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SharafDG Promo Codes & Deals

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SharafDG Coupon Code: Save Up to 100 AED DG100
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Almowafir Has Sharaf DG Coupon, Sharaf DG Promo Code & Sharaf DG Discount

Sharaf DG is a comprehensive online shopping platform in the UAE, Bahrain, and Oman where you will find amazing Sharaf DG offers on original products from famous brands in different categories. Buy what you need and save money with the Sharaf DG discount code and Sharaf DG coupon at Almowafir.

Sharaf DG offers its customers Sharaf DG offers on the latest consumer electronics, home appliances, and furniture, health and beauty care, and many accessories for men and women, including watches, sunglasses, and many more.
Sharaf DG online store is safe to shop and pay, with the best price guarantee, it provides free shipping and delivery service, payment on delivery, a good return policy, operates a customer service center, and offers Sharaf DG discounts and coupons to save money!

How do I use the Sharaf DG offers to save a lot of money?

  1. Visit Almowafir and enter the Sharaf DG store page on the site.
  2. Select the Sharaf DG offers or coupons that you want then click on it, for the Sharaf DG code to be copied automatically, then go to the Sharaf DG website. (Usually, within 3 seconds, the Sharaf DG website opens in a new tab / new page).
  3. Market the products you need according to the terms and conditions of your chosen DJ honor code, then add the products to your shopping cart “Buy Now”, then proceed to complete the “Proceed to Checkout” payment process.
  4. Paste the coupon in the space provided in the order details.
  5. Click “Apply” to activate the discount. Check out the discount, you got it! You saved easily with the coupon on Almowafir!
How to use my Sharaf DG coupon, Sharaf DG promo code & Sharaf DG discount code  to shop at Sharaf DG UAE, Sharaf DG KSA, Sharaf DG Oman and more
Almowafir has Sharaf DG coupon, Sharaf DG promo code & Sharaf DG discount code to shop at Sharaf DG KSA, Sharaf DG UAE, Oman and more

Why Shop from Sharaf DG UAE, Bahrain & Oman

  1. Save money – Save money with Sharaf DG offers on many products, in addition to Sharaf DG discounts that you can find on various products.
  2. 100% Authentic Products Guaranteed Quality at Competitive Prices – Sharaf DG offers original products only, from global manufacturers directly, through various suppliers and resellers to ensure price competition.
  3. Free Shipping & Delivery – Sharaf DG provides free shipping and delivery to its customers.
  4. Modern, advanced, and safe payment options – the most important of which is payment on delivery, or by using debit cards from some banks within the partnership program between Sharaf DG and them.
  5. Satisfactory Return Policy – replacement of damaged or defective products, the possibility of returning products you did not like.
  6. Best Rate Guarantee – Sharaf DG online store is keen to get you the lowest prices on the market!

What are the best Categories to buy on Sharaf DG online store using my Sharaf DG coupon?

Sharaf DG provides you with Sharaf DG offers on the original products of the most famous international brands from different categories, the most important of which are:

  1. Mobile Phones – discounts on the latest mobile phones and mobile phones with all their accessories from different economic categories, and from the most famous brands in the world.
  2. Electronics – Sharaf DG offers home appliances, laptops, tablets, cameras, video game players, office, administrative, and audiovisual electronic devices.
  3. Fashion – Sharaf DG discounts on all accessories including unisex watches, sunglasses, and other leading brands! Buy your favorite accessories and save money with the Sharaf DG Coupons.
  4. Home and Kitchen – Sharaf DG offers all home appliances, appliances, textiles, decor, and furniture at competitive prices.
  5. Beauty and perfumes – Check the offers on perfumes for men and women, cosmetics, hair, and skincare, face, and other international brands.

What are the best brands on Sharaf DG online store?

Sharaf DG offers you with the best electronics, accessories, and cosmetics for the most famous international brands:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Huawei
  • Microsoft
  • HP
  • Sony
  • Dell
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation
  • Cacio
  • Ray-ban
  • Guess
  • Nikon
  • Canon
  • Philips
  • Braun
  • Chanel
  • Rimmel London
  • Bourjois
  • Max Factor

Does Sharaf DG Ship & Deliver to my country?

Sharaf DG offers shipping and delivery service on all orders to Sharaf DG UAE, Bahrain, Oman.

  • Sharaf DG UAE – Sharaf DG provides free shipping and delivery on all orders, provided that the total value of the order is not less than 100 AED In the event that the orders include heavy furniture and large appliances, a fee of 11 AED will be charged for delivery. Delivery takes 2-7 working days.
  • Sharaf DG Bahrain – Sharaf DG provides free shipping and delivery on all orders, provided that the total value of the order is not less than 10 BD. In the event that the total value is less, shipping fees will be charged in the order details. Use your Sharaf promo & Sharaf discount to save money.
  • Sharaf DG Oman – Sharaf DG provides shipping and delivery service charges a 3 RO delivery fee for orders with a total weight of no more than 5 kg, with 200 Bz added for each additional kg. Delivery takes 2-7 working days.

