The best deals for Ultraboost Adidas shoes

March 12, 2024 | admin

There is no need to present Adidas, the brand, the company and the quality of its shoes. Adidas is one of the most recognizable brands in the footwear industry worldwide. It is also one of the oldest brands of sports shoes, having been established way back in 1936.

However it might be worth our while describing the latest Adidas craze: the Adidas ultra boost, the innovation behind that running shoe, the uniqueness of its sole and the features that make Adidas aficionados purchase only these shoes.

What is the Adidas Ultraboost?

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The revolutionary Ultraboost running shoes is packed with features that help runners be their best. Explore the range of running shoes to find out more about Adidas innovations that make the Ultraboost THE shoe to purchase.

Adidas magic ingredient

Boost foam is the magic material in all Adidas running shoes. You can find the comfortable midsole in all their most popular shoes, from the speedy Adizero Adios to the stylish new UltraBoost.

The best deals for Ultra boost Adidas shoes

Ultraboost innovations

Ultraboost 2019 was the first 3D-knitted running shoe. It was designed to flow with the natural running motion and to leverage technology for maximum comfort and more energy return. Adidas improved its running shoes through a motion weave construction located at the midfoot. This innovation makes the shoe feel like a second skin, made of fused yarn that offers the perfect balance of support and flexibility. (the wearer avoids friction and the injuries like blisters that go with it).

The Adidas motion engineers eliminated layers of adhesive, allowing direct connection to the Primeknit upper (the flexible Primeknit upper flexes with the foot while also offering support) and Boost midsole. The 3D heel frame is extremely clever and allows heel expansion and pressure distribution with each step (it offers a natural feeling while also cradling the foot).

The Ultra boost sole

The Ultra Boost uses a special thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) to create the individual pods (like “energy capsules”) that make up the sole. This special material not only offers better energy return but also stays in the same state despite temperature changes. The lightweight outsole provides grip for all kinds of weather and surfaces, and enough flexibility to move in harmony with the midsole for a smooth, secure stride.

The Adidas Ultraboost sole harvests impact energy and bounces the runner back up.

All of this makes the shoe extremely comfortable.

Adidas in the KSA

Adidas Group remained the largest player in sportswear in Saudi Arabia in 2021.

As usual the innovative sportswear giant was creative enough to leverage a Saudi designer -Arwa Al-Benawi -to redesign the brand’s classic sneakers. She designed shoes mirroring her Gulf roots. The sneakers have the colors of the desert and feature the traditional checkered pattern of Arabian fabrics on the red and white heel cap.

Where can I buy Adidas Ultraboost running shoes in the KSA?

You can shop them through the local Adidas website. (available in English and in Arabic)
Prices range from SAR 509 to SAR 809 (for a pair of running shoes customized by Stella McCartney).

If you sign up for the newsletter, you automatically receive 15% off your first order. You can navigate through the website and reach the sale pages. There you will see several pair of Ultraboost and Ultraboost 22 shoes on sale. Viewing product detail pages is possible and will give you a good sense of the shoes details and if it is the right choice for your or not.

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Adidas KSA offers

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The marketing strategy behind the success of Adidas ultra boost

The strategy focused on the 4Ps that were implemented and delivered perfectly.

Product Strategy

Although Adidas designs and produces a wide range of sportswear and equipment, it’s best known for its athletic footwear and it excels in this category.

Price Strategy of Adidas

Adidas always focused on two pricing strategies – the competitive pricing strategy and the skimming pricing strategy.

Place Strategy of Adidas

The place strategy is a crucial aspect of their marketing mix. Adidas leverages both online platforms and offline stores to market and sell its merchandise.

Promotion Strategy of Adidas

The brand is hugely popular today today and very recognizable because it always invested heavily in advertising, promotion and marketing strategies.

Adidas recognizes the importance of women in women in sport

Products focusing on women’s bodies

In June 2021, Adidas launched Stay in Play, a line of period-proof clothing, to help prevent women dropping off from sport.

The Adidas Ultra Boost shoe, designed with women’s feet in mind, launched in 2021.The latest edition called UltraBoost 22 made changes to the latest version to better suit women’s feet.

Following a research that shows 90 per cent of women have irrelevant sports bra, Adidas tackled the issue by launching a full range of sports bras in 72 sizes, designed with 43 models.

Remember Adidas Promotion Strategy? Well since Soccer is a high-growth sport for women’s participation. Adidas decided to sponsor the Fifa Women’s World Cup 2023 and other major soccer events such as the Uefa Women’s Champions League and Women’s Euro 2022.