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Ounass is an online store for luxury fashion clothes, shoes and accessories designed by the most prominent local and international fashion designers and the oldest fashion houses, in addition to beauty and personal care items from international and local brands and along with some home and home decoration accessories such as furnishing, textiles and furniture and various accessories. Ounass UAE provides services to online shoppers from the United Arab Emirates, and there is also Ounass KSA for Saudi Arabia and Ounass sites for, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman. Ounass codes and sales are available on Almowafir – and updated constantly – so you can always get the biggest discounts off the best stores.

Ounass offers its customers the latest fashion and luxury designs in the world of luxury fashion for all family members. It offers many discount offers on the most popular fashions and on cosmetics, makeup, home supplies and decor. In addition, Ounass codes and sales are available through Almowafir – which has a variety of discounts, vouchers, coupons and offers available on different and various products. Find these resources through Almowafir and save this page to keep up on the latest coupons and discount offers – exclusively for people who love fashion and saving money.

Ounass provides high-end shopping services to its customers, including original luxury fashions from the leading fashion designers with a guarantee of their quality. You’ll find convenient and varied payment options, free and fast shipping including same-day delivery services in the Emirates, a best price guarantee service, a very satisfactory return policy, easy return procedures and a customer service center for any inquiry.

Why Shop with Ounass Codes?

Ounass codes and sales give you discounts on luxury for fashion lovers. Here are the most important reasons why we recommend Ounass UAE or Ounass KSA or GCC to be your next destination when shopping for luxury clothes and shoes online:

1) Keep up with fashion – Get the latest trends and designs from the most famous fashion designers and the best brands in the fashion world, with exclusivity and excellence.
2) Save money with Almowafir – by using the Ounass codes and sales we provide for you easily!
3) Shop for the whole family – shop for clothes, shoes and accessories from the same stores – for men, women, children and baby
4) Free and fast shipping service – To KSA, BH, OM, KW while providing same-day shipping services from Ounass UAE.
5) Satisfactory Return Policy – Allow you to easily return products through Ounass UAE, Ounass KSA or Ounass GCC.
6) Modern and advanced payment options – including payment upon receipt (COD) and use of a Paypal account.

Ounass Codes & Ounass Sales at Almowafir
Almowafir Has Ounass Codes & Sales

Which categories are the to shop with your Ounass Codes ?

The people site is a station for luxury shopping for all looks and occasions, and it is multi-categories and products. Among the most important, best-selling and popular categories on the site of people:

1) Dresses – one of the most popular categories on the Ounass site due to the passion of luxury fashion designers and what it represents for women. Many luxurious dresses offer multiple designs, aesthetic touch, and different creative madness, for all occasions, for every look and every taste, for example, Gucci dresses, Dolce & Gabbana dresses, Valentino dresses, Pearl Haute couture dresses and others.
2) Women’s shoes – Ounass codes are good on sophisticated and luxurious women’s shoes for all purposes from the most famous shoe designers and top brands – high heels, sandals, sneakers and more. Some of the most popular shoes at Ounass UAE & Ounass KSA & GCC – Sophia Webster shoes, Dolce shoes, Prada shoes, Alexander Mcqueen shoes, Nike and many more.
3) Sneakers for men – one of the most popular categories among men shoppers, Ounass offers an amazing display of sneakers that combine elegance and sporty appearance with the most famous brands and prominent designers, for example: Off White, Gucci, Dolce, Valentino , Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and others.
4) T-shirts for men – One of the most popular categories for men – use your Ounass codes on luxury t-shirts and tops from different fashion designers and famous brands, for example Emporio Armani, Off White and others.
5) Children – a very comprehensive category in which all clothes for children from girls to boys can be found – from newborns to adolescence. This category includes all children’s clothing, accessories and shoes from the most prominent designers and brands, for example Chloe with her fancy clothes for girls, Boss with elegant boys clothes and sneakers, Dolce with distinguished clothes for children, DKNY with New York designs for girls and more.

