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Save with Almowafir using KUL discount, KUL promo code & KUL coupon when you shop from the Kul online store! Kul.com UAE is an online shopping store serving GCC/MENA, established by the famous Noon site, the leading site in the world of online retailing. At… Read more about KUL coupons

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Use KUL Promo Code & Deals today to get the best discounts

Save with Almowafir using KUL discount, KUL promo code & KUL coupon when you shop from the Kul online store! Kul.com UAE is an online shopping store serving GCC/MENA, established by the famous Noon site, the leading site in the world of online retailing. At Kul.com KSA and UAE you will find a wide range of original and cheap refurbished products, with a guarantee of their quality, from all categories and at the lowest prices, including: electronics, health and beauty care products, kitchen, men’s and women’s fashion and more.

The Kul.com site is distinguished by its low prices and its special offers on all products of different brands. You can save money on all your purchases from the Kul.com store using the KUL discount as part of the Kul.com offers on all products exclusively on Almowafir.

Kul.com provides high-quality shopping services to its customers. Services that include high-quality products at low prices, refurbished products at reduced prices, free shipping and delivery, flexible and easy return policy, multiple payment options and, most importantly, payment on receipt, a customer service center, etc.

 How to use my KUL promo code
How to use my KUL promo code

Why shop using my KUL coupon code UAE & KUL coupon?

Use the Kul.com promo code to save money when you shop for the best products on the Kul site to save money!
Kul.com is the perfect shopping destination to save money online and have a great shopping experience, for several reasons:

  • Save money with your KUL coupons. The Kul.com UAE & KSA sites have very low prices, and you can get many offers from Kul.com using Kul.com promo codes and coupons for all products through Almowafir to save money.
  • Low prices. Offers on original and refurbished products from international brands you can get it at competitive prices.
  • 12-month product warranty. All original and refurbished products on Kul.com are sold with a guarantee of quality.
  • Fast free shipping and delivery. To all regions in the Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
  • Convenient return policy. The Kul.com store provides its customers with a free return service with a refund, whether original or refurbished.
  • Convenient and modern payment options. The Kul.com store accepts payment upon receipt.

Which are the best categories to shop with your KUL coupon codes?

Save money using Kul.com discount codes on many consumer products from different categories in the Kul.com store, the most important of which are:

  1. Mobiles and Electronics – The Kul.com KSA & UAE stores offer a comprehensive display of the best electronics, from most famous international brands, at competitive prices, for example, the latest mobile phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, and video game consoles from the most prominent electronics companies in the world. Use the Kul.com promo code to buy your favorite brand mobile and save money.
  2. Fashion and Accessories – The Kul.com UAE & KSA sites offer a variety of men’s and women’s fashion, in addition to some children’s fashion for various occasions and the most famous international brands. You can also find many accessories like sunglasses, watches, jewelry, and bags for men and women.
  3. Perfumes and Beauty – a distinctive category on the Kul.com KSA & UAE sites where beauty, body, skin and hair care, men’s colognes and women’s perfumes are offered from the most famous and popular international brands, in addition to the best makeup products and accessories for women. The Kul.com coupons are your guarantee to pay less!
  4. Home and Kitchen. This category, specifically for your home, on the Kul.com UAE & KSA sites are where you will find all the necessities of the home, kitchen, and various rooms, from electrical appliances, supplies, equipment, home decor products, etc.

What are the best-known brands with original products on Kul.com?

Use the KUL coupon codes from Almowafir to save money when you buy the best original products from various categories. The most famous and important brands found in the Kul.com KSA & UAE store include:

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Reebok
  • Huawei
  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Xiaomi
  • Maybelline New York
  • Loreal Paris
  • Rimmel London
  • The Balm
  • Max Factor
  • Bourjois
  • Versace
  • Quwa
  • Ray-Ban
  • FujiFilm

Does Kul.com KSA ship and deliver to my country?

The Kul.com store provides free delivery service on all orders, to all regions of the UAE and Saudi Arabia:

Kul.com UAE (United Arab Emirates): The Kul.com UAE website provides free shipping and delivery to all areas in the Emirates, provided that the total value of the order is not less than 75 AED. In the event the total amount is less than the minimum, a delivery fee will be charged that you can check when completing the payment.

Kul.com KSA (Saudi Arabia): The Kul.com Saudi Arabia website, provides free shipping and delivery to all regions in Saudi Arabia, provided that the total value of the order is not less than 75 SAR. If the total amount is less than the minimum, a delivery fee will be charged that you can check when completing the payment. Get your KUL discount, KUL coupon code UAE & KUL coupon to save money on every purchase.

Which payment methods can I use my KUL promo codes?

