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The NowNow UAE discount code LM1 allows you to benefit from a NowNow discount of 20% on all products on the NowNow App, including discounted products – copy the NowNow coupon code Dec 2023 and paste the code (LM1) at checkout to save money!… Read more about NowNow coupons

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NowNow Coupon Stats

Total offers: 4
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Best discount: Up To 55% OFF

The NowNow UAE discount code LM1 allows you to benefit from a NowNow discount of 20% on all products on the NowNow App, including discounted products – copy the NowNow coupon code Dec 2023 and paste the code (LM1) at checkout to save money!

NoonNow promo code is active for various categories, exclusively for all shoppers from the United Arab Emirates. NowNow discount code (LM1) with a value of 15% effective on every purchase from the NowNow store and without any minimum spend.

NowNow Coupon Promo Code for Dec 2023

About NowNow UAE

Use the NowNow promo code and offers via Almowafir to save money when shopping for home supplies from groceries, supermarkets, pharmacy products, pet supplies, and others from the NowNow app. NowNow is a modern and excellent Emirati application to shop the best home supplies from groceries and supermarkets to catering the home with various food commodities, including the best types of meat, vegetables, fresh fruits, drinks, legumes, baked goods, sweets, frozen, dairy products, cheese, milk, etc., health products and medicines from the best pharmacies in Dubai, bathroom supplies and various home cleaning supplies, baby supplies, pets supplies, garden and room supplies and many more. Use your nownow coupon code to save money.

NowNow app provides outstanding shopping services, including percent off free delivery to all parts of Dubai within only 60 minutes, and offers a flexible and convenient return policy compatible with the food commodities it provides.

Also, it includes safe and modern payment options that include payment using various credit cards or instant payment service Apple Pay.

Almowafir gives you the best NowNow discounts & nownow coupons on various supermarket products, groceries, fresh food, pharmacy products, and other household essentials to ensure you save money when shopping online from the NowNow app via Almowafir!

Discount Tips for NowNow UAE

At NowNow, enjoy discounts and savings on your purchases with the following tips. 

  • You can benefit from amazing discounts or promotional offers upon placing your first order. 
  • Watch for seasonal sales and promotions, where NowNow often gives big discounts on a wide range of products. 
  • They also frequently have daily deals and weekly specials, featuring discounted prices on selected items. Subscribing to NowNow newsletter or following their social media accounts may provide you with access to exclusive discounts or flash sales. 
  • Also make sure to go to Almowafir first, before checking the NowNow website for any ongoing promotions or discounts that can help you save money while shopping for your desired products.

How to use a coupon to save with NowNow Stores

Saving money using Almowafir coupons is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Almowafir website or mobile app, then click on your favorite store page.
  2. Many stores have multiple codes and offers listed, so check which code will give you the best deal on your purchase!
  3. Click “More Details” to check terms and conditions on your chosen code then click “Get Code” to open the code popup. 
  4. Your discount code will be copied automatically – or click the “Copy” button. 
  5. Your chosen store’s site will launch in a new window after 3 seconds. Or click to “Go to” your store. 
  6. Add all of your favorite products to your cart, then proceed to checkout.
  7. Paste the discount code you copied into the field in the order summary.
  8. Click “Apply” to activate the discount and check that your discount is reflected in the grand total.
  9. Congratulations, you saved money!
Use your NowNow discount code UAE to save money
Use your NowNow discount code UAE to save money

Best categories to save on with a NowNow coupon code

Nownow has many products to shop but we will talk about some essential consuming products such as Bakery and Bread, Meat and Seafood, Pasta and Rice, Oils, Sauces, Salad Dressings, and Condiments, Cereals and Breakfast Foods, Soups and Canned Goods, Frozen Foods, Dairy, Cheese, and many more products delivered to your doorstep in UAE. Also, you can use the

Nownow has many products to shop but we will talk about some essential consuming products such as Bakery and Bread, Meat and Seafood, Pasta and Rice, Oils, Sauces, Salad Dressings, and Condiments, Cereals and Breakfast Foods, Soups and Canned Goods, Frozen Foods, Dairy, Cheese, and many more products delivered to your doorstep in UAE. Also, you can use the NowNow coupon codes.

