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April 16, 2024 | admin

If you are looking for great online shops where you can buy different kinds of products and items and get them delivered to you as fast as possible, one of the best websites that you can check out is Amazon. Amazon is a technology and e-commerce company that primarily focuses on selling products from different brands (as well as their own brand) on a dedicated website. Because of how Amazon quickly became one of the biggest companies in the world, the executives within the business have decided to expand their business to cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and digital streaming.

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Because of the reputation and how big Amazon is, it is guaranteed that their customer service and shipping protocols are high-quality. So, most people would say that there is no other store where you can buy groceries, electronics, books, video games, and other products that is as good as Amazon.

Another great thing that Amazon has is the deals or offers where you can save more money by buying bundles or by using a specific credit card while in the KSA or UAE. If you have MasterCard, then you will be able to get those offers pretty easily. Furthermore, you can also get all Amazon Promo Codes and get special discounts for your credit card purchases. Besides offers and promos, you will also experience many benefits of using a MasterCard for purchases on the website. To learn more, here are the benefits of using MasterCard on Amazon if you are in the UAE or KSA.

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Benefits of Using MasterCard on Amazon

Using a credit card is very advantageous on Amazon and in various online stores, and most of the benefits of the MasterCard are mainly attributed to the card’s convenience. Below is the list of benefits that you can get when you use MasterCard on Amazon.

  • Get Offers and Deals – as mentioned previously, one of the biggest benefits of using MasterCard on Amazon is that you will gain access to offers and deals that will help you save more money for your purchases.
  • Build and Improve Your Credit Score – as you continue to use your MasterCard on Amazon, you will have an opportunity to better build or improve your credit score, as long as you pay on time. A credit score is the credits within your credit card that you can use to purchase items at a certain amount, and as your credit score gets bigger, you will have the chance to purchase more expensive products.
  • Earn Rewards – besides deals and offers, you also get rewards by continuously using MasterCard on Amazon. These rewards are offered by both MasterCard and Amazon, so you will get double the prizes when you make a purchase. One of the most common kinds of rewards that you can get in MasterCard is the cashback reward, which enables you to get a little bit of your money back from certain purchases online or in physical stores.
  • Grace Period – what’s neat about using a trusted credit card is that you will have a grace period to pay for the items you have purchased. If you want to buy a specific product but don’t have money on you yet to make the purchase possible, you can just use your MasterCard to accomplish the purchase. Be sure to pay before the deadline so that you will receive rewards and not get penalized.
  • No Transaction Fees – by using MasterCard, you wouldn’t have to pay for any transaction fees on Amazon, which needed to be paid if you are using other payment methods. So, without transaction fees, you are basically saving more money in addition to the discounts and deals you will be getting on your purchase.
  • Safe to Use – one of the biggest advantages of using MasterCard on Amazon is that it is very safe to use compared to other payment methods. If ever your order doesn’t arrive or is defective, you can easily get the money you paid back by contacting the customer service of both companies.
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What is Amazon?

Amazon, also known by its official business name, Inc., is a multinational technology company that was founded by Jeff Bezos under the name Cadabra, Inc., which was used by the business from 1994 to 1995.

Jeff Bezos created Cadabra, Inc. in 1994, with Seattle being his best choice of headquarters because the city was abundant with talented individuals within the tech industry. In addition, it is also in Seattle where Microsoft was founded. The company was initially incorporated in Washington State with the name “Cadabra, Inc.,” but he would later change it to “Amazon” when he heard a lawyer misheard “Cadabra” as “cadaver.” Although its main headquarters was established in Seattle, Bezos originally worked out the business plan and early operations of Amazon in his house in Bellevue, Washington.

Besides Bezos, an American novelist by the name of Mackenzie Scott is also responsible for the early success of Amazon, as she was able to manage the company well alongside Bezos. The two Amazon founders met when Bezos was the vice-president of a firm called D.E. Shaw & Co., while Scott was a research associate for the said business. According to Scott, he began working for the firm in order to pay the bills while writing her novels.

Amazon went public three years after its founding. Then, in 1998, the company started selling videos, music CDs, and books not only in the United States but also in Germany and the United Kingdom, which was made possible through the acquisition of numerous online sellers within the said countries. To expand their reach, Amazon decided to sell other products, including those categorized under consumer electronics, video games, software, and home improvement items.

The company then delved into another business venture by introducing Amazon Web Services in 2002. Amazon Web Services or AWS provides data for website owners that are focused on the site’s popularity, traffic patterns, and many other statistics that can be helpful in making the website better. In 2006, Amazon started a program called “Fulfillment by Amazon” that enabled small companies and entrepreneurs to sell their products or items on the Amazon website. Then, in 2012 Amazon purchased Kiva Systems in order to help them automate the company’s inventory management division. The next acquisition of Amazon occurred in 2017 when they purchased Whole Foods Market.

In 2021, Jeff Bezos announced that he would be stepping down as Amazon’s CEO in order to become the Executive Chair of the company’s brand. The CEO of AWS during that time, Andy Jassy, replaced Bezos as the CEO of Amazon.

What is MasterCard?

MasterCard, often called MasterCard and Mastercard Inc., is a financial services corporation that was founded in 1966 by the Interbank Card Association and is headquartered in Purchase, New York. The financial company was created as a result of a partnership between several banks, including Well Fargo, United California Bank, Bank of California, and Crocker National Bank. The founding of MasterCard was mainly influenced by the mentioned banks’ eagerness to compete with the BankAmericard (later known as Visa), a credit card created by the Bank of America.

The Interbank Card Association, which is the first name of MasterCard, subsequently changed the national brand of their card into “Master Charge: The Interbank Card” instead of simply the Interbank Card. However, the brand name would soon be changed once again in 1979 to “MasterCard” in order to simplify the brand and make it more recognizable and memorable. The Interbank Card Association would then change the business to MasterCard International, Inc.

In 2006, MasterCard International received a name change again, with the company being renamed as MasterCard Worldwide to signify the global scale and reach of the brand. In 2010, MasterCard expanded their offering in the e-commerce industry through the acquisition of DataCash, which was a UK-based payment processing provider. Next, in 2014, MasterCard acquired Pinpoint, the leading rewards program management company in Australia. It was also in 2014 when MasterCard partnered with Apple to create a mobile wallet feature that would make it easier for Apple device users to pay for products using a credit card.

In 2017, MasterCard continued their acquisition of companies by purchasing Brighterion, which is a Delaware Corporation that is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Brighterion provides MasterCard with a portfolio of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies that can help for security purposes.

In 2021, MasterCard was successful in creating a calculator that is able to gather information and measure the carbon footprints of customers, which would then be beneficial in knowing how much the customers are contributing to global warming and carbon emissions.

Those are all you need to know about MasterCard, Amazon, and the benefits of using a MasterCard credit card on the Amazon website. If you don’t have a credit card yet, it is highly recommended that you should get one if you want to purchase items and pay for them on a monthly basis with zero percent interest. However, you should only get a credit card if you have the means to pay for your purchases.