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With a Nike promo code of 10% from Almowafir, shoppers can enjoy savings on a wide range of Nike products. From athletic footwear to stylish apparel and accessories, the discount opens up opportunities to purchase popular Nike items at reduced prices. Customers… Read more about Nike coupons

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Nike Promo Codes & Deals

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Nike Promo Code May 2024– 10% Off EVERYTHING!

With a Nike promo code of 10% from Almowafir, shoppers can enjoy savings on a wide range of Nike products. From athletic footwear to stylish apparel and accessories, the discount opens up opportunities to purchase popular Nike items at reduced prices. Customers can browse and buy sneakers designed for running, basketball, or casual wear. Additionally, Nike offers a variety of sportswear including tops, bottoms, jackets, and accessories like bags, hats, and socks. Whether it’s upgrading your workout gear, adding to your sneaker collection, or getting fashionable athletic wear, a Nike discount allows you to save money while indulging in high-quality and stylish Nike products. Don’t miss out on savings by using a Nike promo code or Nike deal from Almowafir today!

Nike Coupon Promo Code for May 2024

Discount Tips for Nike

At Nike enjoy discounts and savings on your purchases with the following tips. 

  • You can benefit from amazing discounts or promotional offers upon placing your first order. 
  • Watch for seasonal sales and promotions, where Nike often gives big discounts on a wide range of products. 
  • They also frequently have daily deals and weekly specials, featuring discounted prices on selected items. Subscribing to Nike ‘s newsletter or following their social media accounts may provide you with access to exclusive discounts or flash sales. 
  • Also make sure to go to Almowafir first, before checking the Nike website for any ongoing promotional or discounts that can help you save money while shopping for your desired clothing and accessories.

About Nike Stores

  • Nike stores are renowned worldwide for their distinctive brand presence and commitment to providing an exceptional shopping experience. These physical retail locations are more than just stores; they embody the spirit of the Nike brand and serve as hubs of inspiration and innovation.
  • Nike stores showcase a wide range of Nike products, including athletic footwear, apparel, and accessories for men, women, and children. The stores are meticulously designed with a focus on aesthetics, incorporating sleek and modern layouts that enhance the overall shopping experience. Nike’s iconic Swoosh logo and bold branding are prominently displayed, creating a sense of familiarity and authenticity.
  • One notable aspect of Nike stores is their emphasis on technology. Many locations feature interactive displays, digital installations, and state-of-the-art equipment that engage customers and provide immersive experiences. Nike’s commitment to innovation is evident in initiatives like Nike Fit, which employs augmented reality to help customers find their perfect shoe size, ensuring an optimal fit.
  • Nike stores often go beyond mere retail spaces by incorporating unique elements that reflect the local culture and community. They may showcase local artwork, sponsor community events, or collaborate with local athletes and influencers to foster a sense of connection and relevance. Nike stores often act as platforms for promoting sports, fitness, and healthy living, organizing workshops, classes, and other events to inspire and engage customers.
  • Moreover, Nike stores are staffed with knowledgeable and passionate employees who embody the brand’s values. They are trained to provide personalized service, assist customers in finding the right products, and offer insights into Nike’s latest innovations and technologies.
  • In recent years, Nike has also expanded its presence with the introduction of concept stores and flagship locations. These stores provide enhanced experiences, featuring unique design elements, exclusive product offerings, and immersive brand storytelling. Flagship stores, such as Nike’s iconic “House of Innovation” in New York City, serve as showcases for cutting-edge technologies and serve as testbeds for new retail concepts.
  • In summary, Nike stores are more than just retail spaces; they represent the essence of the Nike brand. They offer a wide range of Nike products, incorporate innovative technologies, foster community engagement, and provide memorable shopping experiences. Whether it’s browsing the latest footwear, immersing oneself in brand storytelling, or connecting with local communities, Nike stores create an environment where customers can fully immerse themselves in the world of Nike. So, get the best shoes in the world and save with a Nike promo code or Nike deal from Almowafir!
Save on all the amazing shoes with a Nike promo code from Almowafir!
Save on all the amazing shoes with a Nike promo code from Almowafir!

