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Mahzooz Promo Codes & Deals

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Mahzooz Coupon Code For Instant Participation In The Next Lottery

Use a Mahzooz coupon code 2022 to receive a discount when purchasing water bottles on the Mahzooz website or mobile app, and you will be entered into a weekly lucky draw for a chance to win one of many enormous prizes that are only available while using Mahzooz discount coupons!

Be sure to purchase water bottles today with a special Mahzooz discount code through Almowafir and receive a subscription line for each bottle to participate in a weekly draw for fantastic prizes worth up to ten million AED – be sure to use a Mahzooz code or coupon during the purchase process!

You may save money by using the Mahzooz coupon code to buy water bottles at the lowest possible price and get subscription lines in which you can pick 5 numbers to join the draw with more than one ticket to win the grand prize!

When it comes to charitable and non-profit projects, the Mahzooz lottery contributes to part of its social responsibility to help bring about positive changes at the local level. You may win tens of millions of dirhams every week just by buying water bottles and also donating your money to charity.

What is Mahzooz Lottery?

The Mahzooz Lottery, formerly known as the Emirates Lottery, was officially established on November 28, 2020, and a fun fact about the name Mahzooz is that it translates to “lucky” in Arabic.

When faced with a beginning jackpot of AED 10,000,000 and three guaranteed raffle winners each receiving AED 100,000, participants will undoubtedly hope that good luck will rub off on them.

Emirates Loto was the first lottery in the United Arab Emirates, and it began operations in April 2020 with a reward worth AED 35,000,000. This jackpot amount was later raised to AED 50,000,000, before being reduced to the current level of AED 10,000,000 when the raffle draw was added, which awards AED 100,000 to three players every week.

The cost to play the Mahzooz lottery remains the same – AED 35 per line or entry, and participants may buy as many as they like.

Mahzooz lucky draw is available to everyone over the age of 18 from anywhere in the world. Players can take part in the Mahzooz lottery by purchasing credits (formerly known as collectibles) on the new enhanced, secure Mahzoozonline platform.

Every Saturday at 9:00 p.m. UAE Standard Time, the Mahzooz draw takes place. Each night’s draw requires players to finish their purchases by 20:30 to be eligible to play. There is a mechanical mechanism that selects the winning numbers by mixing up the ball sets randomly. Drawings are streamed live on the Mahzooz website.

How To Claim Mahzooz Jackpot?

The time for withdrawing your earnings from your online account is 365 days. Withdrawals of less than AED 300 are subject to a fee of AED 10 if they are made from a UAE account and AED 20, if not. Withdrawals above AED 300 are not subjected to any fees.

To comply with UAE anti-money laundering requirements, jackpot winners (Match Five) must go to the country to claim their reward. The player will be contacted by the Winner Services Manager to go over the claim procedure.

The Winner Services Manager will also contact the Match Four prize winners. Prize money must be deposited in a bank account.

As soon as their online account has been credited, the third-place winners (Match Three) will have access to their reward money. Winners have the option of withdrawing their rewards or keeping the money in their account to play with again in the future.

AED is the currency used to pay prizes and handle withdrawals, and winners may be charged costs for currency conversion.

Mahzooz Coupon Code 2022 For Entering the Next Lucky Draw

Get an additional discount on any water bottles purchased through the website or app with the Mahzooz coupon code. The Mahzooz code is valid for any purchase, and there is no minimum spend requirement. Use the Mahzooz coupon to save money on water bottles, and you’ll be entered to win incredible prizes in the next draw! 

Exclusive Mahzooz code 2022 is available to all users of a Mahzooz website or app in the United Arab Emirates within Mahzooz exclusive offers on Almowafir, and it applies to all water bottles on the platform.

Don’t miss your chance to get the best 100% effective Mahzooz discount code via Almowafir and get a chance to win 10,000,000 AED in the next draw!

You may buy and donate at the same time with a Mahzooz coupon code, and you can even obtain a subscription line for every package that automatically enters you into a random weekly lucky draw for enormous rewards. Get your Mahzooz lucky discount code now through Almowafir!

Mahzooz Discount Code: 100% Valid For All Purchases

A Mahzooz coupon offers you an additional discount on all water bottles purchased on the Mahzooz website or lucky app. The Mahzooz code is valid for all purchases and it doesn’t require a minimum spend. 

Activate a Mahzooz coupon code and then go out and buy bottles at the lowest possible price to be included in the next drawing for incredible rewards!

Yes, the Mahzooz code allows you to buy water bottles at the lowest possible rates that give you subscription lines in which you choose 5 numbers to enter the draw with more than one ticket to snatch the grand prize.

How Do I Use Mahzooz Discount Code 2022?

Use this Mahzooz discount code or coupon code to receive an additional discount on package orders and participate in the next weekly lucky draw to win fantastic prizes worth up to 10,000,000 AED!

  1. Visit the Almowafir website – or app – then go to the Mahzooz store page.
  2. Choose the Mahzooz discount code or coupon you want within the offers and discounts available to you.
  3. Click on the Mahzooz code you want, and it’ll be copied automatically.
  4. Within three seconds you’ll be referred to the Mahzooz website.
  5. Add water bottles to your cart, then proceed to finish your purchase and checkout.
  6. Make sure to fill out the subscription lines you received in accordance with the number of packs you ordered – select 5 numbers from each subscription form – and then go to checkout.
  7. Paste the previously copied Mahzooz discount code after creating a new account on the Mahzooz website in the field provided for it.
  8. Click “Apply” to activate the Mahzooz coupon code.

Congratulations! You’ve just saved money with the help of Almowafir!

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Mahzooz Discount Code 2022: FAQ

Question 1: What is the best Mahzooz discount code?

Answer: Get the best Mahzooz coupon code available right now, which is valid on all purchases of any value on Mahzooz and entitles you to participate in the weekly lucky draw for a chance to win enormous rewards – apply the Mahzooz code right away!

Question 2: How can I enter the lucky draw on the Mahzooz website or mobile application?

Answer: To participate in the Mahzooz application or website’s lottery, you must purchase water bottles to receive subscription lines based on the number of bottles you purchase, and then select five numbers in each form to enter the next lucky draw – be sure to use a Mahzooz discount code when paying to enter the draw at the lowest possible cost!

Question 3: I’ve bought Mahzooz water bottles but I have not received them. How’s that possible?

Answer: If you want to get subscription lines, you must buy water bottles. The water bottles you buy are provided to those in need, and the money you donate goes to charity causes.

Question 4: What are the Mahzooz lottery’s big jackpots?

Answer: By participating in the Mahzooz lottery, you can win up to AED 10 million every week, as well as 4 cash reward tiers for matching between 3 and 6 of the winning numbers.

The first reward is worth 10,000,000 AED and will be divided by everyone who gets 5 numbers correct out of 5. The second reward is worth 1,000,000 AED and is divided by everyone who gets four numbers out of five correct. The final reward, worth 350 dirhams, is awarded to each person who correctly picks three numbers out of five.