What are the payment methods to use at the Sharaf DG store?

  1. Credit Cards – Visa, MasterCard. In addition to local discount cards in partnership with many banks in the UAE and Bahrain, you can find them on the website on the (Easy Payment Plan) page.
  2. Cash on delivery.

What is the return policy on Sharaf DG?

  • Sharaf DG allows you to return the product and recover its price (excluding shipping and delivery fees) within 7 days of receiving it, provided that it is not non-returnable, and is intact, unused, in its original packaging, with all its accessories and cards By contacting Sharaf DG Customer Service Center.
  • In the event that you receive a defective or damaged product, you should contact Sharaf DG’s customer service immediately to report the product.h

How can I contact Sharaf DG?

Contact Sharaf DG customer service:
Business hours: Sunday-Thursday 10:00-22:00 | Friday-Saturday: 12:30-21:00
Phone number: Emirates- 800 344 357 Oman – 800 66 753 Bahrain – 7 800 8000

Exclusive coupons and discount codes for online stores like Sharaf DG on Almowafir

Tips from Almowafir on buying from Sharaf DG UAE, Bahrain & Oman

Use the Sharaf DG offers and coupons to save money from Almowafir

Visit Almowafir before shopping on Sharaf DG, and discover the best offer and coupons on your favorite products to save money!

Track your Sharaf DG order

When shipping your order, Sharaf DG sends an email with a link to the shipping company and your order number.

You can cancel your order on Sharaf DG as soon as possible after placing it

You should contact the Customer Service Center to cancel the order before it is ready for shipping. In the event that you are unable to cancel your order, you can return it according to the Sharaf DG website policy.

Compare seller prices on Sharaf DG to buy your favorite product at the cheapest price

You may find the same product at different prices because more than one seller puts the product on sale. Check all prices to choose the best price.

Learn about the best price guarantee service from Sharaf DG

In the event that you get the exact same product from another website at a lower price, you can claim the difference from Sharaf DG, by contacting Sharaf DG Customer Service!

FAQ – Sharaf DG UAE, Bahrain & Oman on Almowafir

Q: How do I get the best Sharaf DG offers and coupons for shopping from Sharaf DG online store and save money?

A: For the best Sharaf DG offers and coupons, visit Almowafir to discover the best Sharaf DG exclusive offers and then choose the perfect one for the products you want to purchase. Check the terms and conditions of the Sharaf DG voucher, then click on the Coupon to go to Sharaf DG to buy what you need while enjoying saving money!

Q: The Sharaf DG code does not work. What should I do?

A: Be sure to check the terms and conditions of the Sharaf DG voucher and its validity period. Almowafir informs you about all the terms and conditions of the coupon that it gives you, and you can easily view the validity period of each coupon within the coupon itself.
If you still have trouble using the Sharaf DG deal, you should contact the Sharaf DG Customer Service Center.

Q: Does Sharaf DG provide pay cash on delivery service?

A: Yes, Sharaf DG Cash on Delivery service is available in the UAE, Bahrain, Oman.

Q: Where can I find the best Sharaf DG offers to save money when shopping on Sharaf DG?

A: Almowafir provides you with the best Sharaf DG offers on various products from different categories in Sharaf DG, so you can choose the Sharaf DG codes that serves you and move to market the products you need then get the discount and save money.

Q: Does Sharaf DG offer a product warranty service? What is the warranty period?

A: Yes, Sharaf DG offers product warranty service, but it varies from one service provider/vendor to another. You can check the type and duration of the warranty and the warranty service provider in the warranty section of the product page or by contacting the Sharaf DG Customer Service Center. In addition, Sharaf DG offers one year warranty service on some consumer electronics.

Electronics to shop at Sharaf DG using your Sharaf DG coupon

Finding electronics at Sharaf DG store is simple, easy and fun as the Sharaf DG store enables buyers to easily discover the products and tools they want to buy without wasting time describing these products and trying to reach the desired brand. Sharaf DG offers many home appliances as well as electronics from brands such as Appel, eKlasse, LG, HP, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony and more.

What are the best refrigerators?

