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Rehlat offers one of the best flight and hotel reservation sites in the Arab Gulf region and the Middle East, based in Kuwait, providing Internet users and travel enthusiasts with the necessary means and technologies to be able to book travel, hotels and holidays… Read more about Rehlat coupons

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Almowafir has Rehlat Coupon Codes & Offers 2024

Rehlat offers one of the best flight and hotel reservation sites in the Arab Gulf region and the Middle East, based in Kuwait, providing Internet users and travel enthusiasts with the necessary means and technologies to be able to book travel, hotels and holidays via the internet. Rehlat coupons and Rehlat coupon codes are available from Almowafir, and you can use them for everything you need to finish all travel procedures: issuing the e-ticket and choosing the destinations you want to travel to and the hotels they want to stay in easily. provides services to shoppers in UAE, but Rehlat also has sites serving Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Rehlat provides its clients with high-quality services that help them book flights and hotels easily and safely with just a few clicks – many airlines, airlines, and travel destinations around the world, and multiple tickets for all reservation classes. Rehlat coupons also work on a huge number of hotels around the world – choose a place for your dream stay!

Rehlat gives its customers many discount offers on airline flights and hotel discount offers, which makes travel and reservation prices ideal, economical and competitive. You’ll find in addition flight discount coupons and flight discount codes that enable Rehlat customers to save a lot of money. Get the best Rehlat coupons offers and discount codes through Almowafir.

 Rehlat Coupons & Rehlat Offers at Almowafir
Almowafir has Rehlat Coupons & Rehlat Offers

Why Shop with Rehlat Coupon Codes?

Rehlat is one of the best travel, hotel and vacation reservation sites online in the Arab Gulf region and the Middle East. Use Rehlat Coupons for a discount & great service when you book your flights online:

  1. Choose your destination and place of residence – offers you the best airline in the region with the cheapest prices for the best destinations around the world and in the region, in addition to booking rooms for accommodation in the best hotels around the world and the region.
  2. Compare tickets and hotel prices – allows you to compare ticket and hotel prices, conditions and services to choose what suits you and meets your needs, both locally and globally.
  3. Save money – Rehlat coupons offer you discount offers or promotional offers and discounts in addition to Rehlat coupon codes on many trips, travel destinations, airlines and hotel reservations. You will undoubtedly be able to achieve your dream of traveling and discover tourist attractions around the world while saving a lot from money.
  4. Safe and modern payment options – all concentrated in the most used credit cards, the payment process is very easy.
  5. Customer service center – operates around the clock, seven days a week, serving you in all your needs.

Best categories to shop with your Rehlat Coupons

Rehlat coupons allow you to book flights, flights, hotels and holidays for the best destinations in the region and around the world.

  • Flights – you can book one-way flights, round trips, or multiple city flights. You can search for flight offers by selecting the departure place (city or airport), the destination (to which city or airport), the date you wish to travel and the date of your return. Once you’ve determined the travel time, the class you want to travel (tourist, business, first class), the number of passengers (categorized into three age groups: adults + 12, children 2-12, infants 0-2), and flight type (non-stop, refundable), you can sort the results you obtained according to the route of the trip, whether they are direct or interspersed with stops, aviation lines available to you and others. You can also choose from Rehlat offers for travel destinations around the world which ensure that you choose the best possible travel offers and cheapest prices.
  • Hotels – You can search for the hotel from the local or international hotels that you want according to the arrival and departure dates (dates) that you specify and the number of rooms and adults that come in from adults and children. You can sort the hotels you got in you search results by price -from low to high or vice versa, guest rating -high to low, or vice versa, star rating, or popularity in addition. also has many other rankings according to price, region, and hotel features – Wi-Fi, swimming pools, gyms, child care available, property type and meal type – English breakfast, continental breakfast, room only, half board.

With which payment methods can I use at Rehlat?

You can use your Rehlat coupon codes with any of the standard Rehlat payment methods:

  1. Credit Cards – Visa, MasterCard
  2. Knet Card
  3. CashU
  4. PayPal account

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FAQ – Tips from Almowafir for Shopping with your Rehlat Coupons:

How can I save money when I get Rehlat coupons & discount codes from Almowafir? 

