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Airbnb is an American vacation rental company based in California. Airbnb maintains and hosts a marketplace, accessible to consumers on its website or via an app. Use the Airbnb coupon code and the latest coupons when you book hotels, accommodations and hosting… Read more about Airbnb coupons

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Almowafir has Airbnb Coupons, Airbnb Promo Codes &  Airbnb Deals

Airbnb is an American vacation rental company based in California. Airbnb maintains and hosts a marketplace, accessible to consumers on its website or via an app. Use the Airbnb coupon code and the latest coupons when you book hotels, accommodations and hosting on the Airbnb website, and save money. Airbnb Dubai, Airbnb Egypt & Airbnb UK offer you the best travel experiences and unique adventures in more than 192 countries around the world. You can make direct reservations with the host according to your service provider terms and conditions. Use your Airbnb coupons, Airbnb promo codes &  Airbnb deals to save money.

Almowafir has Airbnb coupons and Airbnb  promo codes to book to all over the world.
Airbnb coupon & Airbnb promo codes

How to use your Airbnb promo codes & Airbnb deals?

  1. Find the Airbnb page on Almowafir
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Why should you book at Airbnb Dubai, Airbnb Egypt & Airbnb UK?

Save money with your Airbnb coupon code

Discover the best Airbnb promo codes & Airbnb deals to get the best accommodations and follow your traveling dreams while you save money. 

Airbnb travel adventures

You can book unique travel experiences and adventures around the world on the Airbnb website to enjoy special hospitality programs to help you explore the world and peoples traditions. Use your Airbnb coupons, Airbnb promo codes & Airbnb deals to save more money.

Flexible cancellation policy

You will be able to cancel reservations and get refunds with flexible policies on all accommodation plans.

Contact the host via the website’s messaging

You can contact the host for more details or notes.

Customer service

You can contact the customer service center to get support.

Airbnb Dubai, Airbnb Egypt & Airbnb UK payment options

  • Credit Cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Visa Electron, Discover, JCB.
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal 

How to contact Airbnb Dubai, Airbnb Egypt & Airbnb UK?

Contact us page (only for registered users): 

Airbnb Dubai, Airbnb Egypt & Airbnb UK cancellation policy

Airbnb allows you to book accommodations according to the offers from hosts and hotels, so each offer has its own cancellation or amendment policy.

Canceling Airbnb travel experiences

You can cancel your travel experience reservation and refund before 7 days of  the hosting date or within 24 hours after you book your reservation on the website.

Airbnb adventures canceled

You can cancel your Airbnb adventure reservation and get a refund before 30 days or within 24 hours of the reservation on the website. 

Stores like Airbnb Dubai, Airbnb Egypt & Airbnb UK on Almowafir: 

FAQs – Tips to book with your Airbnb coupons, Airbnb promo codes & Airbnb deals

Q: How can I find exclusive Airbnb promo codes & Airbnb deals?

A: To get the best Airbnb coupon, Airbnb promo codes & Airbnb deals, be sure to visit Almowafir and choose the best Airbnb deals and discounts to book your favorite accommodations and enjoy your time while saving money.

Q: My Airbnb promo code is not working. What should I do?

A: For each coupon code, there are terms and conditions for its use and validity period. Almowafir provides you with everything you need to know about each coupon we give you. Check the terms and conditions to find out the validity period and any usage restriction so you can use your Airbnb code with confidence, ease, and fun.

What are the best tourism places to visit in China?

China, or what is officially known as the republic of China, is a country located in East Asia and is the largest Asian country in terms of population. It occupies nearly the entire land area in East Asia, equivalent to a quarter of the land area. Its capital is Beijing, which is the cultural and economic center in the city, while Shanghai is the industrial city.

The country’s main trade center and port, Hong Kong, is China. China stretches for 5,250 km from east to west and 5,500 km from north to south. With an Airbnb coupon code you can get lower prices.

Its land borders are about 20,000 km long, while its maritime borders are about 14,000 km. It is bordered by Mongolia to the north, Russia and North Korea to the northeast, Vietnam, Myanmar, India and Nepal to the south and Nepal to the west. It is bordered by Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and the East China Sea to the east.

Do china has beautiful nature and nice climate for travel at all seasons

Within the borders of China there is a diversity of terrain from the high mountainous terrain to the coastal lowlands, and there are all kinds of vegetation in the Northern Hemisphere except the arctic tundra.