The refrigerator is one of the essential home appliances that are indispensable to any family, and its importance does not depend only on its role in preserving food and drinks, but preserving the freshness of these foods and drinks may be one of the main factors in protecting the health of all members of your family, so it is always good to pay attention to the maintenance of the refrigerator or buy new ones if the old ones no longer work as well. The decision to buy a new refrigerator may be confusing, so we will offer you some tips to help you buy your refrigerator

  1. Determine the capacity that you want, which is measured in cubic feet, because buying a refrigerator larger than you need may cost you energy and electricity without interest, and buying a refrigerator smaller than required may make the storage process difficult and impractical, depending on the number of your family members and your habits.
  1. It is also important to provide a suitable space for the size of the refrigerator, and leave space around it on the sides and back, to allow ventilation of the freon tubes and provide space for cleaning and transportation, as well as a space in front of it to open

Does Sharaf DG has microwave

Sharaf DG offers customers with many electronics at competitive prices. With the development of our lifestyle and the many burdens of life Sharaf DG offers many brands such as Appel, eKlasse, LG, HP, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, many mothers have resorted to using the microwave as a practical and easy solution to heat pre-prepared food, or prepare some fast food as well as cook some foods with lighter ingredients. So, during this article, we review with you a group of the best types of microwaves, to choose the one that suits you in terms of shape and budget.

  • Choose the microwave to be suitable for the space that is available in your kitchen, to be able to use it easily and open and close the door comfortably.
  • Make sure that the internal capacity of the microwave is between 1 and 2 cubic feet, in order to accommodate medium and large dishes.
  • Make sure to choose a microwave with a variety of gradual speeds.
  • Choose a microwave with a child safety lock to protect your little ones. 
  • Make sure to buy a microwave with a rotating tray, to cook and heat food properly.

Shop blender at Sharaf DG

Any person needs blender at the home needs to acquire an electric blender to use it to make fresh juices that are served as a drink for guests or family members, as well as tomato juice and the like that go into cooking, as well as it is used in grinding various spices, salt, sugar and others, and many women use it in preparing cakes or whipping cream, making bechamel. In addition to the fact that modern blenders provide the ability to chop onions or garlic or chop meat and the like by means of a kibbeh, so the failure of the blender or its inefficiency causes a lot of hardship and complications for women in the process of preparing food or making sweets or other things. Or having a high-efficiency blender that makes it easier for you to do all the work, and saves your time and effort and gives you better results in everything you do.

First: choosing a multi-purpose device

Choosing an electric blender with many different parts for use, such as blenders that contain a chopper, special pieces for grinding spices and sugar, in addition to the pieces for separating the juice out of the seed, peels, or others, helps you do everything you want in a short time and with minimal effort, as well as not needing any additional devices.

Second: Choose a blender with good materials
There are blenders made of stainless steel and others of glass or plastic, where a stainless steel blender is preferred because it is stronger and resistant to breakage, while glass or plastic blenders are prone to damage and you often have to buy new parts.

Third: taking into account the availability of spare parts
Always make sure to choose well-known brands that have maintenance branches and spare parts easily, and do not choose rare brands, even if they are distinct, because any malfunction will force you to leave the blender and replace it altogether.

Fourth: Choosing a blender with a powerful motor
The motor is the most important piece in the blender at all, as it allows for daily and continuous use with high efficiency without worry, and among the types that are distinguished by the strength of the motor are German, Japanese, French and Turkish blenders. Save more money with the Sharaf DG coupon.

Fifth: choosing a blender with a wide bowl and sharp blades
One of the advantages that make using the blender ideal and convenient is that it contains a spacious bowl, which means that it is suitable for big families and accomplishes the task of preparing adequate quantities of juices, drinks, or other things in short times. Sharpness of blades means efficient and best results.

Washing machines

You can shop many Washing machines on the Sharaf DG website from too many brands at competitive prices. In general, you have to choose what suits your needs. It is known to everyone that the washing machine has become one of the basics of life, that is, it is no longer a luxury in the home, and it is one of the appliances that have been bought once for many years, so those who want to buy it must carefully consider before buying a machine some factors to avoid replace it after purchasing In a short period.

What are the main features that show the differences between different types of washing machines?

First of all, the capacity of the washing machine basins does not affect its external dimensions, but it certainly affects the price levels, and we must point out that the ideal family consisting of a father, mother and two children needs a washing machine with a capacity of 7 KG, and this capacity is the average capacity of washing machines on different types.

Some washing machines have the advantage of pre-washing; it is a favorite feature of families with small children, as the washing machine only first washing clothes with water, in order to clean the tough stains caused by children on their clothes.

Another feature is the timer feature; some washing machines have a timer feature, meaning that the user can set their on and off times, and this feature is suitable for those who prefer to operate the washing machine while they are at work. Get lower prices using your Sharaf DG coupon.

Finally, the advantage of the steam cycle; this feature is available in a limited number of washing machines, and it is one of the features that leads to the high price of the washing machine, due to its efficiency in cleaning difficult stains, and despite this, some families prefer to have a washing machine with this technology despite its high prices.

Two important factors you should know when you shop Sharaf DG washing machines


Capacity of front-loading washing machines is available in capacities ranging from 5 to more than 12 kg in some few models, while capacities of top-loading washing machines start from 11 kg to 18 kg in some models, noting that a capacity of 7 to 8 kg is the standard or traded capacity Widely used, both for front loading and top loading washers.