  1. Credit Cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express. In addition to credit and debit cards issued in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.
  2. Cash on Delivery. This option is available on orders with a total value not exceeding 5000 SAR/AED. When using the payment on delivery option, the shipping company will add a service charge. Save your money with your KUL coupon codes.
  3. Apple Pay App.
  4. Your Kul.com Account/Digital Wallet.

What is the Return Policy at Kul KSA?

The Kul.com KSA & UAE online stores allow their customers to return the product and receive a refund within 15 days of receipt or invoice date, provided that it is not a non-returnable product, and in the following cases:

  • Incorrect product/dislike – the product is not what you purchased, or you have changed your mind about getting it, and have not used it. It has to be intact, in its original wrapping, its box closed with all cards and accessories.
  • Defective, incorrect, or damaged product.
  • Refurbished Product – If the product is refurbished (tagged “refurbished”), you must return it within 7 days of receipt. 

After checking the product, its price will be refunded to your account/wallet balance on the Kul.com store or your credit card.

How can I contact KUL KSA & KUL UAE?

To contact Kul.com KSA store (includes phone support):

  • Business hours: Sunday – Thursday 09:00 – 21:00 | Friday 14:00 – 21:00
  • Phone number: 800 116 0123
  • Email: care@kul.com

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FAQ – KUL promo codes & KUL coupon on Almowafir

Q: How do I get the best Kul.com discount code & KUL coupon codes?

A: To get the best Kul.com discount codes, visit Almowafir’s website and choose the best Kul.com coupon codes and the latest offers on the different products and categories. Go to the Kul.com KSA to buy what you need, then apply the discount and save money!

Q: The Kul.com discount code is not working. What should I do?

A:  Make sure to check the terms and conditions of each Kul.com coupon code and its validity period.
Almowafir website informs you about all the terms and conditions of each coupon it provides, and you can easily view the validity of the coupon on the coupon itself. If you are still having trouble using the Kul.com discount code, you should contact the Kul Customer Service Center / Support Center.

Q: What does the “refurbished” tag mean for some products in the Kul.com store?

A: A product tagged as “refurbished” is a Kul.com KSA & product that professional technicians from the popular Noon site have renovated to its original condition and made 100% usable. These products are sold at discounted prices with quality assurance from the brand or the seller. The product can be returned with a special return policy within 7 days of receipt.

Q: Can the Kul.com coupon code be used more than once on Kul.com UAE & KSA?

A: No, each KUL coupons is valid for one-time use only, and not more than one discount code can be used in the same order from the Kul.com KSA & UAE stores.

Q:  Does Kul.com KSA support payment on delivery?

A: Yes, you can choose the option to pay on delivery when you complete your order on the Kul.com KSA store website. You pay for your order when it is received in any region in the UAE or KSA.

Tips from Almowafir for Shopping with your KUL promo codes

1. Use KUL coupons to save money Visit the Almowafir site before you shop online from the Kul.com KSA store, to get the best offers and the latest promo codes on various products from all categories and your favorite brands, and you save a lot of money.

2. Distinguish between new and refurbished products on the Kul.com store! Refurbished products are marked with “Refurbished” next to the title of the product, or on the product illustration in the Kul.com website. The Refurbished product is a product that has been renovated by technical experts from the Noon site to be used again as if you had recently purchased it.

3. You can cancel your order on the Kul.com website, provided it is done as soon as possible after completing the order. You must contact the customer service center during business hours to cancel the order, provided it has not been shipped. If you were not able to cancel your order before its shipment, you can return the product according to the Kul return policy.

4. You can return the products on the Kul.com website through your account on the site! Log in to your account on the site, click on “Return,” click Create Return Request, choose the product you want to return, and the reason for the return, then submit the request. Of course, you can return the products within 15 days, according to the Kul.com website return policy.

Save money with the Almowafir shopping guide and Kul discount codes

At Kul, online shopping is made the absolute easiest! Kul offers a very wide range of products for you and your family. Use Kul coupon codes to receive amazing savings on all of your purchases. The product range covers fashions, beauty accessories and home products!

Save on electronics with your Kul promo codes

Today’s modern world has high demands for communication and information sharing! Kul offers a wide range of electronic items to help you keep up with these demands. The Kul online store makes finding these products easy and Almowafir coupons will assure you massive savings on your purchase!

Save on smartphones with your Kul coupon code

Kul carries among the most popular brand names of smartphones. Apple, Google and Huawei are among the list. These phones come with warranty coverage so that you need not worry about replacing damage that occurs.  Use Kul coupon codes to achieve great savings on these devices! Many purchases can come with a free delivery offer.