Rehlat gives its customers discount coupons and various discount codes to use when booking airline tickets and hotels. You can get the best flight discount coupon and the latest flight discount code exclusively on the provider’s website to fulfill your dream of traveling and save a lot of money.

How can I enjoy flight offers on travel, airline travel and hotel reservations on Rehlat? – also KSA, BH, OM, and KW dedicates a page on their sites that collects all its exclusive interesting offers on flights and hotel reservations – these usually offers that are not to be missed, enable you to save a lot of money, and direct you to the lowest prices for tickets, airlines, and hotel rooms. Determine the benefits that you get when you use debit cards from specific banks that qualify you to get discount, deals and balance advances according to the partnership programs established by Rehlat with various banks and other promotional offers and discount offers. Be sure to visit the Almowafir’s Rehlat offers page before you book to any destination since Almowafir brings you all the Rehlat coupons and promotional offers on Rehlat, so you can find them easily and save a lot of money.

How can I learn how to use e-tickets on Rehlat?

The electronic ticket is what the online reservation is based on, as the airline issues it for you and it includes your personal details (your name and passport number) and reservation details (flight path and payment details). Of course, you must print the e-ticket receipt and attach it to the passport in order to show them when you enter the airport to complete the travel procedures, and you can do so through your personal account on the Rehlat site or through the “see my reservation” tab at the top of the main page. After filling in all the data that includes the trip review number, e-mail and phone, you must click on “view reservation”, then choose “view e-tickets” to choose the e-ticket you want to print immediately.

Should I check that my booking has been confirmed on Rehlat?

When you book your flight and after completing the payment process, Rehlat sends the reservation confirmation to your email address, and the confirmation of reservation usually includes your reservation review number, e-ticket, e-bill and your flight details in full.
When completing your hotel reservation, Rehlat sends the reservation confirmation to your email address, which includes the reservation receipt, reservation number and personal information.

Does airlines on Rehlat allow me to transfer reservations?

Aviation companies do not allow customers to transfer airline tickets to other travelers, but rather require them to cancel reservations and book a new ticket.

Can I transfer my reservation from one airline to another on

Strict restrictions imposed by airlines prevent the transfer of reservations from one airline to another. What you can do in this case is to cancel your current reservation and book a new ticket with the airline you want. Be aware that there are financial penalties for canceling a ticket and for taking such an action. More complete details you get when you contact Rehlat Support Center.

For the change of flight ticket or flight date should I pay a fee or fine on Rehlat?

To find out the costs of changing changes to the travel ticket or on the flight date, you should contact the support center at Rehlat (by phone or using e-mail) to change the date of travel and the ticket. You’ll find out about the costs involved in carrying out such procedures, which are usually involve a change fee on Rehlat. After you pay these fees, the support center will reschedule and send you your ticket to your email.

Why should I review my itinerary, ticket prices and restrictions, and cancellation policy before I book on Rehlat?

Remember that if the flight or flight you booked on Rehlat is for a low-cost airline, airline tickets are usually non-refundable and are subject to strict policies. However, if your reservation is for a full-service airline or general aviation company, their airline tickets are usually refundable according to the cancellation policies. Airlines impose charges on cancellation of reservations – you can contact the Rehlat Support Center for additional information.

What should I do if I wish to cancel my reservation on Rehlat?

Remember, you will be charged a cancellation fine. You can contact the Rehlat Support Center by phone or email.

What is an online wallet called “Karam” credit on Rehlat?

This is a virtual wallet on the Rehlat site through which you can manage your reservations on Rehlat and collect cash in your balance that you registered with (there are four locations: Kuwait, the Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt). You can also get Karam Credit through the promotional activities that you perform according to the marketing offers that Rehlat launches. Some examples: inviting your friends to book their flights on Rehlat, using cashback coupons, & more. Every single credit in your Karam balance is equivalent to one credit from the main currency, i.e. every single point in a Karam balance is equivalent to either 1 AED, 1 SAR, 1 KD, or 1 EGP

How can I complete my travel check-in Rehlat online?

Many airlines allow all travel procedures to be completed online, 48 hours before departure. You must select the online check-in service on Rehlat.