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6th Street Coupon for Dec 2022 Up to 75% OFF +20% Extra Women’s Fashion, Shoes and Accessories on all KSA & UAE Orders!

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Take advantage of 6th Street sales when you shop for clothes from 6th Street online store and save money!
6th Street is an online store to shop fashion, clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty and personal care products for all family members, from international and local brands, and it is intended to customers from UAE & KSA. Use the 6th Street discount & 6th Street coupon code to save.

6th Street offers an amazing shopping experience for its customers by providing many luxurious and distinctive clothes that combine modern fashion and new trends in fashion world and Arab traditions and Arab culture in clothing such as the brand of Seden, Abayat Zahra, Kashkha, and Sarah Alarabia, and leaves its customers the freedom to dress up and coordinate the views in all elegance, fun and happiness you can get at lower prices using your 6th street promo code ALM1.

Almowafir offers its customers many discounts and sales on a wide variety of clothes, shoes and accessories at 6th Street online store
6th Street provides good shopping services to its customers, including free shipping and delivery, multiple payment options, the most important of which is pay on delivery, a comfortable return policy that allows an easy return of products and others. Grab the 6th Street promo code ALM1 to save on every purchase.

How to use the 6th Street promo codes
How to use the 6th Street promo codes

Why shop with your 6th Street code ALM1?

6th Street is the perfect online store interface to shop modern fashion with its latest designs and fashions from many great brands, as well as cosmetics and makeup. Use the exclusive 6th Street promo & 6th Street code ALM1 to buy your favorite clothes for you and your family and save. Among the most important reasons that we recommend 6th Street KSA or UAE as your next destination to coordinate your looks:

1. Save with Almowafir discounts for 6th Street

Almowafir gives you the best 6th street coupon codes to buy clothes and shoes for you and your family and pay the lowest possible.

2. Originality and quality assurance

6th Street is committed to offering only authentic products from reliable international and local brands with a guarantee of quality.

3. Arabic clothing from 6th Street

You can find women in general, and Muslim women in particular, lost with conservative style clothes, with designs and fashion from leading brands.

4. Free shipping & delivery with your deals on 6th Street code

Free shipping and delivery to 6th Street UAE & 6th Street KSA

5. Convenient return policy for all customers

Allows customers to return products easily and through expedited procedures.

6. Safe and convenient payment options

The site is secure for online payment, and you can pay on delivery of your order.

Which are the best categories to shop with my exclusive 6th Street code ALM1?

Save when you shop on 6th Street using the 6th Street coupon code on Almowafir to buy more and pay less!
6th Street offers its customers the most beautiful fashion from the latest designs and latest trends, and it provides them with several categories, the most important and most popular:

Use your 6th Street code to shop Oriental Arab clothing

A special category of the oriental Arab dress culture, which provides distinctive collections of conservative style dress designs. Find distinctive hijabs from Seden or Kashkha, soft galabias and luxurious abayas from Abayat Zahra and Sarah Alarabia, among others.

Use your 6th Street code to shop shoes

Shop a wide selection of boots, shoes, sandals, heels and more for men, women and kids at affordable prices using your exclusive 6th street code ALM1 & 6th street promo codes.

Use your 6th Street code to shop dresses

The most beautiful dresses are offered in multiple designs, for all occasions and for all your looks, for example, the amazing eastern maxi dresses from the brand of Seden, the modern dresses from Tommy Hilfiger, or the exceptional dresses and others to shop using a 6th street promo code ALM1.

Use your 6th Street code to shop cosmetics

Includes cosmetics, makeup and personal care from the most famous brands in world of health and beauty.
You can find Englot face cosmetics, Maybelline with premium quality mascara and liquid lipsticks, Loreal Paris with many lipsticks or lotions and concealer and shampoos, Absolute New York with many eyeshadows, eyeliners and foundation and more to shop using your 6th street code.

Use your 6th Street code to shop men’s clothing

Men find all the clothes they need for all occasions, fields and activities such as jackets, jeans, and T-shirts from Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, Calvin Klein and others.

Use your 6th Street code to shop men’s shoes

Includes multiple men’s shoes to match every man and his taste with some of the most famous international brands, including; Villa Fila, Aldo, Tommy Jeans, Skechers, Lacoste, Adidas Originals, Asics, New Balance, Reebok. And many others.

Use your 6th Street code to shop kids’ shoes

Discover the latest selection of kids’ shoes with your 6th street coupons. You can find products such as kids’ sneakers, preteen shoes, boots, toddler and many more.

What are the best brands to shop with my 6th Street promo code?

Save when using the your 6th street coupon codes at Almmowafir on various clothes from the most famous international and local brands in the fashion world on 6th Street, the most important of which are:

Use your 6th street coupon codes to shop Sara Arabia
A Kuwaiti Arab brand, distinguished by the manufacture of oriental Arabic clothing with a conservative style and trendy fashion, such as abayas and veils.