Why Nike services are the best in their category

  1. Rich History and Brand Legacy: Nike has a long-standing history and a powerful brand legacy that spans several decades. This heritage, coupled with its iconic logo and slogan, “Just Do It,” has helped establish Nike as a leader in the athletic footwear and apparel industry.
  2. Cutting-Edge Innovation: Nike consistently pushes the boundaries of innovation, developing groundbreaking technologies to enhance athletic performance. From Air Max cushioning to Flyknit and Dri-FIT fabrics, Nike’s commitment to innovation sets it apart from competitors.
  3. Exceptional Product Quality: Nike is synonymous with quality. The brand’s products undergo rigorous testing and are made with premium materials, ensuring durability, comfort, and performance. Nike’s focus on quality has earned it a reputation for producing high-performing and long-lasting athletic gear.
  4. Extensive Product Range: Nike offers a vast range of products to cater to various sports, activities, and lifestyles. From running shoes to basketball sneakers, training apparel to athleisure wear, Nike provides options for athletes and enthusiasts across different disciplines.
  5. Iconic Design and Style: Nike is renowned for its iconic designs that blend style and functionality. The brand collaborates with renowned designers, athletes, and celebrities, resulting in visually appealing and trendsetting products that resonate with consumers worldwide.
  6. Global Recognition and Influence: Nike’s global reach and recognition are unparalleled. The brand’s presence in numerous countries, sponsorship of top athletes and sports teams, and impactful marketing campaigns have solidified its position as a global leader in athletic apparel.
  7. Engaging Brand Marketing: Nike’s marketing campaigns are legendary, capturing the essence of athleticism, determination, and inspiration. From iconic advertisements to powerful endorsements, Nike’s marketing efforts have consistently resonated with consumers and created a strong emotional connection with the brand.
  8. Extensive Retail Network: Nike has a vast retail network, including its own stores, authorized retailers, and e-commerce platforms, allowing easy access to its products globally. This widespread availability ensures that consumers can conveniently purchase Nike products wherever they are.
  9. Commitment to Social Causes: Nike has shown a commitment to social causes, using its platform to advocate for social justice, inclusivity, and equality. The brand has taken a stance on important issues, empowering athletes to speak out and effect positive change in society.
  10. These factors collectively contribute to Nike’s position as the best in its category, distinguishing it as a brand that consistently delivers high-quality products, drives innovation, and resonates with consumers on both functional and emotional levels.

 So, get your shoes,  Nike and save on every purchase with a Nike deal from Almowafir!

How to use a Promo Code to save with Nike

Saving money using Almowafir discount is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Almowafir website or mobile app, then click on your favorite store page.
  2. Many stores have multiple s and offers listed, so check which  will give you the best deal on your purchase!
  3. Click “More Details” to check terms and conditions on your choice  then click “Get ” to open the  popup. 
  4. Your discount  will be copied automatically – or click the “Copy” button. 
  5. Your chosen store’s site will launch in a new window after 3 seconds. Or click to “Go to” your store. 
  6. Add all of your favorite products to your cart, then proceed to checkout.
  7. Paste the discount  you copied into the field in the order summary.
  8. Click “Apply” to activate the discount and check that your discount is reflected in the grand total.
  9. Congratulations, you saved money!

Best categories to save on with a Nike deal

When using a Nike promo code from Almowafir, there are several categories of products where you can save and get the most value for your money. Here are 10 of the best categories to consider:

  1. Athletic Footwear: Nike is renowned for its wide range of athletic footwear, including running shoes, basketball sneakers, training shoes, and more. With a Nike promo code, you can save on high-quality footwear designed for performance and comfort.
  2. Activewear Apparel: Nike offers a vast selection of activewear, including tops, bottoms, sports bras, and jackets. Whether you need workout gear, yoga attire, or casual athleisure wear, you can find stylish and functional options, and save with a Nike promo code..
  3. Accessories: Nike’s accessory line includes items such as socks, hats, backpacks, and gym bags. These accessories are essential for completing your athletic look and can be purchased at a reduced cost with a Nike promo code.
  4. Sports Equipment: Nike also offers sports equipment like basketballs, soccer balls, golf clubs, and more. If you’re a sports enthusiast or looking to enhance your skills, a Nike promo code can help you save on high-quality equipment.
  5. Kids’ Collection: Nike offers a wide range of athletic products for kids, including shoes, apparel, and accessories. With a Nike promo code, you can save on children’s sports gear and ensure they have the right equipment for their activities.
  6. Performance Gear: If you’re a serious athlete or into specific sports like running, tennis, or golf, investing in performance gear can enhance your performance. A Nike promo code allows you to save on specialized clothing and equipment designed for optimal performance.
  7. Collaborations and Limited Editions: Nike frequently collaborates with designers, athletes, and celebrities, releasing limited edition collections. These exclusive products can be highly sought after, and a Nike promo code can make them more accessible while adding a unique touch to your wardrobe.
  8. Outdoor Gear: Nike offers outdoor-specific products like hiking shoes, trail running gear, and weather-resistant jackets. If you enjoy outdoor activities, utilizing a Nike promo code can help you save on durable and functional gear.
  9. Fan Gear: Show support for your favorite sports teams or athletes with Nike’s fan gear collection. From jerseys to fan apparel, a Nike promo code can make it more affordable to represent your team or idol.
  10. Recovery and Wellness Products: Nike also offers recovery and wellness products like compression wear, recovery tools, and fitness accessories. With a Nike promo code, you can invest in products that support your fitness journey and aid in post-workout recovery.

