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April 16, 2024 | Tamer

SIVVI KSA Best in Style Clothes, Shoes, Beauty & Accessories

Hey dear shoppers from Saudi Arabia looking to buy trendy fashion at reasonable prices, there’s a deal just for you at the dedicated sivvi KSA online store. Sivvi are masters of affordable, yet gorgeous fashions with exciting and comprehensive curated collections from top international fashion houses and breakout local brands, Go shopping with a sivvi coupon from Almowafir and you will go to the ball, or anywhere else you wish, looking a million dollars, but at bargain outlay.

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Step Out in Saudi Fashion Style

Sivvi KSA store is exactly what the Saudi shopper is looking for in an online store. Both men and women in Saudi Arabia love fashion. The women enjoy getting dressed up more than the men do though. They just get dressed up for different reasons than we think. They dress up to impress each other.

The adherence to traditional styles is l very strong but in Saudi Arabia the in style population have managed to create a hybrid vibe that is part traditional and part ultra-modern. Saudi Arabia is a kaleidoscopic and colorful universe for Arabic clothing for both men and women. Age and religious devotion make a big difference when it comes to clothing. On the one hand, younger people tend to wear more western style, yet modest, clothes and use their traditional outfits only for special occasions such as weddings, religious celebrations, or pilgrims.  At the same time, the older generations are far more often seen wearing traditional Arabic garments. On the other hand, people living in cities are more attentive to the latest fashion trends and popular brands. That’s why shopping at sivvi ksa stores is so perfect for the local tastes, sensitivities and fashion fervour.

SIVVI KSA Is About Gorgeous Traditional Fashion 

Of course you can go into sivvi ksa online store and find the best in adidas, Calvin Klein, Vera Moda, Versace, Polo Ralph Lauren and reams of other gorgeous, classic fashion brands – in clothing, shoes, accessories and beauty products. SIVVI also has comprehensively curated Arabian edits that are traditional, modest, but absolutely gorgeous.
At sivvi ksa you will find the top of Arabian design from collections by Ajooni, Haniya, The Arab Studio, House of Moda and others. Those beautiful women who prefer to wear a hijab then sivvi ksa have an amazing collection of the most elegant or the most practical, depending on the occasion of activity. Just to wet your appetite you can find a sivvi ksa range of hijabs by Nike for when taking part in sport, or out walking. There are also exquisite hijabs for special occasion in ranges of colors, materials and intricate finishing by Coco Desert, Amri or Aila.

Lovely ladies can complete their outfits with collections of shoes that range from the casual or sporty, streetwear through to formal wear and party wear. The top footwear brands for women are presented by occasion, by price or by brand so that it is so easy to find just what you are looking for to complete any possible outfit combination. Make up, personal grooming products and fragrances from over 200 leading international brands.We found slashed prices on Maybelline, L’Oreal, Bourjois, Babyliss and niya and many, many more top of range products.

 Add,  of course, it’s important to find the perfect handbag or purse to complete the outfit, all part and parcel of looking good, whether in modern or traditional clothes. It’s possible to find the perfect match at the right price at sivvi ksa and shop with a sivvi coupon to save more! An adidas essential tote bag, for example, comes in at 25% discount from sivvi ksa plus an EXTRA discount using a sivvi coupon code. Browse and enjoy!

SIVVI KSA Is About Gorgeous Traditional Fashion 

Traditional Beauty at sivvi ksa

Saudi men care very much about how they look and love to enjoy fashion and edgy clothing. The typical saudi man will mix modern clothing, depending upon occasion, with the traditional for sophisticated elegance. Shopping at sivvi ksa provides all the choice needed. So that men can find styles from the best such as Jack & Jones, Lacoste, Reebok, Tommy Hilfiger and many others. When wishing to stay cool and traditional then sivvi ksa has the lines to dress for any occasion. 

Shoes that are high quality and reflect the mood of the wearer can be found with super deals at sivvi ksa. There are top brands for sports shoes, sandals, smart leathers, slides, Arabian-style sandals and others. Excellent collections, many of which are currently selling at 50% discounts.
There are also high end picks when it comes to accessorizing to finish off that all male look. So that a shopper can find Lacoste or Tommy Hilfiger belts for example, Calvin Klein wallets that look dapper and Ralph Lauren Sunglasses, just for starters. Discerning men can shop from an enormous selection of colognes, aftershaves, grooming & hair products and sun glasses for men, from the best brands and at highly affordable prices, many at up to 70% off the recommended retail price! Guys do your shopping at sivvi ksa and you will look like the ultimate stylish metro man or the traditionally Thobe dressed sauve Arab man.

SIVVI KSA Is About Gorgeous Traditional Fashion 

Accessorise Tradition with SIVVI KSA Watches, Sunglasses & Grooming Products

SIVVI KSA Has Hot Deals on Major Brands

It is really an amazing experience to shop at Sivvi KSA store, because they not only deliver curated collections that are inline with any top fashion house store and ensure that their collections are stylishly modest and vibrantly trendy but they take care of prices too. Sivvi KSA offers same day delivery in Riyadh plus next day delivery to other SA cities. That is just perfect!

Take a trip around siiv ksa today to find massive reductions of large parts of their inventory – you can find bargains with a tag of up to 70% off to really make your day. Take under your belt a sivvi coupon, find right now on the dedicated Almowafir page and earn even bigger and better discounts. Almowafir have sivvi promo codes and sivvi discount codes sitewide, across fashion categories and product lines. Shop today at sivvi ksa and you will find huge deals on all major brands and across all SIVVI stylish edits and collections

SIVVI KSA Has Hot Deals on Major Brands

Find Elegant Arabian Sandals at sivvi ksa & buy with a sivvi coupon deal!