China has Mount Everest, the highest mountain peak in the world with a height of 8,850 km above sea level and the largest plateau in the world in addition to the presence of vast coastal plains such as the Turfan Plain in the Uyghur Autonomous Region in Xinjiang located at an altitude of 155 meters below sea level. Airbnb offers accommodations to all over the world. Use your Airbnb coupon code to save money.

The northeastern plain is characterized by its rich and black soil containing forested steppes, plains, cultivated lands, and rivers. . There are more than 50,000 rivers in China, 80% drain into the Pacific Ocean, 12% into the Indian Ocean, and 3% into the Arctic Ocean. The most important of these rivers are the Huang He, the Yangtze and Shi Huang He.

Climate in China

Its climate ranges from a very dry desert climate in the northwest to tropical monsoons in the southeast, as China has the largest clear temperature difference between its northern and southern borders in the world, and temperatures generally decrease from south to north with an average temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius and month 1 is the coldest month and month 7 is the hottest during the year, and rainfall decreases from the southeast to the northwest, with an average precipitation of 2,000 mm annually.

Language and currency in China

China is often described as an ethnically homogeneous country with the vast majority of the population being Han Chinese, with Chinese being the country’s official language as well as the Tai languages and a small number of Indo-European speaking minorities.

Chinese residents use the Chinese yuan or what is known as the renminbi, but Hong Kong residents use the dollar and Macau residents use the pataca, and 1 Chinese yuan is equivalent to 0.14 US dollars. Your Airbnb coupon code are easy to use.

Travel to China

It is possible to travel from Saudi Arabia to China via 6 air routes, either from Dammam to Beijing at a cost of 442 dollars within 12 hours, from Riyadh to Guangzhou Baiyun at a cost of 334 dollars within 10 hours and from Jeddah to Guangzhou Baiyun at a cost of 329 dollars within 10 and a half hours.

Tourism in China

What makes China one of the best tourist attractions in the world is the vastness of its territory and the diversity of its civilizations and cultures, which allows it to embrace the wonderful landscapes.

China is also famous for its diversity of food and lifestyles, where most tourists make food trips to have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of foods and see forms of martial arts Unique around the world. China is characterized by a variety of tourist places due to the diversity of cultures and times that followed on its territory.

  • visit 5 sacred mountains; Taishan, Huashan, and Hengshan in Shanxi Province, Hengshan in Hunan Province, and Zhongshan, each dedicated to Buddhist and Taian worship and pilgrimage, with temples spread out on their slopes to learn their religious value and enjoy their natural scenery.
  • Enjoy the view of Huangling Pools, located in the northwest part of Sichuan, these natural pools are famous for their splendor and colorful appearance.
  • Diyang Falls, located in the Sino-Vietnamese border
  • The Tianzi Mountains look like huge vertical pillars like natural pillars that hold the sky, and present a very mysterious appearance during foggy weather. Get the latest Airbnb coupon code at Almowafir.
  • Qingdao Lake in Zhejiang province contains man-made fresh water with small islands around it.
  • Red Beach in Dawa County is the largest wetland as well as the largest reed swamp in the world.
  • The whole county of Lipu has natural forests, clear lakes, mysterious caves and magnificent waterfalls, everything in this country feels like a piece of heaven.
  • The Yangtze glacier on the border of Tibet is surrounded by cherry rivers and is the longest river in Asia that flows entirely within a single country.

Business tourism in China

For those who intend to travel to China from businessmen and traders in search of business opportunities and visit suppliers and business partners, they must issue the M work visa for single, double or multi-entry entry and the duration of stay for each visit is 30-60 days, and can go to some markets in commercial tourism such as Souq Huang Yang, Futian Market, Xiaosan Market, Ping Wang Market, and commercial and industrial cities that specialize in a particular field in Zhejiang Province can also be visited.

Top tourist sites in China to visit and book

The Great Wall of China has been one of the world’s greatest attractions for more than 2,300 years, winding through the mountains of northern China.

The Forbidden City was once an imperial palace in the Ming Dynasty and is the largest ancient stately hei in the world.

Potala Palace has more than 10,000 Buddha statues made of gold or silver and many frescoes and wood carvings.

The Summer Palace is the largest imperial garden in China with an area of 740 acres that was a royal summer resort in the Qing dynasty between 1644 and 1911.

