Celebrate UAE National Day 2022 Festivities with Top Deals, Coupons & Sales

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Almowafir Cash Savings Makes your UAE National Day a  Celebration of Discounts!

Celebrate the joyful UAE National holiday in style! Prepare your shopping to fit the bill for a holiday of glittering fun, delicious food, thoughtful gifts, and excellent bargain buys.
Make your UAE day festivities unforgettable and prepare well in advance for a perfect two days celebrating the Spirit of the Union.

You can buy everything you’ll need to really enjoy the national day in the UAE with UAE national day sales, coupons, and special discounts across a whole range of products, top stores, and much-loved brands.

Drop into Almowafir and pick up the best UAE national day deals with a wide range of UAE national day promo codes, UAE national day coupons, and UAE national day 2022 Noon discount offers.
Almowafir has put together a guide of the best UAE national day ideas of items and products you can pick up and save loads of cash. The hottest discounts run both before and during the UAE national day festivities so that you won’t miss out.
Enjoy celebrating UAE national day 2021 with family, friends, and loved ones, and be well prepared with everything you’ll need!

Happy uae national day 2022– Your Almowafir Guide to Best Festive Discounts

What is the uae national day? 

The UAE national day 2022 falls on December 2nd and marks the UAE’s formal nationalization and the start of the federal unification of the emirates in 1971. It was on December 2nd of that year that the Emirates announced its independence from Great Britain.
UAE National Day is a true celebration of the spirit of the union when the rulers of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Al-Ain, Sharjah, and Umm al-Quwain agreed to unite as one country. Under the guidance of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the nation’s first president, the United Arab Emirates emerged.
This year, UAE national day 2022 is going to be even more splendid because we will mark the UAE Golden Anniversary50 years of independence, growth, prosperity, and peace.

UAE National Day a  Celebration of Discounts

uae national day 2022 is a Time to Celebrate

The splendid occasion of UAE national day is marked with a raising of the national flag and joyful celebrations of two days are held throughout the country.
From homes and streets to people and cars, the colors of the national flag are everywhere. Festive shades of red, white, black, and green decorate every aspect of Emirati life, while flags flutter from landmarks across the nation.
Being a two-day public holiday, UAE national day brings families and friends together in a day of celebration and thankfulness.

The UAE national day holiday festivities include fireworks, parades packed with floats showcasing national music, and traditional outfits of the country with UAE national day flags lining the streets.
Special cultural events are held over the two-day UAE national holiday and national pride is palpable. It is a fun and joyful period. Residents and visitors traveling around Dubai during the National Day celebration period will be dazzled by eye-catching light installations at some of the city’s most prominent buildings, locations, and streets.
Vibrant carnivals will wind their way along the waterfront as colorful floats resplendent with images and effigies of Sheikh Zayed draw cheers.
Often, beaches turn into outdoor galleries for the day with sand sculptures and fun events for all ages.
Taking place annually in Abu Dhabi at Zayed Sports City Stadium is the official UAE national day celebration extravaganza. The show has amazing aerobatic displays, rousing UAE national day song performances, and inspirational speeches; all imbued with a sense of national pride and courage. Underpinning the immersive event is the legacy of the UAE’s founders and their spirit that endures to this today.

The UAE national day celebration is a time for family gatherings, great food, and sharing gifts. It means a lot of thought, planning, and preparation is needed to get the very best out of the party-like atmosphere.

Therefore, it is awesome the leadup to UAE national day and during the holiday itself is also an opportunity for really super discounted online shopping.
During UAE national day all the top online stores offer special celebratory UAE national day 2022 coupons and bargain UAE national day offers to help you with your holiday preparations. It is a bumper sales period. It is a double blessing of national day in UAE celebrations hand in hand with online UAE national day sales!

Save Money with Almowafir uae national day coupon code offers, uae national day discounts & uae national day promo code deals 

You can find amazing UAE national day2022 deals that will make celebrating even more fun:

  • Food & family dining favorites for uae national day 2022
  • Gifts & flowers for loved ones to give on national day in the uae
  • Celebratory outfits for all the family for uae national day 
  • Find uae national day coupons and deals for events, concerts and attractions
  • Buy collections of festive merchandise to commemorate the national day in uae
  • Explore best uae national day deals on electronic goods; mobiles, TVs, ACs, Laptops, home appliances and so much more

Look Gorgeous on UAE National Day with Deals on Online Fashion

It’s the uae national holiday and you will want to look your best and make yourselves and your children dazzle with lovely new outfits.

Prepare your list in advance and go along to some of the best online stores to buy festive clothes for all. Ensure you look your best with maybe a new dress, some fine shoes, or a fun party outfit. You can find really hot UAE national day 2022 deals, UAE national day promo codes, and UAE national holiday 2022 coupons that will save enormous amounts of cash on men, women, and children’s clothes, shoes, and accessories.
Before you set off on your search for the best online bargains be sure to smartly delve into the UAE national day offers available on Almowafir from top fashion retailers such as Max Fashion, Amazon, AliExpress, Ounass, H&M , STYLI, Level Shoes, and many many more! You could save on your UAE national day clothes shop enormous amounts of cash with multiple offers of up to 70% off or exclusive bogof deals. 