What Are the Best Brands To Buy With Ounass Codes?

Ounass codes are good on many of the leading brands in the world of fashion and some of the best fashion designers. The most popular brands and fashion designers on Ounass UAE & Ounass KSA & GCC are:

  • Gucci – one of the most famous Italian and international fashion houses. Many Gucci outfits are on Ounass for all family members and are considered some of the most popular.
  • Dolce & Gabbana – Another Italian fashion house of the most famous fashion houses in the world. Ounass offers many Dolce fashions for all family members, which are very popular with shoppers.
  • Prada – one of the most famous Italian fashion houses ever, specializing in luxury fashion design specifically. Many of Prada’s luxurious and charming designs are onsite for men and women, including high-end accessories. For a special treat, use your Ounass codes on a Prada design!
  • Chloe – a famous and distinctive French fashion house specializing in luxury fashion design. Many Chloe products are displayed on Ounass UAE & KSA, including luxurious women dresses and amazing designs for girls.
  • Emporio Armani, a leading Italian brand in the fashion world, is based on the iconic Giorgio Armani designs and fashions, specializing in the latest fashion design and contribution to modern fashion. Many Emporio outfits are displayed on Ounass UAE & Ounass KSA, and Emporio t-shirts are popular with male shoppers.

Other brands and fashion designers to consider for your Ounass Codes:

  • Alexander Mcqueen
  • Sophia Webster
  • Valentino
  • Nike
  • Kiehl’s
  • Clarins
  • Clinique
  • Nars

To Which Locations Does Ounass Deliver?

Ounass UAE, KSA & GCC provides free shipping and delivery service on all products to the Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman, with the following conditions:

  • Ounass UAE – provided that the total value of the order is not less than 500 dirhams, within two hours in Dubai, and on the same day or the next day inside the UAE. In the event that the total value does not meet the minimum value, a shipping fee is charged as follows – within two hours in Dubai – 50 dirhams, on the same day in Dubai – 35 dirhams, one the next day in Dubai – 25 dirhams…on the same day in UAE (not including Dubai) – 100 dirhams, the next day in the UAE (not including Dubai)- 50 dirhams. When choosing to pay on delivery, a delivery fee of AED 25 will be charged.
  • Ounass KSA – provided that the total value of the order is not less than 500 SAR, free delivery is available within 3-6 working days. If the total value does not meet the minimum value, a shipping fee of 50 SAR will be charged. When choosing to pay on delivery, a delivery fee of SAR 25 is charged.
  • Ounass Bahrain – provided that the total value of the order is not less than BD 100 and within 2-4 working days. In the event that the total value does not meet the minimum amount, a shipping fee of BD 6 will be charged. When choosing to pay on delivery, a delivery fee of BD 5 will be charged.
  • Ounass Kuwait – provided that the total value of the order is not less than 100 dinars and within 2-4 working days. In the event that the total value does not meet the minimum amount, a shipping fee of 5 KWD
  • Ounass Oman – provided that the total value of the order is not less than 100 RO you’ll get your order within 2-4 working days. In the event that the total value does not meet the minimum value, a shipping fee of 6 RO will be charged.

With which payment methods can I use my Ounass Codes?

You can use your Ounass codes with Credit Card, Payment on Delivery (COD) or with your PayPal or Apple Pay accounts. Regarding purchases made with your Ounass Balance or the Amber Rewards program, check with the store for the latest updates. Check here for a full list of Ounass payment options:

  1. Credit Cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express.
  2. Payment on delivery – the service is available only in the Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, provided that the total value of the order does not exceed: in the Emirates and Saudi Arabia 50000 AED / SAR, in Bahrain 1000 BD. For shoppers from Oman and Kuwait, please contact our customer service center for inquiries.
  3. PayPal account.
  4. Apple Pay.
  5. Ounass Balance. If you’ve returned items, you might have Ounass store credit.
  6. Amber Rewards Program Points – You can convert points into cash balance, starting from 10,000 points. This rewards program work on any company from the amazing Al Tayer group.

