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Groupon is a global shopping platform loved by shoppers around the world that markets products, services, and reservations from various areas of life and from various categories. You’ll find at Almowafir tons of Groupon deals and as well… Read more about Groupon coupons

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Groupon Promo Codes & Deals

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Almowafir has Groupon Deals, Offers & Promo Codes

Groupon is a global shopping platform loved by shoppers around the world that markets products, services, and reservations from various areas of life and from various categories. You’ll find at Almowafir tons of Groupon deals and as well as Groupon promo codes and Groupon offers for restaurants, beauty salons, events, exclusive events, travel and airline reservations, hotels, resorts, short holidays and family trips, in addition to all possible commodities like electronics and fashion for the whole family and more. Groupon UAE has Groupon Dubai, Groupon Abu Dhabi and Groupon Burj Khalifa sections offering reservations, offers, discount offers and daily deals for limited periods on products, services, places, and activities. These attract online shoppers due to unparalleled competitive prices and shipping, delivery and return service to customers in the Emirates.

Groupon UAE is an amazing destination to save money on the Internet to get many deals on different products and services at ideal prices, which provides its customers with many Groupon deals and Groupon promo codes on selected products, services and facilities to enable them to save money. We at Almowafir collect all deals, coupons, discount offers and promo codes for you – and offer them to you easily. With a few clicks, and you save a lot of money while receiving the services and products that you dream of.

Groupon Deals, Groupon Offers & Groupon Promo Codes
Almowafir – Groupon Deals, Groupon Offers & Groupon Promo Codes

Why Shop at Groupon UAE

Groupon UAE is the number one destination for online shoppers looking to save money. Some of the most important reasons why we recommend Groupon deals for your next online shopping purchases:

1. Exceptional discount offers and Groupon deals – Groupon offers its customers many amazing offers and deals on everything they might do or crave to do, eat or desire to eat, visit or dream about visiting – but at an affordable price!

2. Safe Payment Options – Groupon UAE provides its customers with secure and reliable payment options that include the most widely used credit cards in the world and a Paypal account.

3. Shipping, delivery and return of products – Groupon offers shipping and delivery service to many countries of the world, including UAE and provides its customers with a satisfactory return policy that allows them to return products easily.

Best Categories for Groupon Deals 

Groupon offers its customers all the products and services that they need in various fields, which can be divided into three central categories. We give you a brief breakdown of the best Groupon Deals within Groupon:

  1. Local – Groupon Deals in this category include many groups and amazing offers for service or entertainment establishments in your environment including public, recreational or festive activities, like restaurants, beauty salons, resorts, educational courses, tickets for special events including art, sports, entertainment, and musical events, bars, and more. And all this in your area at exceptional prices!
  2. Goods – Groupon promo codes in this category cover many products from multiple brands in different categories, including electronics, household appliances & fashion that includes clothes, shoes and accessories for all family members. Find Groupon deals on toys, garden games, jewelry, wrist-watches, health and beauty (including cosmetics, makeup, personal care, & perfumes). You can even find pet supplies! Groupon offers shipping, delivery, and the ability to return products, and most importantly, competitive prices par excellence…
  3. Travel – The category that specializes in reservations for many distinct destinations, where Groupon offers many groups flight and hotel reservations, family trips, holiday packages, short holidays, activities and guided tours in the best cities, beach holidays & resorts in the world! And of course, Groupon deals will give you all this at unparalleled prices.

Which Area Does Groupon UAE Serve?

Groupon ships to many countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa, you can see it on the Groupon International site. In our region, Groupon UAE serves the community with Groupon Dubai, Groupon Burj Khalifa, and Groupon Abu Dhabi.

With Which Methods Can You Pay for Your Groupon Deals?

  1. Credit Cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro.
  2. PayPal account.

What is the Return Policy for Groupon Deals?

Groupon deals are allowed return service and a refund within 14 days of delivery, provided that it is not a non-returnable product, in the following cases:

  • In the event that you are not satisfied with the product – provided that you return the product intact, without change, in its original packaging and original packaging, with all labels or stickers, not used. In this case, you will have to cover the shipping costs of the returned product.
  • The product is defective or defective – provided you return the product exactly as you received it. It will be re-charged, including shipping charges.

Important Notes:

  • If the product is made up of several packages, the 14-day period for returning the product begins with the receipt of the last piece of the product.
  • If you order the products together and they are delivered to you together, you can return them together in one box, and you only need to print one label for each shipment. If you received the products with different shipments, you must return each product in its box with a label for each box (that is, you must print the stickers according to the number of products that you received with different shipments and with different boxes).
  • After verification of your order (within 1-2 business days of receiving the returned product group), its value will be returned to you via the credit card that you used (within 5-7 business days).
  • If you purchased the product from a third party on the Groupon site, you cannot submit a return request via the Groupon site, but rather you must contact within 7 working days with the seller (the third party) to determine the process of returning the product.

So, how do you return products on Groupon?

  1. Log in to the Sign-in group.
  2. Click My Groupons.
  3. Find the order you wish to return, then click View Details.
  4. You will get the order details. Click on Return Package and print the Groupon label that carries your shipping details, details and payment receipt. In the event that the Groupon site does not give you the option to return the package or the order, it is perhaps because the order is not returnable (according to the return policy).
  5. Attach the label that you printed to the order (paste it on the box or carton that you obtained from Groupon when you received the order) and send it to Groupon.

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FAQ – Tip for Shopping Groupon Deals from Almowafir

How can I find exclusive Groupon coupons & discounts?

Almowafir lists the best Groupon deals, Groupon promo codes and Groupon offers for projects, services, and reservations. Through Almowafir, you can exclusively get the best Groupon coupons and the latest Groupon discount codes on the best products that include electronics, clothing, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, home supplies – not to mention flights, travel, family holidays and dinner reservations. Go ahead! Treat yourself to Groupon UAE restaurant reservations, or an appointment in the beauty salon from Groupon Burj Khalifa, Groupon Dubai, or Groupon Abu Dhabi – you’ll be guaranteed to save a lot of money. And always be sure to check the terms, conditions, and validity of coupons and discount codes.

Why should I be sure to activate a Groupon Deal or Groupon Promo Code correctly!

Remember that each Groupon Deal has its own terms, conditions, policy, shelf life. To activate a Groupon promo code or Groupon offer, you must choose the product, service, deal or offer, then click “Buy”. Then enter the Groupon code carefully as it is in the “Promo” or “Gift Code” field and then click “Apply” to activate the discount. Remember that the discount does not apply to taxes, shipping, or other fees.

Why should I print the Groupon Deal or show it to the advertiser using the Groupon application?

You need to have the Groupon Deal or Groupon Promo Code in hand when you reach the advertiser to purchase the product or receive service. There are two methods available to display the Groupon deal to the advertiser so that the advertiser can provide you with the required service within the discount offer. The first – print the purchased Groupon Deal and bring it with you to the advertiser (which is a feasible way when the advertiser is in your area). The second – show the Groupon to the advertiser using the Groupon application.

How can I track my order from Groupon on its way to me?

If you ordered a product and shipping and delivery service is available, you can track your order through your Groupon account on the “My Groupons” tab, by selecting the order and clicking on “Track Order”.