Save on tablets with your Kul coupon code

Kul offers great deals on Apple and Lenosed brand tablets! Whether for business or home use, for parents or children, Kul has a product for you! A wide range of product details are offered and easy to choose from, with Kul’s online menu system. Use your KUL discount codes to save money. Choose RAM, battery size, camera power and other features.Many purchases come with express delivery offers! 

Save on watches with your Kul coupon code

A wide range of brand name watches at affordable prices are to be found in the Kul online store. Casio, Seiko and G-Shock are among the many companies represented. Whether you are looking for an extreme sport watch, or a birthday gift for one of the children, there are watches that you can use discount codes on, for big savings! 

Save on fashion and accessories with your KUL voucher codes

The Kul online store offers you a wide range of fashion brands to purchase at affordable prices! Men’s, women’s and kids’ clothing and accessories, all at big savings with the KUL voucher codes! Each page has a handy guide to help you find your item. Choose brand, material, size, color and even price range!

Save on fashions and accessories with your Kul discount code

For the man in your family, Kul has all the top brands of clothing and accessories, for you to choose from. Noon East, ABOF, Quwa and Athletiq, to name a few. Save on dress shirts or tees, sneakers and stylish dress shoes, as well as flip flops. 

Save on all your jewelry  and accessories purchases with a discount from Kul

You can also find wallets, rings and other types of accessories to top off any outfit. Almowafir offers you many codes for any jewelry or wallet purchase! 

Save on women’s fashions and accessories with your Kul discount code

All women want beautiful clothing at affordable prices! Kul has all the top brand’s, Noon East, Aila, Ardene and YUEJIN to name a few. Save on  formal wear, modest clothing, casual and beach wear! Find sneakers, open toed sandals or high heels!. 

Get a KUL discount code to shop women's fashion
Use your KUL promo code to save money
Save on all your dress purchases with a discount from Kul

You can also find rings, necklaces and bracelets and purses to accentuate any outfit! Apply a Kul code to bring down the cost of these beautiful items!

Save on kids’ fashions and accessories with your Kul discount code

Kul offers clothing for your children, from baby to young adult! Two piece outfits for the little ones, cute and easy to match up. For boys you will find printed tees, button down shirts, and all types of shorts and long pants.For the girls there are dresses, both daily wear and more formal. There are tights, tees, shorts and slacks. 

Save on all your kids’ clothing with a discount from Kul

Of course there is a wide range of shoes to go with the clothing. Also choose from kids jewelry and other accessories! The Kul discount code will help you save big on any purchase!

Save on fragrance and personal care products with your Kul promo codes

Kul offers both women and men a full range of beauty and personal care products. You can find makeup, hair sprays, perfumes and colognes , soaps and body mists, to name just a few. All of the major brands are represented as well. Great savings can be had with the Kul discount code!

Save on women’s perfumes and beauty products with your Kul discount code

Kul offers discount prices on all brands of perfumes. Guess, GIVENCHY,Roberto Cavalli,Yeves Saint Laurent to name a few! There are also a wide range of makeup, mascara, lipstick, and fingernail polish for you to choose from, with the easy to use, sidebar menu. Use your KUL discount codes to save money. Soaps and hair care products are also offered. Of course, you can then save money on all of your needs with a KUL voucher code applied to your purchase!

Save on cologne and grooming products with your Kul coupon code

Men, as well as women, have a need for personal care products. Whether a beard balm or cologne, soap or skin care. Kul carries many brands of men’s care products as well! Hair color for men, and bead oil, at affordable prices. 

Save on all your men’s personal care products, with a discount from Kul

Kul has many of the top brands of colognes, Ferrari, Aramis, Abercrombr and Fitch, to name a few! Save as well, when you use a Kul discount code with your purchase!

Save on home and kitchen with your Kul promo codes

Besides your personal grooming, nothing tells more about you than the appearance of your house! You will feel confident and proud while entertaining guests with the affordable prices, and wide range of offerings that Kul discount codes provides for you in the area of home and kitchen! Top brand appliances and cooking utensils with great savings in the Kul online store. Use a discount code on your next purchase!

Save on home appliances with your Kul coupon code

Kul wants you to live in comfort, and offers a wide range of home appliances. With brand names like Noon East, BLACK + DECKER and Panasonic, you have the highest quality products to choose from! Whether it is an automatic coffee maker you are looking for, or a ceiling fan, Kul has them at affordable prices using a Kul discount code. 

Save on cookware and service sets with your Kul coupon code

The kitchen is the heart of any home! Your meal preparation is important to you, and serve them to your family and guests with pride in a job well done! The Kul online store has the products you need to carry this off in style and with comfort. Brands like Noon East, CYTHERIA and Amal have the tools you need.  Cookware, bakeware and service cutlery are all found on the Kul website. A KUL voucher code offers you the savings you want when you purchase!