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Almowafir has Namshi Coupons & Offers

Namshi is one of the largest and most famous online fashion and clothing shopping sites in the Middle East, and is a meeting place for the most famous brands and the best local and international brands in the world of fashion. Namshi offers top level fashion with a commitment to shipping and delivery to customers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman, as well as to customers in the global arena. Check this page for the latest Namshi coupons, promo codes, discounts, deals & offers from Namshi!

Namshi is a comprehensive online shopping platform where many international fashions are offered to the whole family with a focus on young people’s fashion. You’ll find tons of unique designs that follow the trends; whether casual, formal, athletic, or conservative. You’ll find shoes & accessories, even cosmetics and make-up.

Namshi offers great discounts and offers on all its products and gives it to its customers amazing promo codes which you can always find by visiting Almowafir first.

Namshi offers its customers only the best service – genuine products from major brands, safe and easy payment options including cash on delivery, free shipping on all products, a convenient and easy return policy, and an amazing customer service center to handle and inquiry.

Almowafir has Namshi Coupons & Offers - not to mention Namshi Promo Codes & Namshi Deals!
Almowafir has Namshi Coupons & Offers (Don’t Forget Namshi Promo Codes & Namshi Deals)

Why shop at Namshi?

Namshi is your first destination for trendy fashion online. Young, fun and original, Namshi gives you a totally unique online retail experience for the Middle East. Namshi is known for its aspirational yet accessible product selection, huge choice of brands and authentically urban aesthetic.  Besides this, Namshi offers you exclusive access to top designers, and is totally committed to their customer’s experience:

  1. Namshi is committed to offering only original and genuine brand products.
  2. Namshi offers a comprehensive shopping experience for the whole family, for any event, and for every possible purpose.
  3. Namshi allows you to keep up with the times – featuring the latest fashion trends designs for this season. If you are a fashion lover, there is no doubt that Namshi will even help you anticipate next season’s must-haves.
  4. Namshi delivers you high-quality shopping services, including: convenient payments and payment on delivery, free shipping & delivery, a convenient return policy.
  5. Namshi offers and promotions are popular among online shoppers. Don’t miss the opportunity to get Namshi coupons & offers from Almowafir.

What are the best categories to shop with your Namshi coupons?

Namshi sells many products and categories, all of which boast authenticity, high-quality and will meet your needs as a customer. Some of the best-selling categories on Namshi are:

  1. Women’s Clothing – Here beauty and creativity come together. One of the most popular and well-known categories on Namshi, you’ll find women’s clothes from the most famous local and international brands such as Ginger, Ella, CK & Adidas to name just a few. Namshi women’s fashion combines femininity with modern and traditional Arab styles. Basics and dresses are very popular, along with tops and shirts, and don’t forget the beautiful traditional styles from Haya’s Closet, Threadz and Jalabiya.
  2. Men Clothing – A wide category that includes men’s styles for every occasion, with complete collections for all his different looks. T-shirts and jeans are the most popular items in this category. Nike sportswear is also popular and stylish.
  3. Accessories – One of the most distinctive categories at Namshi, you’ll find a large number of products from different brands to make your look complete, including jewelry, sunglasses, watches, hats, scarves, belts and more.
  4. Beauty – In this category you can find cosmetics, makeup, skincare, hair and nail care from the most famous brands in the world such as MAC, L’Oreal, Maybelline and Clinique, as well as the best perfumes from brands such as DKNY, Armani, Paco Rabanne & also Arabic perfumes from Ajmal & oud perfumes which are very popular.
  5. Children’s Fashion – A category for children of all ages, from newborns and infants to young people. A comprehensive, multi-product selection that includes all the clothes, shoes and accessories that children need for all occasions and purposes, including their school looks.

What are the best-known brands with original products on Namshi?

Namshi coupons can be used on the latest designs and latest fashion from the most famous brands in all fields for women, men and children, including:

Ginger – A famous American brand in the world of fashion, characterized by different designs that are modern and elegant. Famous for its dresses that are classic and feminine, not simply following trends. You find lots of Ginger dresses with Namshi deals – some of the most popular sitewide.
Mango – A famous Spanish Catalan brand and one of the largest fashion retail stores in the world. Its products are available with Namshi deals for the whole family at competitive prices.
Topshop – A popular British brand, part of the Arcadia Group, a global retail leader. Topshop manufactures clothes, shoes, and accessories for the whole family and sells them at affordable prices and is popular on Namshi.
Dorothy Perkins – A British women’s fashion brand named after famous designer Dorothy Perkins, is also part of the Arcadia collection. Dorothy Perkins has a strikingly feminine design for her clothes, shoes and accessories.
Missguided – A brand that designs for a real woman’s body without compromising style. Missguided and Missguided Curve have gained wide popularity amongst shoppers on Namshi.
Name It – One of the most famous brands in the world of children’s fashion, Name It belongs to the Danish company BestSeller. Name It fashion allows kids to keep up with the trends while wearing the most beautiful designs. A huge amount of Name It fashion is featured on Namshi and is one of the most popular brands amongst shoppers.
Aldo – One of the most famous brands in the world of accessories and shoes. Aldo’s products on Namshi include shoes, jewelry, watches and more. Aldo is gaining popularity thanks to its modern designs and reasonable prices.

Other brands found on Namshi Deals that are among the most popular with online shoppers:

Jack & Jones – Men’s fashion
Nike – Sportswear
Calvin Klein – Luxury fashion for the whole family
Adidas – Sportswear
Reebok – Sportswear
Lacoste – Sportswear
MAC – Cosmetics & makeup

Does Namshi ship to my country?

