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Big November is Almost Here!

Big November is the month when shopping for bargains becomes serious business. The highlight of this consumer driven month is Black Friday, one of the most waited for and exciting shopping events of the year.

It is an annual shopping event that takes place in the final days of November, where customers are presented with thousands of sales, deals, and discounts on just about anything you can imagine. It is that super shopping day when consumer dreams come true and you can find the brand of your dreams with an unbelievable bargain price tag or snag deals on coveted current-year electronics, appliances, and apparel.

This year’s Black Friday is shaping up to be a real winner for the savvy online shopper as stores are looking to tempt you into filling your shopping cart and making up for the dearth of high street shopping due to the Covid-19 virus. The virus, has made, in many places, online shopping a necessity and ecommerce outlets will be pushing enormous discounts in order to make good sales and move stock.

When & What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is always on the last Friday of November. This year, 2020, Black Friday falls on Friday, November the 27th. This super shopping day originated in the United States following their traditional Thanksgiving holiday and marks the official start to the Winter festive shopping season, looking towards Christmas gifting in particular. This discount shopping day has grown and developed over the years, becoming completely international and available to every shopper across the globe, both in high street outlets and e-commerce marketplaces. In fact, the day has proven so successful that it now tends to bounce around the entire month of what is called Big November – a whole month of discounts, sales and special offers.

By Any Other Name …

Black Friday is also known by several different names depending on region and local traditions. White Friday is the Middle Eastern equivalent of Black Friday from the United States. It’s an annual shopping event that takes place in synchronization with Black Friday and Middle Eastern customers are happily presented with thousands of sales, deals, and discounts on just about anything you can imagine.

The idea for a White Friday equivalent, relevant to the Middle Eastern culture, began when a number of well-known e-commerce giants of the Middle East witnessed first-hand how American shopping habits changed when discounts and deals were put front and centre with time limited offers. They believed something similar in the Middle East could be just as successful as in the USA and were proved correct. In 2014 one of the GCC and MENA region’s largest e-commerce sites, brought the idea of White Friday to the region’s consumers as a way of raising ecommerce awareness, increasing web traffic, and ultimately driving more sales for business. The idea caught on and the rest is Middle Eastern shopping history. Watch out too for Yellow Friday deals from one of our region’s largest ecommerce marketplaces – Noon.

Get Top Tips for Smart Shopping

Here are some of the best Black Friday tips you’ll need to know, so that you can make the most out of your shopping season and save as much money as possible! It is always fun to get a deal. It’s even better to get a great deal.

  • Prioritize your shopping list – go for the brands or goods that you really want and try not to go off in a tangent of impulse buying.
  • Do your homework – compare, compare, compare. Check out as many sites and the deals they are offering and be sure that the discounts are in fact real savings and not just hype.
  • Follow retailers on social media – this way you can get all the early lowdown, best times to jump in and grab your bargain or wait and see if there is a better deal to be had by waiting until the last minute.
  • Shop Using Discounted Coupons – most ecommerce sites, Apps and marketplaces offer special coupons on either a specific item, brands or across the board as a percentage of your overall shop. Take advantage of these coupon offers, they can be really worthwhile, just read the small print to understand exactly want is on offer and the time and dates that the offer is live.
  • Create a budget and stick to it – this sounds obvious, but it is so easy to get carried away and find yourself sad, sorry and in debt after a day of uncontrolled discount shopping rather than thrilled with a sense of achievement that you got yourself a really great deal.
  • Understand price matching policies – many sites will offer to match a lower price found at a competitor site for the same product. Please read the fine print to understand exactly what is on offer, at what point of sale the match can take place and if in fact you would be able to get a refund on your original purchase.
  • Understand store policies and fees in advance – know your vendor and their fine print of policies such as returns, exchanges, insurance for non- deliveries, security of payments and no less importantly, customer service standards.
  • Check out shipping & delivery times – you’ll find this information easily on each site and you can compare between them. Reading site reviews is always a great way to know if the site has fast and efficient shipping.

A Final Word…

Black Friday is part of the Big November shopping extravaganza. If you do it right, make a few rules for yourself and shop smart, then November could be your month for finally getting that special item you have dreamt about at the price you can afford.

If you can’t or don’t want to shop on the main day, you still have plenty of other opportunities both before and after November 27th to grab your bargain. Take a look on each site for special dates and times during November that suit your time constraints. Also take note that the next big discount opportunity comes right after the long shopping weekend on Cyber Monday. If you have some downtime at work or don’t mind starting your week a little early, you’ll be able to save serious cash on Cyber Monday as well as Black Friday. Most of all – have fun!