By utilizing a Nike promo code from Almowafir, you can save on these diverse categories of products offered by Nike, enabling you to purchase high-quality athletic gear and apparel while staying within your budget.

Get the latest Nike promo code & deals to save money
Get the latest Nike promo code & deals to save money!

Customer Service @Nike

Customer Service page is here

  • Nike Customer Service Number:
    • Saudi Arabia – +966 112 604 755; Thursday-Saturday 08:00-17:00
    • UAE – +97143149055; Thursday-Saturday 09:00-18:00
  • Nike Customer Service Contact and Help Center: Saudi Arabia | The UAE

Follow Nike on Social Media:

Special Features @ Nike 

  • Online signup for top convenience
  • Download app for ease of service
  • Strong Customer Service options
  • Ongoing deals and offers to save money
  • Many advanced options available

Shipping methods @Nike

The Nike website provides Nike offers for free shipping and free delivery on all orders that meet the minimum spend to activate the service to all parts of the world, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, under the following conditions:

  • Nike Saudi Arabia website
    • Shipping costs: 29 riyals
    • Free Shipping: When purchasing at least 299 SAR
    • Delivery time: 3-5 working days
  • Nike online store UAE
    • Shipping costs: 19 dirhams
    • Free Shipping: On purchases of AED 199 or more
    • Delivery time: 1-3 working days

Payment methods @Nike

  • Visa CC/DC
  • MasterCard CC/DC
  • Cash On Delivery
  • Apple Pay.
  • Bezel.

Return Policy @Nike

The Nike online store allows you to return the product for a refund or exchange within 30 days of the delivery date, provided that it is not a non-returnable product, has not been used or washed, and if it is a wrong or defective product.

If you return a Nike shoe or a Nike product for any other reason, within 30 days, you are eligible for a full refund minus shipping and handling fees.

FAQ- Nike on Almowafir:


A: Nike doesn’t deliver internationally to addresses outside of the country or region where you place your order. But you can shop Nike in a number of locations globally.
Nike cannot deliver to PO boxes, Nike stores, reshippers or package-forwarding services.


A: Once Nike receives your items at their return center, they will process your return and issue a refund to your original form of payment, usually within four working days. Nike will send you an email to let you know they have issued the refund—it may take up to 10 additional days for the funds to show in your account.
Your refund includes the total value of any returned items. Please note that delivery fees are not refundable unless you receive an incorrect item.


A: When it comes to performance, fit matters. Nike will help you find the right shoes and gear in the right size so you can perform at your best.
Not sure what Nike size you wear? The Nike size charts can help you determine the best fit for all of their shoes, clothing and gear. You can navigate to their size charts,, including size charts for men, women, kids, unisex items and accessories, on every Nike product page.

Which Are the Best Categories to Shop at Nike Store?

Nike online store is a complete and full store for shopping Nike clothing and original Nike shoes of various designs and fashions for all the family while saving money using Nike promo codes on Almowafir:
1. Men – on Nike store you can find all Nike men’s clothing, Nike shoes for men and various Nike accessories, with its varied versions and different technologies for all purposes and all looks. Use Almowafir’s Nike promo codes to buy your favorite Nike shoes at the lowest cost !!

2. Women – Nike’s online store offers women wide ranges of the best Nike women shoes in their modern techniques for all sport and training activities. Use the Nike promo codes to buy your favorite Nike shoes and save a lot of money!
You will also find Nike women’s sportswear, for all sports looks, while preserving their aesthetics, in addition to all sports accessories such as hats, bags, and others.

3. Kids – Nike clothes and Nike Kids shoes, find all the Nike sportswear and Nike accessories for your children of all ages, for newborns, infants, kids and teens, in different designs that are unique to all sports and events.

Store Features

Customer support 24/7
Customer support 24/7
Free Returns
Free Returns

Shipping Methods

Standard shipping (1-5 business days)
Standard shipping (1-5 business days)

Payment Methods

Cash on delivery
Cash on delivery
Credit card
Credit card