Use your 6th street code to shop Seden
A well-known Emirati-Arab brand in fashion world, combining in its designs a culture of Arab Gulf dress and European fashion culture. Hijab Saden is very popular on 6th Street.

Use your 6th street coupon to shop Kashkha
A well-known Emirati brand in world of fashion worldwide, elevates the dress of women who love the conservative style of elegance and presents her with charming clothes with designs that combine Arab values ​​and fashion and more to shop using your 6th street coupons & 6th street promo codes. Provide Muslim women with all the clothes they need for their looks, such as hijab, abayas, galabiyas.

Use your 6th street coupon to shop Absolute New York
A relatively modern American brand in world of health and beauty, with premium quality cosmetics and multicolored face makeup and skincare products.
Many Absolute products are displayed on 6th Street and are in great demand among shoppers from the site.

Use your 6th street coupon code to shop Tommy Hilfiger
A famous American fashion designer who makes and sells his brands with his trademark, specializing in luxury fashion for all generations. You can find many of its designs on 6th Street, which you can buy and save using your 6th Street promo code ALM1.

Other famous brands in fashion and beauty can be found and buy with your 6th street coupons

  • Puma
  • Crocs
  • Garnier
  • Guess
  • Nautica
  • Wet & Wild

Does 6th Street UAE & 6th Street KSA ship and deliver to my country?

6th Street provides free shipping service to the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia (via Aramex).
UAE: 6th street promo code provides you with free shipping service to the United Arab Emirates on all orders, delivery is within 5 working days. If you are paying on delivery a payment fee will be charged upon delivery on the value of the order to the shipping company of 20 AED.

KSA: 6th street coupons provides free shipping service on all orders to Saudi Arabia including Makkah, Jeddah, Riyadh, Madinah, Abha, Neom branches, delivery within 5 working days. If you are paying on delivery a payment fee will be charged upon delivery on the value of the order to the shipping company (Aramex) of 20 SAR.

Which payment methods can I use with my 6th Street code?

1. Credit Cards – Visa, MasterCard.
2. Pay cash on delivery.
3. Bank Transfer.
4. Loyalty program points compensation.

What is the return policy on the 6th Street KSA & UAE online store?

6th Street provides its customers with a free return service (or exchange) within 14 days of receiving, provided that the product is not a non-returnable product, and that it is intact, complete, unused, in its original packaging with all cards and labels that it holds. The original invoice for the product must be attached.

Find coupons and deals at other stores like 6th Street:

FAQ – save more with your 6th Street promo code on Almowafir:

Q: How do I get the best 6th Street coupon code to save on 6th Street KSA Online Store?

A: To get the best 6th street voucher code, be sure to visit Almowafir and choose the best code ALM1 on different 6th street clothing and accessories on Almowafir and then shop your favorite 6th Street products while saving money.

Q: The 6th Street coupon code is not working. What should I do?

A: Be sure to check the terms and conditions of the 6th Street discounts and its validity period. Almowafir informs you about all the terms and conditions of the 6th Street code that it gives you, and you can easily view the validity of the coupon code at 6th Street store page. If you still have trouble using the 6th street coupons, you should contact the 6th Street customer service center.

Q: Does the online 6th Street store provide payment on delivery?

A: Yes, you can choose the option to pay on delivery when you shop from the 6th Street online shopping website, so that you pay on your order when received in any region of the UAE or KSA

Q: Where can I find the best clothes offer?

A: You can find the best offers for 6th Street exclusively on Almowafir, in addition to the latest sales of the 6th Street online shopping store and the various 6th Street coupon codes, to save a lot of money when shopping from the 6th Street online shopping store. You can also visit the sales page on the 6th Street online website, in addition to checking offers for a limited time in each category of the site.

Save using the Almowafir Fashion Shopping Guide and your 6th Street Coupon code

Use your 6th Street discount to shop jackets & coats

The most important piece of clothing for winter is the coat, as it is the most expensive piece you buy and the most that protects you from the cold weather, rain, etc. Choosing the right coat in terms of length, color and type of fabric is very important, so we will help you choose your next coat at affordable prices.

If you are short, your best option is a short coat that does not contain many details and accessories because long coats will make you look shorter. 6th street voucher code fabrics are very important, so choosing the right material depends on your need, for example leather jackets are suitable under the rainwater because they are waterproof and considered as a timeless fashion.

The wool jacket is a reliable moisture-wicking fabric suitable for indoors and office because it does not wrinkle easily, provides warmth, and allows air to circulate through the fabric. Cashmere is a great option, but it is sometimes very expensive.

