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Super saving November Sales are almost upon us and the excitement is rising. Across the globe this period for top discounted shopping is called black november. The Big November sales month culminates in the iconic black friday – the hottest shopping day of the year. The special black friday discount shopping time is also known by several different names, depending on region and local traditions. 

White Friday is our very own Middle Eastern equivalent of Black Friday, which originated in the United States. 

Our Middle Eastern white friday 2022  UAE marks the pinnacle of the annual November shopping events that take place in synchronization with big november and Black Friday. White Friday is an exciting time for consumers. It is when Middle Eastern customers are happily presented with thousands of amazon white friday sales, amazon white friday deals, and amazon white friday discounts on just about anything you can imagine.  We can expect that amazon white friday 2022 is going to be a bumper sales year, especially for the savvy UAE shopper, Saudi bargain seeker and discount lovers across the GCC and MENA countries.

Get ready to partner with Almowafir and grab yourself a bunch of amazon white friday UAE promo code deals, white friday UAE coupon code offers and amazing white friday 2022discounts. Shoppers prepare yourselves for a amazon white friday UAE bonanza and white friday ksa extravaganza! 

Amazon White Friday sales 2022 are happening at midnight of November 27th – yes friday night on white is a date to mark in your calendars! The amazon white friday sales 2021 will run from November 22nd and until November 29th with the discounts going deep and wide! Almowafir has special amazon white friday deals that are EXCLUSIVE to Almowafir users – go check them out NOW! Hey and there is an ADDITIONAL 10% off and an EXTRA 10% discount for Amazon Prime members too! Wow!

Why White Friday?

The idea for a White Friday equivalent to Black Friday, relevant to Middle Eastern culture, began when a number of well-known e-commerce giants of the Middle East witnessed first-hand how American shopping habits changed when discounts and deals were put front and center with time limited offers. They believed something similar in the Middle East could be just as successful as in the USA and were proved correct. 

In 2014 one of the GCC and MENA region’s largest e-commerce sites, brought the idea of white friday sales to the region’s consumers as a way of raising ecommerce awareness, increasing web traffic, and ultimately driving more sales for business. The idea caught on and the rest is Middle Eastern shopping history. Today white friday offers are part of the leading day for retail sales online and enjoyed across the GCC and MENA.

Shop white friday UAE for all the top white friday 2022 deals. Remember to take Almowafir along for the ride and enjoy the very best in amazon white friday sales and amazon white friday deals and you could save up to 70% and even more, on an enormous range of top brands!

What Amazon Sales to Look Out for on white friday 2021?

Based on previous years, you are going to find amazing white friday UAE deals, cash boosters and super amazon white friday UAE discount offers all across the board. Shop and save on everything from tech gadgets to clothing, to home and beauty products.
Due to the newest iPhone 13 model dropping recently you can expect to see huge price drops on older Apple models like the iPhone XR, iPhone 11 plus many other amazon white friday apple offers are always amazing and really worth waiting for. This year the Amazon White Friday sales are going to light up the GCC and MENA with hot discounts that everyone will love. Get ready for the amazon super sales!

Super exciting bonanza discounts over the amazon white friday sale period can be expected on all makes of smartphones, laptops, TVs, tablets, headphones, wearables, smart speakers, games consoles, leading fashion brands, home accessories and much more.
Just about every category of gadget and retail product will be involved in the white friday 2021 amazon sales extravaganza. Keep your eyes peeled especially for premium white friday amazon deals and white friday sales and slashed prices from this top hyper store . Enjoy those famous white friday 2022 amazon daily deals and flash sales! The amazon white friday sales are always extraordinary on these sites as they do battle on the best discounts presenting choices for the white friday dubai shopper and keen discount searchers across the middle east!

Take your pick of the categories that Almowafir cover, with the best of white november UAE promo code savers and amazon white friday UAE coupon code deals. Get, via Almowafir, top of the line white november 2022 discounts on home accessories, kitchen equipment, beauty and health care products, jewellery items, techno gadgets, entertainment & gaming consuls,smart.
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Dreaming of a new TV or the latest smartphone? Want to add some special new shoes to your wardrobe? Of course you do, and amazon white friday 2022 is when you can realize your wishes. Prepare your priority list and do some homework before the actual white friday sales hit.
Ensure that you are focused and compare prices between stores to get the best deals for you and your budget. 

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