Get your NowNow promo code to shop prepared meals and baked goods and save money

Are you busy and don’t have time to prepare food? Are you tired from working all day and don’t want to go out to eat either? the solution is definitely there. You can use the NowNow UAE coupon code to buy food and bakery at reasonable prices.

Get your NowNow coupon to shop groceries and save money

NowNow provides you with any kind of groceries you need. NowNow’s high quality services will ensure that you get what you want. Grocery purchase. For most people it’s a chore. Although I really like it, when I have to shop in the Friday crowds in the Middle East I prefer using the NowNow discount code details for online shopping. But if you love cooking and food, you cannot be a great chef unless you are a good food shopper, so when you shop from NowNow, you will be able to get vegetables, fruits, meat and other foods with high quality and you can check reviews before buying.

Shopping on NowNow is a lot less stressful than going to crowded grocery stores. Less money is spent when you apply NowNow promo code in addition to fuel. If you are able to have your items delivered to your doorstep at a lower price and better quality from multiple sources and stores then there is no need to go to the grocery store.

Use your NowNow promo code to shop vegetables and save money

Vegetables are an important source of many vitamins, minerals, and fiber, and it is recommended to eat a larger amount of them to get the nutritional benefits they provide.

Use your NowNow promo code to shop cereals and save money

Use the NowNow discount code details to buy all kinds of cereals. If you need cereals for a specific diet, such as oats, corn, or whatever you need, you will definitely find them on Naunaw online. There are many reasons why anyone should buy from Naunaw. Cereals are small, dry, tough, edible seeds that grow on grass-like plants known as cereal crops. Cereals are the staple food in most countries, in addition to being the largest source of energy from food in the world. Rice, wheat, and corn are the most consumed grains. .

Use your NowNow promo code to shop fruits and save money

Shop easily and smoothly a lot of the fruits you love using the NowNow discount code. You can buy fruits like strawberry, banana, pineapple, mango and many more. Fruits are important and necessary in everyone’s life because they contain many vitamins and minerals, and it is recommended to eat a variety of them, as they contain vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, zinc and many necessary vitamins and minerals.

Shop using your NowNow promo code to save money
Shop using your NowNow promo code to save money
Use your NowNow promo code to shop dairy and milk and save money

Discover this category with the NowNow UAE discount code. There are many products that you can get from NowNow at competitive prices, such as dairy products from Almarai and many more. Milk products are considered energy-rich foods, and water is the main component of milk, as it accounts for nearly 90%, and milk is an important source of protein and vitamins.

Use your NowNow discount codes to shop chocolate

Chocolate contains cocoa, which provides many health benefits, and eating it in its raw form is healthier than processed chocolate, but many people may not tolerate its bitter taste, and may prefer to eat chocolate that contains a high percentage of cocoa; because it is considered healthier than traditional milk chocolate, and here are some of the health benefits of chocolate:

Chocolate content of nutrients

The following are some of the health-beneficial nutrients available in chocolate: Contains antioxidants: The antioxidants in chocolate have many health benefits, and it should be noted that antioxidants are compounds that help the body’s cells reduce the damage they cause. Harmful substances called free radicals, and the greater the amount of cocoa present in chocolate; Its benefits have increased, and the amount of fat and sugar in it has decreased, yet it is necessary to read the label on it to verify this. Use your nownow code to save money.

Flavonoids are one of the antioxidants found in cocoa. Some of the flavonoids found in chocolate are as follows:

  • Catechin.
  • Epicatechin.
  • Procyanidins.

It is worth noting that dark chocolate contains much higher amounts of flavonoids than milk chocolate, and milk chocolate may slow the absorption of flavonoids in the intestine.

Contains some minerals

Chocolate contains minerals that help promote health benefits in it, including: Potassium: which helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Iron, glucose analysis, infant growth and brain development. 

  • Zinc: which contributes to maintaining the immune system, and the growth and repair of tissues. Iron: necessary for the production of red blood cells.
  • Magnesium: which plays an important role in the functions of Muscles and nerves, and maintaining the stability of the heartbeat.
  • Phosphorus.
Effect of chocolate on mood

Eating chocolate may help improve mood, especially when eaten in moderation. Whereas a study published in the journal Appetite in 2016, and included 258 participants; that eating chocolate in a moderate amount and in a rational manner contributed to improving the mood of the participants, compared to eating it in a random way, and there is still a need for more studies in this field. Get the latest nownow coupon code, nownow codes & NowNow UAE promo code from Almowafir.