Namshi offers free shipping on all products to:

United Arab Emirates – provided that the total value of the order is not less than AED 100, delivery will take place within 1-2 days. If the total value does not meet the minimum shipping charge, you’ll pay AED 10 for shipping or for Cash on Delivery, AED 15.

Saudi Arabia – provided that the total value of the order is not less than 100 SAR, delivery will take place within 6-9 days. If the total value does not meet the minimum charge, a shipping fee of SAR 30 will be charged. For COD, a SAR 34 fee will apply.

BAHRAIN – Provided that the total value of the order is not less than 11 BHD, your order will be delivered within 6-9 days. If the total value does not meet the minimum charge, a shipping fee of 4 BHD will be charged. When you choose to pay on delivery, a delivery fee of $ 9 will be charged.

KUWAIT – Provided that the total value of the order is not less than 8 KD, your order will be delivered within 6-9 days. If the total value does not meet the minimum value, a shipping fee of 3 KD will be charged. When you choose to pay on delivery, a delivery fee of $ 9 will be charged.

Sultanate of Oman – provided that the total value of the order is not less than 11 RO, your order will be delivered within 6-9 days. In case the total value does not meet the minimum charge, 4 RO will be charged. When you choose to pay on delivery, a delivery fee of $ 9 will be charged.

Namshi coupons provide free shipping service on all orders to many other countries in the world, provided that the total value of the order is not less than $140. If the total value does not meet the minimum amount, a $9 shipping charge will be assessed.

Some countries may impose additional duties on shipments in respect of customs, import, VAT and others. You should check these fees by contacting the appropriate authorities and offices in your country.

With which payment methods can I use my Namshi coupons?

You can use your Namshi coupons from Almowafir with any payment method:

  1. Credit Cards – Visa, MasterCard
  2. Cash on Delivery – This service is available in the UAE on all orders of any value, in Saudi Arabia on orders not exceeding SAR 2000, and in the rest of the Gulf for orders not exceeding $500
  3. PayPal
  4. Apple Pay – This service is available in the UAE only
  5. Namshi Balance

What is the return policy at Namshi?

Namshi offers free return service within 14 days from the date of receipt to customers in GCC countries, provided that the product is not a non-returnable item and that it is in good condition, unused and has all the original packaging. The following are acceptable reasons for returning a product:

  • If you are not satisfied with the product, or if it is damaged or defective, you can return it according to the above and recover the price.
  • If the size of the product is not suitable and you want to replace it with another size (from the same product), you can replace it under the same conditions.

For customers from all over the world, the same return policy applies, but you must cover the postage when you return the products.

Stores like Namshi on Almowafir:

After using your Namshi coupons, check the following stores to see the latest offers from Almowafir!

FAQ – Tips from Almowafir for Shopping with Namshi Coupons:

How can I save money when I  get Namshi coupons & promo codes from Almowafir? 

Almowafir offers Namshi coupons and Namshi promo codes on fashion, clothing, shoes & accessories, from the most famous local and international brands, and for the whole family. You can also find great Namshi promo codes at Almowafir for makeup and perfume. Through Almowafir, you can get exclusive Namshi deals & discounts on many young and vibrant designs ranging between elegant and casual – all from your favorite brands. Check Almowafir for terms and conditions on your Namshi coupons and Namshi deal

How can I save money with Namshi promo codes on all outfits and top brands?

Namshi offers discounts and deals on clothes, shoes & accessories from the most popular brands on the site for the whole family. Almowafir is constantly searching for the best offers on Namshi and posting them here on this page. Discounts include weekly discounts and final discounts, as well as daily offers. To save more money, be sure to bookmark this page and check back for Namshi Promo Codes & Namshi Deals before making any purchases.

How can I make a distinction between normal and COD shipping charges from Namshi?

Namshi offers free shipping, but when you use Cash on Delivery you will be charged an additional fee (COD Charge), that goes to the shipping company for return service of the money. You can avoid these fees by using another payment option.

How can I save money with Namshi Points?

Namshi Points is a site loyalty program, free of charge, available to all Namshi users and customers. You can earn and accumulate points to convert them into a credit balance deducted from the total value when you purchase products on Namshi. The program offers you 1 point for every AED or SAR you spend, and 10 points for every KD, BHD or OMR. Points are valid for 12 months from the day you receive them.

How can I cancel the order through my Namshi account?

If you don’t want your products for one of the allowed reasons, you can enter into your account and choose the reason for the cancellation. Once you have completed the order cancellation process, you will receive an email with the order cancellation details. No need to contact Namshi customer service.

How can I be sure to use the correct Namshi coupon code?

After shopping on Namshi and adding the products you want to your shopping cart, you will proceed to checkout, select the payment method that suits you best and enter your Namshi coupon code from Almowafir. That’s all you have to do to save!

Can I download my order invoice through your account on Namshi?

Namshi does not send you a paper invoice, as a measure to preserve the environment. If you need a copy of your invoice, you can download your invoice via your account on Namshi as a PDF file.

Why should I see the size chart on Namshi?

If you don’t know which size will fit you, you can use the size chart to help! Find a sizing guide in the product details. Do not buy anything without making sure it is the best size for you. The size chart is available in several international models that you can use according to the brand. And remember that if you accidentally buy something that doesn’t suit you, you can return it and replace it within 14 days.

How can I track my order from Namshi on the way?

Track your order according to the shipment number sent to you after you paid for your order. You can visit the shipping provider’s website and track your shipment.