Although a capacity of 7 kg is the standard or widely circulated capacity, this does not negate that large or extended families need larger capacities, while small families need fewer capacities.

Spinning speed

One of the other features that you have to check is the spin speed, regardless the type, modern washing machines of all kinds have a spin speed between 1200 and 1600 cycle per minute, noting that the high spin speed means that the clothes need less time to dry, the higher the spin speed means the higher the price of the washing machine, and here we note that a rotation speed between 1300 and 1400 rpm is ideal for the majority of users. Get lower prices using your Sharaf DG discount.

We must point out that the high spin speed gives more cleanliness to the clothes, but at the same time it makes more noise, and it harms delicate clothes, so you must be careful and choose the speed according to the clothes and not always choose the maximum rotation speed.

In order to choose the best, specify the most important specifications that you would like to have in your next washing machine are the capacity, spin speed, and then turn to other features, such as timer, steam cycle, etc.

How to shop the dishwashers at Sharaf DG?

Before deciding which model you want to acquire from the many options on Sharaf DG, you must first determine the capacity of the dishwasher that suits you. Sharaf DG dishwasher capacity is measured by the number of dishes, cups, spoons, and kitchen utensils that the dishwasher rinses in each individual washing operation, which is inferred by a “set of dishes”, and each set of dishes contains the tools of one adult, from a large plate to a small plate and a cup or cup and spoons.

The capacity of the dishwasher ranges from 4 sets of dishes for small dishes, up to 15 sets, so the capacity of the suitable dishwasher for you is measured by the number of family members, that is, you have to choose the dishwasher that serves the number of your family members plus one, but with a focus on the idea that the small plates are ( Countertop Dishwashers) do not take in cooking pots and pans, and are suitable for college students, or individuals who live alone.

As for the other liners, which are widely present in all global markets, their capacities start from 12 sets, up to 15 sets. If we say that the capacity of one of the grinders is 12 sets, then this means that it can accommodate about 120 pieces, including plates, cups and other pieces, while the 15 sets of grinders accommodate about 150 pieces, meaning that each set equals ten pieces. Small pans, which are placed on the sink counter, have a capacity of between 4 and 6 sets, meaning they serve 40 to 60 pieces.

Dimensions of a large dishwasher

Apart from small cartridges, there are two models on the market (in terms of dimensions):

The first has dimensions of 85 x 60 x 60 centimeters, which are available in different capacities from 12 to 15 sets.

The second is 45x60x85 centimeters, which can accommodate about 90 to 100 pieces, that is, from eight to ten sets, noting that this last model is limited in popularity in the market and is generally sought after by having a kitchen area problem. After determining the capacity of the dishwasher and before entering the washing programs you need, we will now introduce you to the most prominent types of dishwashers, regardless of the various brands, from American to Japanese and South Korean, passing through the European, dishwashers have specific types or models, and each of these models are available in sizes and capacities and various features, but now; we will review together the different types of dishwashers, and the general feature of each.

The difference between the portable and compact dishwashers

The main classification of dishwashers is according to the installation method, and are divided into portable dishwashers and built-in dishwashers. The differences between it can be summed up in the location of the dishwasher and the way the water is connected to it, as the separate dishwasher does not have to be near the water pipes and does not require special connections, and it is also possible to place it anywhere close to the water source. Dust covers are usually placed inside kitchen cabinets in a place pre-set for this purpose.

The compact dishwasher is suitable for large and medium families, and modern showers of this type consume less water and electricity, noting that the separate dishwasher is easy to move if you change the house, and the compact dishwasher is difficult to transport, so if you live in a rented house, it is preferable to have a separate dryer, but if you live in a house that you own, you can get a built-in dryer.

Some separate and built-in dishwashers have the control panel visible, and others have the control panel hidden inside, and most of them are available in the market in silver, stainless steel.

On the other hand, some of these gels are made of stainless steel from the inside, and others are plastic. The first is more effective in drying the dish after washing. Washing programs in separate and compact dishwashers are usually: the normal program, the smart wash program, the washing program for frying and cooking utensils, the quick rinse program, and the one hour wash program. Buy more and pay less with your Sharaf DG coupon.

Portable dishwashers

This category is large dishwashers, and inside it has two shelves for placing utensils from plates, cups and spoons, and it is possible to put them in the kitchen without being inside the kitchen cabinets, and this type of dishwashers is provided with wheels to move it, so the method of using a separate dishwasher depends on connecting it each time the water to a source and the drain outlet, after washing the dishes, they are moved and returned to the storage place that may be outside the kitchen, and often a separate dishwasher hinders your movement inside the kitchen and prevents you from working in conjunction with washing the dishes, and when buying a separate dishwasher.