 It is worth noting here that eating large quantities of foods that enhance mood, like chocolate; It is not associated with improving mood, but mood can be improved by focusing on a natural and nutritious diet.

Chocolate benefits for health

Eating chocolate in moderate amounts can benefit the heart. This is because they contain the previously mentioned antioxidants. These compounds may help the cells of the body to resist damage caused by free radicals resulting from the body’s vital processes; Such as breathing, and environmental pollutants such as cigarette smoke, free radicals may cause the formation of plaques on the walls of the arteries, caused by the oxidation of harmful cholesterol known as LDL. Save money using your nownow coupons.

Although the dark type of chocolate contains a moderate amount of saturated fat, which can negatively affect blood lipid levels, the benefits of antioxidant compounds for the heart outweigh the effect of saturated fat. on eating plant sources, exercising regularly, and maintaining a healthy weight; For greater health benefits.

Is chocolate good for the skin 

Dark chocolate is a rich source of minerals; such as copper, iron, and magnesium, in addition to manganese, which supports the production and formation of collagen, a protein that contributes to maintaining the health and youth of the skin, as well as other minerals; Calcium in regeneration and repair of skin cells.

However, there is inconsistency in the results of studies, and there is still a need for more research studying the effect of chocolate on the skin, so it is recommended to follow the means that protect and preserve the skin, while eating chocolate within a healthy and balanced diet. Get the latest nownow coupons to save money on every purchase.

There is also insufficient evidence linking eating a specific food such as chocolate directly to the appearance of acne, it is possible that the sugar in chocolate is the cause of new pimples or deeper pimples, and not cocoa itself, so it is recommended to choose dark chocolate, and pay attention to the amount of added sugars, and simple carbohydrates ingested during the day.

What kind of chocolate do experts recommend us to shop?

Not all chocolates contain high levels of flavanols, which are a type of flavonoids, and these compounds naturally give cocoa a strong, sour taste, and this taste decreases with the loss of more of these compounds, This is during the stages of cocoa processing and chocolate production, such as fermentation, roasting, and more.

Most of the chocolate that is marketed often undergoes a lot of processing, and many chocolate manufacturers try to preserve the flavanols during their manufacture, but at the present time it is preferable to eat dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate, especially those that contain added fats and sugars. Your nownow coupon code, nownow codes & nownow promo code are easy to use.

It should be noted that milk chocolate does not provide the same benefits that are available in dark chocolate, as a study published in Nature in 2003, and included the participation of 12 healthy people, indicated that the absorption of polyphenol compounds was reduced when dark chocolate was consumed with milk, or milk chocolate, which Reduce the total antioxidant capacity in the blood, compared to its ability when eating dark chocolate alone, as for white chocolate; It does not contain flavanols.

Use your NowNow coupon codes to shop coffee

Coffee contains some nutrients that are beneficial to health, including the following: A rich source of antioxidants: Coffee contains polyphenols, which are antioxidants that help reduce free radicals, which The roots cause damage to the cells of the body, and may lead to infections associated with metabolic syndrome, which includes type 2 diabetes and obesity. Use your NowNow promo codes to shop coffee. A good source of vitamins and minerals: Coffee contains many vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, niacin, choline, and more.

NowNow App - Use the NowNow coupon codes to save money
NowNow App – Use the NowNow coupon codes to save money
Save money on coffee and improve your health with your NowNow promo code

Reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes: A systematic review published in Diabetes Care in 2014 indicated that drinking caffeinated or non-caffeinated coffee may reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Caffeine consumption may affect the change in blood sugar levels, either raising or lowering it, so it is worthwhile for a diabetic to be careful not to overconsume, and to monitor the level of sugar in the blood. Get the latest nownow discount codes and the best nownow UAE coupon code to save money on every purchase.

Reducing the risk of gallbladder disease: A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology in 2000 indicated that drinking coffee may reduce the risk of developing gallstones in women who already suffer from some symptoms of gallbladder disease. Study results showed no association between coffee drinking and a reduced risk of total gallbladder disease in either men or women. Get the best prices with your nownow discount codes & nownow codes.

