are eligible for FREE SHIPPING too.
  • iHerb
    iHerb, the leading health and beauty website, takes singles day sales very seriously and offers a plethora of singles day deals and special singles day promo code offers. The discounts are how iHerb says i love you every single day!
  • eBay
    eBay has been participating in the singles day in recent years, with singles day deals and discounts on a wide range of items and categories, especially electronic and techno gadgets.

Pick the BEST Singles Day Products

You will find a dizzying array of single-day products at a discount. Shop for value on products as wide-ranging as electronics, clothing, home essentials, and personal grooming products. 

During the singles day 2024 tens of thousands of products will be discounted. So it is impossible to say which products are best to buy. Still, there are a number of categories with products on which you can score high discounts and have a happy singles day result.

Consumer electronics

Do you want to create a smart home, buy a drone, or maybe buy a beamer to simulate a home theater? During the happy singles day 11/11 sale, you sometimes score these kinds of products for more than 50% cheaper than normal. And that means saving huge amounts of money because these kinds of products are normally not that cheap. Make sure to visit Almowafir frequently to pick up some exclusive 11.11 happy singles day promo code deals or 11 November coupon offers to grab the item of your dreams for so much less


You never have enough clothes. That’s why it’s so nice that it costs almost nothing at AliExpress. And you know what is the best thing? During the AliExpress happy singles day sale, some clothes are more than 75% discounted, sometimes even going up to 90%! This is true for so many top fashion and apparel online stores that cater to the UAE and the Middle East. Buy at a discount for yourself and your family. Get new shoes at up to 70% off and take advantage of flash sales on trending fashions. Almowafir will have a singles day coupon that is perfect for your wardrobe dreams. Come and try an Almowafir promo code for size.


What if you want to look nice, but for even less money? You have that option by hunting for cosmetics during the 11.11 sale at AliExpress, Sephora, Amazon and so many other online beauty outlets, including all the best, most popular UAE, GCC, and MENA online beauty retailers.
Nail polish, face creams, cosmetics, fragrances, brushes, smart mirrors and many other items can be bought during the singles day sale for only a fraction of the regular price. A good moment to buy tons of new products, so you can use them in the next couple of months.

How to Get the Best Out of singles day 2024 Shopping

Use Almowafir singles day coupons & promo codes

You’ll get all the up-to-date sales and shopping lowdown, including coupons, bargains, and a host of unbeatable singles day deals directly from Almowafir.  At Almowafir you will find all the hottest in 11.11 single-day fashion brand deals, singles day 2024 offers on makeup and beauty products with unrivaled discounts. Almowafir has the singles day best coupons on the latest technology and gadget breakthrough collections, tremendous savings with single day voucher codes on the top lines in health and wellness categories, promo codes on fashion, home essentials, beauty, and so much more. 

Find Online Store Singles Day Discounts

Each online store that participates in the singles day extravaganza ( and most top branded stores do) offers amazing flash sales, offers of up to 80% off, special promo codes, and discounted vouchers.
In 2024 there are going to be sizzling discounts to celebrate the singles day with a bunch of the very best of the deals for hot singles day shopping.

A perfect example of outstanding money-saving deals can be found at AliExpress. Discover just how this amazing hyper store promotes outstanding international singles day 2024 specials, discounts, and rock bottom prices. Go directly to the AliExpress icon and then into their singles day 2024 page via Almowafir, plus so many other top sites. Be sure to check out all the range of aliexpress singles day coupons. Shopping is fun, but it’s better with a singles day coupon!

Compare, Compare, Compare

If you already know what you are looking for, let’s say a new smartphone, make sure to compare at least five products before deciding which one to buy. In addition to the technical details, read and compare technical reviews that provide a cost-effectiveness score that indicates the value you get for your money when purchasing the product. Getting all your data will help you make a buying decision that you won’t regret. Celebrate the national single-day sales with a true bargain and have a really happy single-day shopping experience.

Stock Up on Regularly Used Products

Consider stocking up on health and beauty products like body wash, shampoo, moisturizer, makeup, perfume, and even vitamins during your single day 11/11 shopping. These products have a long shelf life and are regularly used every day. Buying these items in bulk on 11 November singles day when the prices are low can save you a lot of money, especially if you’re loyal to high-end brands. Just remember to check the stock you currently have so you don’t overdo it and have an oversupply. Most of these products have an expiry date of around three to four years, so do bear that in mind.

Take Advantage of Singles Day 2024 Free Return Policy

It’s easy to get carried away on 11.11 shopping and be tempted to get a full wardrobe makeover to welcome in a new you. Try to keep to a budget and try your best to avoid unnecessary purchases. The best way to do this is to look through your wardrobe and do some spring cleaning!

Give away clothes you don’t want anymore to make space for new ones. Take note of the clothes that you’re keeping and think of what you can buy to pair with them.
But, if your will is weak and the promotions are strong, you can (and should) return some of these impulsive purchases. Most fashion-related purchases have free return policies, so do take advantage of this. Not to forget, free returns during singles day sales also mean you can buy different sizes of the same item of clothing just in case you’re not sure of the fit!

Ensure you Really are Getting a Happy Singles Day Deal

Historically, 11/11 is the sale event where most products are at their lowest prices in the entire year. But, that doesn’t mean it applies to all products. It pays to not only have a list of items you want to buy on the singles day but also to track their prices before 11 11 single day just so you know if you really are getting these items for a steal. Remember, just because it is the singles day sales does not mean the price will automatically be lower. And if the discount isn’t as low as you’d wish it to be, there’s always the white Friday sale day to look forward to.

Happy singles day 2024 Shopping

There’s so much more too… but don’t miss out, with so many people rushing to snag the best deals, there are huge traffic loads on shopping websites on singles day, especially during the first few minutes after midnight. To increase your chances of checking out before items disappear, you should fire up multiple tabs on your browser and log into your accounts ahead of time.

Be sure to prioritize your shopping list and try to keep on focus so that you really do get the most worthwhile deals. It is a great idea to sign up for email alerts from your favorite brands and online stores to keep yourself ahead of the game.
Enjoy a close relationship with Almowafir and get all the singles day benefits of national single day exclusive promo code deals, 11/11 coupon code offers, and 11 11 voucher discounts.

Finally, a small warning, please don’t forget to read the small print of any deal, price-matching promise, or special free delivery benefit. The profits for you, as a shopper, are in the details – get yourself prepared and do a bit of homework before the big day.

For sure, singles day 2024 will truly be a global shopping event and no less so in the UAE and across the GCC and MENA. Yet, it’s not only about sales. It’s a national and global celebration that turns the retail world upside down. It’s full of both domestic and international sales opportunities that are fun and profitable for everyone!