Food in China

China has the most popular culinary heritage in the world as their cuisine dates back about 1,000 years with evolution in styles and cooking techniques over time.

A typical Chinese meal contains two ingredients: carbohydrates, starch, or vegetable, fish, and meat dishes, and they focus on creating a balance between appearance, smell, and food. Health and longevity, and among the most delicious Chinese dishes:

Assortment of dumplings stuffed with chicken and shrimp or vegetables.

Soup is a hot and sour broth made with mushrooms, cabbage, carrots, and a spicy seasoning of red or white pepper with vinegar.

Quick fried noodles with vegetables, lemon juice and peanuts with seasoning. Save money with your Airbnb coupon.

Szechuan chicken with chili, ginger and some oriental spices.

Crispy vegetable spring roll with cheese, bell pepper and dry tomato.

Chicken chestnut is mushrooms stir-fried with minced chicken, sea chestnuts, radish, date puree and traditional Chinese soy sauce.

Beijing .. the joy of tourism, civilization and Chinese heritage with your Airbnb coupon

Beijing – the capital of the People’s Republic of China – is located in the north of the country. For centuries, it has been a vital part of Chinese history, and almost every building in it bears historical and national significance.

The city is famous for its temples, palaces, stone walls and gates. It is the center of the country’s culture and arts and one of the “Four Ancient Chinese Capitals”.

It is an upscale tourist destination, and the city is considered the center of politics, culture, science and education, as well as the transportation hub of the whole country.

Famous Beijing

The city of Beijing became famous outside China through the Lugu stone bridge in the Jing Dynasty. It is characterized by being a tourist city famous for its history and architectural heritage.

It has many wonderful historical sites such as the Great Wall of China, the Imperial Palace and the Summer Palace. In addition to these advantages, there are other advantages that make Beijing a popular destination for visitors. From all sides, including distinguished foods, especially the Peking roast duck and other delicious Chinese dishes, tourist areas, natural areas and Chinese heritage. Get your Airbnb coupon to save more money.

Climate in Beijing

Beijing has a continental climate in the temperate zone, and the four seasons in it are clearly different. Spring is short, summer is rainy and humid, winter is cold and long, bitter, and autumn in Beijing is the best of the four seasons. It is one of the largest cities in China in terms of area, and the second in terms of population

Beijing is the center of national railways

In addition Beijing is the center of national railways and airlines, and it communicates through these lines with almost all Chinese provinces and cities. It is the hub of postal and telecommunications service between China and the world, and has comprehensive and modern communication networks.

It is the first international and local center for transactions in the “People’s Republic of China”, China, whose economic impact extends beyond the local market circle, to include the neighboring foreign markets as well.

Beijing is a rich historical tourist city to visit at lower prices Airbnb coupon

The city of Beijing is rich in tourist resources, and is famous for its historical and cultural visits and natural resorts, and one of the most important tourist attractions in it (the Forbidden City) is the Imperial Palace built by the Ming Dynasty, one of the most important historical symbols of China. One million workers and 100,000 craftsmen worked in the construction of this integrated city, and 42 emperors of China from the Ming and Qing dynasties lived in this city.

In the Forbidden City, the visitor finds the so-called Museum of Treasures, which is a large storehouse that includes the seals of the emperors, candlesticks, hairpins, tea sets and many other things that belonged to all those who ruled China and their families who resided in the Forbidden city.

Tiananmen square

One of the tourist attractions in Beijing is also (Tiananmen Square), where it gained great fame among the Chinese due to the presence of Chairman Mao Zedong’s tomb.

In it, he is the founder of the People’s Republic of China, as well as the (Museum of History of China), which is located on the eastern side of Tiananmen Square and displays the history of China through the ages as well as the history of the ruling Communist Party of China. Use your Airbnb coupon to save money.

This is in addition to the (China Palace), which is one of the most important landmarks of Beijing and is located in the center of the capital and on the shore of Kunming Lake. It was a palace of Emperor Qianlong, which is a complex of palaces, temples, beautiful gardens and wonderful lakes.

The visitor and tourist should not miss visiting the Great Wall of China, as your visit to China will not be complete without seeing this wall and learning about its features, history and civilization, as well as the (Temple of Heaven), which tourists enjoy visiting this place and wandering in the (Tian Tan) garden of the temple. As well as other tourist attractions such as temples and museums scattered in Beijing and visited by many tourists.