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Join Flash Win from Almowafir.

Flash Win, the official website for the Flash Win Net game, is organized by the well-known MBC Group Company, and available to all in some Arab countries: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain. Flash to Win from Almowafir when you sign up with FlashWin .net.

Flash Win is an easy and ideal game to earn money and win sweepstakes and jackpots, available in Arabic and English. Flash Win Net offers competitions consisting of 10 consecutive multiple-choice questions. You have to answer all questions in the challenge, and for every question you have just 10 seconds to answer. If you can correctly answer the 10 consecutive questions in the allotted time, you win $1000 cash, instantly! But be careful – you only get three tries per day!

Flashwin .net also includes weekly and monthly raffle drawings for many prizes, weighted according to the number of points the subscriber collected on each correct answer. Among the prizes – $1,000 in cash, $2000 in cash, (twice the immediate prize in the competition,) latest mobile phones, smartphones, and others.

To participate in a competition, you must send the word “flash” to the number corresponding to your country and your telephone service operator, which you find on the MBC group’s channels, or when you see the terms and conditions of the game found on the main page of the game site. You can also subscribe to the game via the game site by clicking “Subscribe Now” after entering your mobile number.

Sign up for Flash Win TODAY - exclusively from Almowafir
Join Flash Win from Almowafir.

What Can You Win?

Flash Win is a game to win money and valuable prizes. Participation in the game is subject to a cost determined according to the country. Here are the most important reasons you should join Flash Win Net:

  1. Get great chances to win $1000 and more – depending on your skill and knowledge.
    Answer 10 consecutive questions in time and win $1000. You can win the competition many times, depending on your skill, knowledge and speed.
  2. Enter the weekly and monthly raffle drawing for valuable prizes – depending on the points you’ve collected in the competition.
    You will be entered into the weekly and monthly raffles for valuable cash and prizes automatically when you register on FlashWin .net and correctly answer at least one question (thus collecting points).
  1. Flash Win Cash Sweepstakes.
    Apart from the $1000 first prize that you win when you succeed in the competition, there are jackpot drawings for cash prizes: $1,000 cash, $2000 cash, latest smartphones, mobile phones, and more.

What Should You Know Before Signing Up with Flash Win?

  1. Subscription takes place by sending the word “Flash” to the number corresponding to your country and your service operator (you can find them on MBC satellite channels), or via the site by entering the mobile number to get an identification code and then clicking on “Subscribe Now.” The cost of the subscription is determined according to your country and your service operator, and you receive a text message to confirm. Canceling the subscription is sent by the word “UNSUB Flash” to the number corresponding to your country and your phone operator.
  2. Everyone can participate in the game, with the exception of employees by the MBC group and its partners and relatives up to the fourth degree – including spouses. In the event that the subscriber is a minor, i.e. his/her age is under the age of 18 and has won an award in the competition or raffles, his/her guardian must be present with them on the day they receive the award. Documentation of guardianship must be provided.
  3. Participate for the first time in Flash Win game – When you first subscribe to Flash Win Net, you get 3 free attempts to play Flash Win, that is, three rounds, and are valid for only 24 hours from the time of your subscription.
  4. Subscription Cost and System – After you subscribe for the first time and join the service, the cost of the subscription is deducted daily according to how many times you renew you subscription (you can view the subscription cost in the terms and conditions). You will get 3 attempts to play Flash Win each time you renew your subscription – and each time these 3 attempts are valid for 24 hours. In the event that your daily attempts are exhausted, you can purchase two packages, each of which includes 4 attempts and is valid for 7 days from the date of purchase, meaning that in the event that you have exhausted the three attempts that you get when you renew your subscription, you have 8 other attempts that you can buy, and in total you have 11 daily attempts To play Flash Win (the maximum allowed) and win $1000 cash each time you complete the mission and answer the ten questions within the specified time.
  5. Join weekly and monthly prize raffles! The game includes weekly and monthly draws on many prizes, and it is automatically subscribed according to the number of points that the participant collects when he correctly answers the questions in the Flash Win competition (the minimum points for entering the draw) It is the answer to one question correctly), and according to its effectiveness and activity in FlashWin in the week of drawing or during the month of drawing.
  6. Types of prizes and conditions on Flash Win Net
    • The Competition Prize – $1,000 in cash, is awarded to Flash Win contest winners who have correctly answered the ten consecutive questions on time. Every day of play, there are only 3 winners who can accomplish the mission, while the fourth winner and all that follow on the day of the game itself are automatically entered into the weekly or monthly raffle draw.
    • Jackpot Drawings – Jackpot drawings happen several times weekly and monthly, and vary from one draw to the next in terms of type and numbers of prizes awarded. These rewards include include cash (for example: $1000 or $ 2000), newer smartphones, electronic items, and more. The winners are determined by a weighted drawing according to the total points that the subscriber collected from the date of his participation in the service until the raffle. The winner will be notified by phone at the number from which s/he subscribed.
    • Prize winners must provide documentation showing they are the account holder of the winning number and provide ID documents as well. A representative of the winner may receive the award by showing a written power of attorney from the winner.
    • Prizes are awarded within a period not exceeding 90 days from the date of the winner’s announcement.
    • The MBC group chooses 10 winners, who are to serve as a runners-up group if the first winner rejects his prize or does not attend to receive it. If a slave does not attend to receive the prize within 10 days of the date the slave is notified, the prize will be considered the property of the game’s organizers.
    • Prizes are not transferable.
  7. You will be sent a link for your Flash Win game when registering your subscription, in case you lose or forget it, you can send the word “Flash” to the number corresponding to your country and your service operator, and you will receive the link of the game on your mobile via text message; or you can CLICK HERE and enter your mobile number to receive your identification code and then continue to log in.
  8. Remember: By subscribing to the service and agreeing to the terms and conditions, you allow game organizers to use your personal information including your name, family name and video images for promotional purposes without prior approval from you and without compensation if you are the winner. In addition, you agree to receive messages and offers via SMS & internet or mobile push notifications from the MBC group.