Helping reduce cholesterol levels: Drinking caffeinated coffee may contribute to reducing the level of cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and triglycerides in the blood, when drinking approximately 6 to 8 cups a day, it is worth noting that coffee Caffeine-free may not have this effect. Use your nownow coupons & nownow code to save money.

 Improving blood pressure levels in the elderly: A study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society indicated that the elderly drinking caffeine improves their blood pressure levels, and reduces the risk of its decline after eating a meal, due to the role of caffeine in raising the hormone noradrenaline, which maintains blood pressure levels in healthy elderly people. 

On the other hand, it has been shown that coffee may help lower blood pressure in people who drink coffee on a daily basis compared to people who do not drink coffee, according to what was published in the European Journal of Epidemiology. Blood pressure levels in people with high blood pressure, but this effect may not be noticeable if coffee is drunk regularly. Use your nownow code to save money.

Special Features @ NowNow

1. Fresh food commodities 

Now Now app offers its customers only fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, and food commodities directly from their suppliers, guaranteeing their quality.

2. Free Shipping and Delivery in 60 Minutes

Now Now App provides free shipping and delivery service all over Dubai (delivery services will expand later) in just 60 minutes.

3. Modern, advanced, and secure payment options

fast and reliable payment using credit cards or Apple Pay. Use your nownow coupon code to save money.

4. Satisfactory return policy

Exchange or refund for damaged or defective products without any questions when the order is received.

5. Save money

Almowafir gives you the most vital NowNow discount codes within the latest NowNow coupon codes and the nownow discount code on the best home essentials of various categories such as groceries, food goods, health care products, pharmacy products, home cleaning tools, baby supplies, garden supplies, bathroom supplies, pets, and others, to save real money! You can also check for Noon, NowNow app, to get discounts on all orders.

6. A comprehensive platform for shopping home supplies

Now Now application offers various categories for the most famous service providers and online shopping platforms to shop the best home supplies from multiple consumer groups, including food, medical, health, and other goods.

NowNow UAE shipping and delivery

  • Now Now application provides free shipping and delivery service on all orders to all parts of Dubai, and it will expand shipping and delivery services to other regions later.
  • Check the delivery services available when locating your shopping from stores and pharmacies in your vicinity.
  • A flat shipping and handling fee of 5 AED applies to all orders.
  • Delivery will be made within 60 minutes of placing the order and completing the payment with the NowNow discount code & nownow codes.
  • Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Al Ain
  • Ajman
  • Sharjah
  • Ras Al Khaima
  • Zayed City
  • Hatta
  • Al Ruways Industrial City
  • Khor Fakkan
  • Umm Al Quwain

NowNow app payment methods

  • Credit Cards – Visa, MasterCard.
  • Apple Pay Apple Pay.

NowNow UAE return policy

The NowNow app allows you to return the products and get a refund within 6 hours of the delivery date by contacting the customer service center. You can extra 10 off on your shopping when show coupon and up to 50 off on all orders.

NowNow customer service

  • Working hours: Sunday-Saturday | 08:00 – 23:00
  • Phone number: 80034444
  • Email:

FAQ – NowNow discount code by Almowafir

How do I get best NowNow discount codes to save money when shopping groceries, pharmacy and home essentials from NowNow app?

Visit the Almowafir app to view the latest NowNow discounts and nownow code on best home supplies from groceries, supermarkets, food commodities, pharmacy products, pet supplies, and many more.

The NowNow Coupon is not working. What should I do?

Check the terms and conditions of NowNow offers and coupons and their validity period within their cards on the Almowafir app. If you still have trouble using NowNow coupons & nownow codes, contact NowNow customer service directly.

Does the NowNow app provide Cash-on-Delivery service?

No, NowNow allows you to pay using credit cards or through Apple Pay. Also, try nownow promo code. Get up to 25 off discount on your nownow voucher code by using Almowafir.

Can I use NowNow coupon code to shop NowNow groceries at the best prices

NowNow has many groceries to shop from the best and the most famous brands and supermarkets in the world. Almowafir provides you with exclusive NowNow promo codes are easy to use. You can shop whatever you want. NowNow provides customers with many categories such as fresh vegetables, fruits, organic groceries, essentials and more to shop using your nownow coupons UAE.

Store Features

Customer support 24/7
Customer support 24/7

Shipping Methods

Same-day delivery
Same-day delivery

Payment Methods

Cash on delivery
Cash on delivery
Credit card
Credit card