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Almowafir Has Johrh Coupon Codes & Johrh Promo Code is an amazing Saudi online store selling modest women’s fashion and Islamic clothes, and one of the best, most exciting and diverse online destinations for shopping the most beautiful women’s abayas in various designs and fashions for all purposes, suiting all colors. Johrh Abaya offers customers in Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman luxurious Abayas, from the finest types of fabrics in addition to designs for all occasions and purposes to shop at competitive prices using your Johrh coupon codes, Johrh discount & Johrh promo code. Johrh store provides shipping and delivery service to all parts of the GCC. In addition to many safe and reliable payment options, including Cash-on-Delivery. Furthermore Johrh has a flexible and comfortable return policy and many more high-end services. 

How to use my  Johrh coupon codes & Johrh promo code  to shop at, Johrh Abaya & Johrh store and more.
Johrh Coupon Codes & Johrh Promo Code to Shop, Johrh Abaya & Johrh Store Are Here

How to use my Johrh coupon codes & Johrh promo codes?

  1. Find the page on Almowafir
  2. Choose from the coupons & deals displayed
  3. Select your coupon, then click over to the Johrh Abaya site
  4. Once you’ve added products to your ?Shopping Cart, check the deal before you pay!

Why shop at

  • Saving money – Almowafir provides you with the best Johrh coupon codes and the latest Johrh promo codes on all abayas and guilds of various designs, fashions and models to save more.
  • Luxurious Johrh Abayas – Johrh store offers various collections of luxurious abayas from the finest types of fabrics at very competitive prices.
  • designs and models for every culture – Do not miss the coupons and offers on all abayas in various models that are suitable for every cultural heritage in every GCC.
  • A unique platform for shopping modest Islamic clothing – Johrh is a unique store to only shop luxurious Abayas, with embroidery cultures and different types of fabrics at the best prices.
  • Shipping and delivery service to the GCC – Johrh store provides shipping and delivery service to all countries in the GCC, either for flat fees or imputed fees.
  • Modern, advanced and secure payment options – Johrh has many payment methods such as Cash-on-Delivery and credit cards.
  • Satisfied return policy – Return the defective products that you didn’t like, or you changed your mind about it within a clear and easy return policy and procedures with a money-back guarantee.

What are the best categories to shop using my Johrh coupon codes & Johrh coupons?

Johrh is a unique platform for shopping Abayas with various designs, models, trends and cuts, that suit every culture in the Gulf country, with custom embroideries and sleeves, and using the finest types of fabrics. You will also find the most beautiful silk veils and distinctive unions to complement your luxurious, elegant and heritage looks. You find luxury Abayas from different heritage and civilizations, including: Saudi abayas, Emirati abayas, Kuwaiti abayas and many more including:

  • Classic Abayas
  • Al-Sadu Abayas
  • Jawharat Al-Qatt Al Asiri Abayas
  • Abayas thamudic inscriptions

In addition, you can sort Johrh abayas according to the type of used fabric you can shop it at lower prices using your Johrh promo code:

  1. Crepe abayas
  2. Taffeta abayas
  3. Silk Abayas
  4. Linen Abayas
  5. Blackberry Abayas
  6. Stretch abayas
  7. Shakira abayas
  8. Shantung Abayas
  9. Royal Abayas, Johrh Abaya & Johrh store shipping and delivery

Johrh store provides shipping and delivery service for all orders to all parts of the Gulf countries: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, in addition to Egypt and Jordan.

Johrh KSA
Johara store provides shipping and delivery service for all orders all over Saudi Arabia, within 2-5 working days inside Riyadh, and within 5-10 working days outside Riyadh. You will find the shipping and delivery cost in the order summary, and it is usually a flat $35.

Johrh GCC, Egypt and Jordan provides shipping and delivery service on all orders to the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman, as well as Egypt and Jordan within 5-15 working days. You will find the shipping and delivery cost in the order summary, and it is calculated according to your destination.

Johrh payment methods

  • Credit Cards – Visa, MasterCard.
  • Cash-on-Delivery – An additional $ 15 service fee of the shipping company will be charged.
  • MADA – The service is available in Saudi Arabia.
  • Payment service from Saudi Telecom Company STC Pay.
  • Apple Pay.

What is the return policy on Johrh store? allows you to return the product for free and refund its price within 7 days from the delivery date, provided that it is not a non-returnable product, with it intact, unused, in its original packaging, with all its accessories and cards. You have to submit a return request by clicking on the “Order Management” page, so that within 48 hours you will receive an Email with return policy valid for 7 working days to return your products.

How to contact Johrh?

WhatsApp: +966544555333
Email: [email protected] 

Stores like Johrh on Almowafir:

Tips from Almowafir to shop at Johrh

Use the Johrh promo codes & Johrh discount to save money

Do not forget to use your Johrh coupon codes and Johrh discount when you shop your favorite Johrh abayas, guilds, veils and accessories.

Check your Email after placing your order

Johrh store sends you an order confirmation Email after placing the order, and you will receive another Email informing you that the order is ready and shipped to you. Use your Johrh coupons to save your bucks.

Cancel or modify your order as soon as possible

You must contact the customer service then Johrh will try to accommodate your request if that is possible. If you are not able to cancel your order, you can return it for exchange or a refund within 7 working days from the delivery date.

Be sure to check that the abaya has a Johrh logo, and includes a veil.

Johrh abayas are usually sold in stores with a scarf, which of course has the Johrh logo. If you received an abaya without a scarf or without the Johrh logo, contact the customer service immediately.

Distinguish between shipping charges and Cash-on-Delivery charges.

When you choose “Cash on Delivery” as a payment option, you will be charged an additional fee of $ 15 for the shipping company. If you want to save that money, you can choose another payment option such as credit cards or instant online payment.

You can buy products at the Johrh store, have them wrapped and sent as a gift

You can get gift wrapping service, along with a gift card, and send it to any address in Saudi Arabia for an additional fee of SAR 14.

Make sure to use the size chart to choose the perfect Johrh Abaya

Make sure to buy Abayas of the perfect size for you. Use the size chart to estimate the most suitable size for you. If you bought an abaya and it is not suitable for you, you can return it for free within 7 days from the delivery date.

FAQs – Tips to shop with your Johrh coupon codes & Johrh promo codes 

Q: How do I get the best Johara coupon code to save money?

A: Visit Almowafir to see the latest Johrh discount and on the most beautiful Johrh Abayas, veils, unions, veiled and veiled accessories, to ensure you save money when shopping online from Johrh store.

Q: My Johrh coupon does not work. What should I do?

A: Check the terms and conditions of Johrh coupon and offers and their validity period in their cards at Almowafir. If you are still having trouble using the Johrh coupon, contact Johrh customer service.

Q: Does Johrh store provide Cash-on-Delivery?

A: Yes, allows you to pay cash on delivery for all orders across Saudi Arabia. Extra fees will be applied to the shipping company. Get your Johrh coupon codes & Johrh promo codes  to save money on every purchase. If you are not sure about the fees contact Johrh customer service.

Q: Does a Johara store ship and deliver outside Saudi Arabia?

A: Yes, Johrh provides shipping and delivery to the Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt and Jordan and more.