What is the Ounass Returns Policy

Ounass UAE, Ounass KSA and the other Ounass GCC site all provide free return service for the product and its cost, within 30 days of delivery, provided that it is not a non-returnable product (cosmetic, beautycare, underwear or earrings), in the following cases:

  • For any reason – NO Questions asked – provided that you return the product completely intact, without change, in its original packaging and original packaging, with all labels or stickers.
  • Defective or faulty product: provided you return the product exactly as you received it. If the product is large and cannot be returned, you must document the defect or defect in the product and send it to the customer service team.

After verifying your order, your money be returned to you via the credit card that you used, or to your balance on the Ounass site if you used Cash on Delivery (payment upon receipt) to complete the transaction.

This return policy is applicable to all returnable products, regardless of the guarantees that the seller offers individually on his or her products.

Stores like Ounass on Almowafir:

After using your Ounass codes, check the following stores at Almowafir for the best deals on similar products:

FAQ – Tips from Almowafir for Shopping with your Ounass Codes:

How can I save money when I  get Ounass coupons & discount codes from Almowafir? 

Almowafir provides people with coupons and discount codes for Ounass on many fashion, clothes, shoes and accessories from the leading fashion designers in the region and the world and the most famous local and international brands throughout the year. Through Almowafir, you can exclusively get the best Ounass codes and find the best Ounass sales on for the most beautiful clothes, the latest designs and the latest trends in the fashion world for all family members and for all looks on all occasions, so you can shop more and save a lot of money. Check the terms, conditions, and validity of coupons and discount codes on Almowafir.

What is Ounass UAE, KSA & GCC styles?

Arab culture is characterized by complete elegance and charming decency, and Ounass offers women wide assortments of modest clothing such as abayas, caftans and maxi dresses from the most prominent international and local designers, including fashion designer Maha Abdul Rashid through her brand “Bamba Boutique”. Find her feminine, elegant and luxurious Arabic designs, and the Turkish “bouquet” brand with its designs in calm colors.

Should I track my Ounass order on its way to me? 

Ounass UAE, KSA & GCC allows you to track your order through the order number sent to you in your email or in a text message. You can track your order via your account on the Ounass and under the Orders tab in your account or via the “Order Tracking” page which you can access via the main screen by clicking “Track Order” at the bottom of the screen.

Can I exchange my Ounass order?

Product replacement service is not available on Ounass, but you can return the product to purchase a replacement in accordance with the return policy on the website.

Why should I see the size chart on Ounass?

If you are unaware of your size or find it difficult to determine your size, you can use the size guide to help you – find it in the product details under the name “size chart”. Make sure to buy clothes that fit your sizes. The size chart shows you several approved global models that you can choose between and use according to the brands you buy from to determine your sizes. Remember that if you receive clothing that does not suit you, you can return it within 30 days.

Does Ounass provides price match guarantee?

You can achieve the best price if you find the same product in another competitor’s store with the same specifications at a lower price, within 30 days of your purchase of the product (the service is only available after you have purchased the product from Ounass). In the event that you find a lower-priced product, you will get from Ounass the difference between the price of the two products added to your balance on the site (therefore you must have an account on Ounass). The service is available on products at full prices and does not include discounts, sales, discounts or liquidation offers.

How can I differentiate between payment on delivery and shipping charges for Ounass?

Ounass UAE and Ounass KSA + GCC provide free shipping service, but when you use pay on delivery you will be charged an additional fee (payment on delivery fee) from the shipping company itself. You can avoid these fees by choosing another payment option.

How can I use Almowafir to find the Amber Rewards program and collect points to save money?

The Amber Program is the Loyalty Program for Al Tayer(the company that owns the Ounass). Members of the Amber Rewards program can collect points from all their purchases made in the shops and brands of Al Tayer. When you collect 10,000 points, you can transfer it to a balance that will be deducted from the total value of your order. You can find out how many points on each product you buy on Ounass by looking at the product details.