Eat Well & Celebrate with uae national day offers on Food, Beverages & Snacks

There is nothing like a family gathering or a social get-together with friends over the two days of the UAE national holiday 2022. It is a given that many special meals are prepared for family and friends. You’ll want to put on your best table, which will include all of the best in Emirati cuisine and sweets.

Prepare delicious Kabsa, lamb dishes such as Ghuzi , Fattoush, or crunchy sweet Luqaimat for your guests.  Mouthwatering way to celebrate the national holiday in UAE.

Ensure you get the very best UAE national day offers from top online supermarkets and local online suppliers in fresh meats, fresh fruit, and vegetables. Plus, if you don’t make them yourself, then bring in some super savings on special sweets, cakes, and snacks.

Be sure to include Almowafir UAE national day deals on your menu from top online grocery and food stores such as Noon Daily, Carrefour, and many more excellent online stores.
Maybe you’ll want to treat yourself, or a family member with a fantastic kitchen gadget, the latest appliances, or beautiful dining sets. There are UAE national day sales that will make buying these items so worthwhile. Almowafir has UAE national day discount codes for a host of leading online stores that have all the most gorgeous and up-to-date collections for your kitchen and gourmet pleasure. Dine like kings over your UAE national day holiday!

Show Your Love with UAE national day celebration Gifts & Flowers

Send UAE national day best wishes to your loved ones across the UAE with a host of exclusive flower arrangements, cakes, chocolates, fragrances, personalized gifts, and much more.

Get your gifts using the perfect UAE national day coupons that can be found on Almowafir and across the array of online stores, gift shops, and flower shops. Buy and send UAE national day gifts and celebrate with your family – maybe perfume for your mom, or some chocolates for your partner. You can gift and save oodles of money with UAE national day special gift basket sales too. Find deals on Almowafir that will suit your pocket and make your loved ones happy!

Buy Special Memorabilia & Merchandise with uae national day coupons

Memorize your special UAE national day 2022 with a high-quality national day in Emirati-inspired merchandise that reflects the Spirit of the Union.
Browse online to find cash-busting sales of UAE national day stickers, T-shirts, posters, home decorations, flags, and more.
Ensure you are decked for the holiday and make yourselves, your homes and your cars reflect your pride in the UAE national day!

Check out Almowafir for hot UAE national day celebration deals and coupons on UAE national day holiday merchandise. There is an offer for whatever you may fancy so that you can go red, white, black, and green for the day and not spend a fortune.

Enjoy the national day in uae Deals on Home Appliances & Electronic Goods

Make a national day in the Emirates the day you grab yourself a top bargain in home appliances and electronics. Treat yourself and your family and make the day a double celebration of independence and exciting consumer discounts!

Almowafir will show you the way with amazing UAE national day deals from the BEST in online stores offering discounts for the day on Smartphones, TVs, computers, the latest home appliances, and much more. Make your celebrations complete and buy that dream item you have been wishing for.

So go ahead and check out the sales and remember that Almowafir has your back with a range of UAE national day 2022 discount codes and UAE national day coupons. Almowafir has UAE national day amazon promo code offers Noon UAE national day 2022 Noon coupons, and many more from top sites selling home appliances, gadgets,s and electronic goods at slashed prices just for this special holiday period. Don’t buy until you have checked out Almowafir!

Have Fun at national day in uae with Deal & Coupons on Attractions & Events

Spend UAE national day with your family enjoying the host of attractions that are set up for the day. For the two days around the national day, UAE holds events all across the country that include fireworks, folklore dances, festivals, concerts, art shows, and lots more. Join the party you’re in Dubai on UAE National Day, head to the Global Village where a vast crowd gathers to sing the national anthem, along with the Dubai Mall where troupes of Ayala dancers perform.
For the ultimate spectacle, the Burj Khalifa usually has an impressive LED show inspired by the UAE flag, while the Dubai Fountains have a show choreographed to the national anthem. For a mouth-dropping site don’t miss fireworks backdropped by the magnificent Burj Al Arab.

Aside from the official UAE National Day celebration at Zayed Sports City Stadium, Abu Dhabi always has plenty more excitement in store at Yas Marina Circuit. Expect an incredible firework display with live music, car racing, and a funfair for kids.

You can book ahead of time activities, special UAE day concerts, and events at the lowest possible cost through Almowafir.

Check out events tickets and booking.com UAE national day discounts via Almowafir to get the best views and seats in town!
Maybe you’ll wish to eat out in one of the restaurants that your children love. You can reserve your table via an Almowafir UAE national day offer or coupon.
So wear your red, white, black, and green shirts and get out and about to feel part of the amazing UAE National Day Celebrations!

Mega Sales for uae national day celebrations 2022

Enjoy UAE national day 2022. It is your win/win day for national pride, community fun, family celebrations, and top online shopping savings. Make Almowafir part of your national day in the Emirates with the best in UAE national day offers, UAE national day 2022 discounts, UAE national day promo codes, and super savings across the board to make your holiday amazing!
The Spirit of the Union is a festivity for all to enjoy, so make it special and save your cash at the same time!