Save on short coats with your 6th Street discount code
Save on short coats with your 6th Street discount codes

Elegant, attractive and modern, suitable for all ages. Your clothes should not be tampered with too much when using this type of coat. The ideal choice for clothes is the classic style that is not exaggerated, so that the look does not look disastrous.

one of the ideal options that can be exploited for multiple uses, as it provides warmth, provides elegance and protects from rain, when choosing these types of coats, you must make sure that they are larger than your size, because you will wear thick clothes or a suit that will make them narrow and annoying.

This quality is perfect with suits, but it also goes well with casual clothes. Again, not exaggerating clothing models is an urgent necessity, we recommend that you only wear elegant sweaters or shirts. Use the 6th Street code to buy more and pay less.

Use your 6th Street code 6th Street women’s tops

The 6th Street offer customers the latest and the best women’s Tops designs to shop using your 6th street voucher code. 6th Street offers Tops and clothing for every occasion. Mix and match casual looks, like pack Jersey Tops or pack cotton tank tops and shirts, with comfortable trousers and many more.

Modern women love to wear clothes that provide the balance between fashion and comfort. It should be sustainable and versatile. We are looking for some stylish blouses for women that act as an extension to get unique looks. You can wear these elegant outfits every time.

Use your 6th Street discount codes to shop blazers

The blazer is considered one of the essentials pieces for all seasons. 6th street voucher code wool and tweed blazers are great for winter, and the blazer made of crepe or satin for the spring and winter seasons. Recently blazers have become popular even in winter, such as fuchsia, emerald green, or honey yellow, which mimic precious stones such as emeralds and sapphires.

As for the models, there are medium, long and short blazers that are close to the bolero. Use your 6th street voucher code to save. What struck us for the Spring / Summer 2022 season are the blazers that feature large and wide pockets from designers like Alex Perry, Stella McCartney, Atico, Louvie have launched a blazer collection.

Wear the blazer with a tight fit if it has wide pockets, because the blazer that narrows at the waist shows the body thinner and do not forget that the pockets will focus on the hips, so you should coordinate high-waist, stretchy pants with tiger prints.

Wear the velvet blazer without a shirt underneath, as the velvet increases a few centimeters to the hips, so be sure to choose a long jacket, provided that the collar design can be visited so as not to reveal much of your skin or, a high-neck stretchy top can be worn even if it is short. 

Wear a gray jacket with wide pockets and a distinctive asymmetric design with black LEGGING pants underneath or with heels. Use your 6th street voucher codes to save. And don’t forget the white shirt and bag. Wear the manse multi-pleated and pocket-sized jacket, which is by length of a dress and you can wear shoes and coordinate with it a micro bag and wear the spacious blue jacket with a white or blue shirt and loose-fitting skirt and don’t forget to wear a neutral open sandal.

coordinate straight set of yellow fabric of the same color and put a purse bag made of brown leather with brown leather shoes and bag. You can choose a fuchsia jacket with a wide cut that you leave open with black pants equipped with a corset and a cropped top underneath, or you can dispense with the blouse and buttoning the jacket, so that its design appears narrow from the bottom and wide at the shoulders thanks to the padding at the shoulders. 6th street coupons jacket is suitable for those who enjoy a pear-like texture as it restores balance to the shape of the body and away from it if your body resembles an apple.

You should match the A LINE green wide-pocketed jacket with wide, high-waisted trousers to keep from exposing your hips, especially if you have a pear body. Choose a silver blazer with wide pockets, with a skirt of the same fabric, and under it a white or purple shirt. Wear short legs or tube boots with a messenger bag.

5 HOT TIPS from Almowafir to save at 6th Street UAE & 6th Street KSA

1. Use the 6th Street coupon code to save on Almowafir!
Visit Almowafir before you shop on 6th Street, to discover the best 6th Street discounts and 6th street coupons on various clothes, shoes, accessories and cosmetics for the most famous local and international brands. 6th Street codes are active for all customers including: Makkah, Jeddah, Riyadh, Madinah, Abha, Neom and more.

2. Save with your 6th Street sales on all Arab and international fashion!
Discover 6th Street sales and 6th street voucher code on many elegant and charming clothes, shoes and accessories on the site for all family members, from the most prominent fashion houses and the most famous international and local brands to shop with your 6th street voucher codes.

You can find it under the “SALE” section tab in each site category. Be sure to visit Almowafir to discover the best 6th Street coupon code ALM1 to save more money.

3. Cancel your order on 6th Street before it’s ready to ship!
6th Street allows you to cancel an order in full or partially before shipping it out.

4. Track your order from 6th Street online shopping website!
You can check the status of your order on your personal account on the 6th Street website through the “Order Status” tab.
In addition, you can track it through the shipping company Fitcher or Aramex website using the order number.

5. Check the size chart to define your sizes on 6th Street store website
Use the size chart if you are unaware of your sizes or how to determine them, which you find in product details under the name “View the size chart”.