Why You Should Use Neo Hair Lotion

October 30, 2023 | admin

The hair is considered by a lot of people to be one of the most important parts of their body, as the hair is also one of the few body parts that allow anyone to express him or herself through various hairstyles and hair colors. So, it is no surprise that many people would often do their best to take care of their hair and keep it clean, shiny, and healthy.

There are many different types and brands of products that people use for hair care, and one of the best that a lot of them consider is the Neo Hair Lotion. The Neo Hair Lotion is an all-natural product made by Neohair International and is sold in online stores like Amazon, where you can use an Amazon promo code KSA to get discounts. The said product primarily stimulates hair growth, although there are also other benefits to discover when using it. To know more, here are some details about the Neo Hair Lotion and why you should use it.

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Benefits of Using Neo Hair Lotion

As mentioned in the introduction, the Neo Hair Lotion has plenty of benefits for your hair, and these benefits are usually long-lasting depending on how many times you have used the product over the weeks, months, or years. Here is a list of benefits for the Neo Hair Lotion.

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  • Stimulates hair growth, especially for people that are experiencing receding hairline.
  • Improves blood circulation in the scalp, which would help in transporting nutrients faster for your hair.
  • The product has anti-inflammatory properties to prevent redness and itchiness on the scalp.
  • Rich in vitamins that can further provide nourishment for your hair.
  • Reduces the side effects of DHT, a male sex hormone that often causes hair loss and baldness.
  • It doesn’t contain any chemicals, which means it has no side effects.
  • It can be used not only for hair on your scalp but also on your eyebrows, mustache, and beard.

Ingredients Used on the Neo Hair Lotion

In order for the Neo Hair Lotion to have plenty of benefits, it would need to have natural ingredients that are packed with nutrients. Here are the ingredients found in the Neo Hair Lotion and their benefits.

  • Cantaloupe – helps in reducing hair loss and speeding up hair growth. This ingredient is also beneficial in strengthening and softening the hair, as well as making it look shinier.
  • Coconut – has Vitamin E that keeps your scalp healthy while also providing moisture to prevent dry hair and repair damaged hair. Much like the cantaloupe, coconut is also advantageous for stimulating hair growth.
  • Field Horsetail – has anti-inflammatory skin to reduce itchiness and redness. This ingredient is also commonly used for treating wounds on the skin.
  • False Daisy – provides moisture for the scalp and prevents dandruff and dry skin. It also strengthens the follicle beds, which would then be beneficial in preventing hair loss and male pattern baldness.
  • Honey – helps in sealing moisture in the hair and is also beneficial in reducing hair breakage due to weak hair strands. Honey strengthens the hair follicles as well, which will then decrease hair fall.
  • Saw Palmetto – reduces the side effects caused by DHT and can help in transporting more nutrients to the hair.
  • White Ginseng – activates hair roots to quicken hair growth and reduce hair loss caused by weak and malnourished hair strands. The ingredient also stimulates blood circulation on the scalp.

When these ingredients are combined, they offer the ultimate nourishment for your hair so that it is stronger, more moisturized, shinier, and healthier. You can use the Neo Hair Lotion at least twice a day so that the benefits of its ingredients would have better effects on your hair. If you want to buy this product now, be sure to use an Amazon promo code so that you can reduce the price of the product before purchasing it.

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How to Use Neo Hair Lotion

The Neo Hair Lotion is relatively easy to use, like most of the hair products available on the market. However, for those who don’t know, here is a step-by-step guide on how to use Neo Hair Lotion.

  • Before opening a bottle of Neo Hair Lotion, make sure that you comb your hair gently a few times, which would then stimulate blood circulation on your scalp and activate the hair roots found there.
  • Spray the Neo Hair Lotion to different areas on your hair, particularly the thin areas where hair loss is evident. Gently massage the lotion on your hair so that it will be absorbed better by the strands and your scalp.
  • After applying the lotion, don’t rinse your hair since it will just wash away the lotion and its many benefits. Leave the lotion on your hair for many hours so that its nutrients will be fully absorbed.
  • You can apply the Neo Hair Lotion again on the same day, preferably in the evening before going to bed. Because you will need to leave the lotion on your hair for hours, we recommend that you apply it after taking a shower or a bath.

According to Neohair International, one bottle of the Neo Hair Lotion can last for about a month. However, the company also stated that it would require at least two to three months of constant use in order for you to see the results. So, you may need to buy two to three bottles of the Neo Hair Lotion for it to be effective.

As we have said before, the Neo Hair Lotion can be applied to beards, mustaches, and eyebrows too. So, the step-by-step guide written above can also be followed if you want to use the lotion on other parts of your face.

So, those are the pieces of information that you should know about the Neo Hair Lotion before buying it. Through this simple article, we hope that you now have a much easier time deciding whether the product is perfect for your needs. If you want better results for the product, you should buy a bundle that includes more than one bottle of Neo Hair Lotion. Use it regularly so that you can provide nourishment for your hair and make it shinier and stronger.