Shop with Confidence & Find Perfect AliExpress Dresses for Any Occasion

April 16, 2024 | admin

Discover 1000s of Stylish Dresses at Amazing Prices with aliexpress promo code offers!

It’s summertime and we all want to refresh our wardrobes with some new pretty dresses that will make us look and feel gorgeous. We’ve found some amazing sellers on AliExpress, offering inexpensive dresses that could easily pass for original products by top brands. Stunning collections of floral prints, bright colors, designer patterns, free flowing maxis and chic mini sun dresses. We found lots of choices and plenty of discounts. Shop now for aliexpress dresses online with an Almowafir aliexpress promo code and look fabulous in a bargain!

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shop with confidence find perfect aliexpress dresses for any occasion
aliexpress dresses with gorgeous floral prints to buy with an aliexpress promo code

How to Choose the Best Sellers in Aliexpress Dresses

Very few shops offer clothes as cheaply as AliExpress. In this Chinese hyperstore platform you can find thousands of inexpensive clothing items for women, men and children or babies.
If you don’t care about big brand names a lot of the shops in AliExpress offer high quality clothes at very affordable prices. 
There are so many products and sellers on AliExpress, it can be quite a challenge to find the best shops. To do so, follow these three guidelines and then limit your search by preference and budget 

Seller’s Reputation

Take a look around and try to choose a seller with good ratings. It’s the best way to ensure you are making a good purchase, but do remember that there might be some good sellers that are still fairly new to the platform and don’t have many reviews yet.

Number of Sales

It’s simple, the more sales the shop has, the better it is.

Comments & Reviews Left By Customers

This is probably one of the best ways to get a direct intel on what kind of shop or product you are dealing with. Take a look at the comments and, if need be, contact the seller directly. They will help you out with any doubts you might have.

How Do I Know What Size to Get?

Finding your size can be frustrating and complicated if you don’t know what steps to follow. Here is a guide on how to determine your size in AliExpress. Remember that sizes may vary from seller to seller, so remember to always investigate before buying any aliexpress dresses, tops or other clothing. The first thing to do is to take a look at the size chart provided by the seller, you can find it by scrolling down to the middle of the product page. Here you can see the sizes in centimeters and their conversions for all aliexpress dresses.
Check the seller’s reputation and comments left by previous customers. If they are positive you can be pretty sure the sizes are regular.
It is VERY important to check reviews by previous customers, if there were any problems with the sizes, usually customers will recommend you pick a size larger or smaller.

Read more important information about shopping with AliExpress on my retail blog.

Our Top Seller Picks of Summer aliexpress dresses at Affordable Prices 

We liked several fashion shops that have been well reviewed on Aliexpress and really do deliver on inexpensive fashion, wide ranges of popular styles in pretty aliexpress dresses and are good quality for the price.

We did the work and suggest that you check out these three top popular stores for best buys in aliexpress dresses for the summer and for any occasion. Of course there are many other excellent stores but start your search with these and you won’t go wrong. 


Shein, now known as Sheinside is by far the most popular fashion seller on AliExpress with over 2 million followers and a positive approval rating of 97.8%. They are the ultimate generic store with a huge collection of up-to-date fashion and accessories. Sheinside update their new arrivals every week and has a lovely collection of summer aliexpress dresses that keep the faith with both low prices and top quality. Pick out a great aliexpress promo code deal from Almowafir to make your bargain buy even more fruitful. We loved their hollowed out neckline white lace style dress for only 53.55 AED or the gorgeous embroidery lace maxi dress in pretty pink. It costs only 70 AED but you can get a bigger discount using an aliexpress coupon offer. Both aliexpress dresses come in a range of sizes and would make the perfect outfit for a special occasion or even an Eid al Adha family event. Sheinside is well trusted not only for quality but also for their excellent customer service and delivery. They know and understand our requirements in the GCC and ensure that ladies can find their dream dress, whether it be traditionally conservative or sassily modern. Take your time when searching their summer collection for the very best in aliexpress dresses both for your favorite and price right aliexpress coupon code deals.

Sheinside aliexpress dresses for your summer with an aliexpress promo code

Ever Pretty 

This popular store on Aliexpress is among the best categorized stores on the platform. They are a top brand, leading the way with inexpensive, yet pretty dresses for over a decade. Ever Pretty has a 97.8% positive feedback rating and over 800,000 followers. The store delivers stylish aliexpress dresses across the board. You will find something you love in Evening dresses, Day dresses, Cocktail dresses, Wedding dresses and more . There is something for every occasion, for every taste and an excellent range of Plus Sizes dresses too. The collections are awesome and when adding an aliexpress coupon from Almowafir into your check out tab the savings are pretty amazing. We loved the Robe Evening Dress selection with their elegant Party Mermaid V Neck Sequined Maxi Formal Gown that comes in a variety of colors, perfect for any summer party. Ever Pretty have a wide selection of lovely Summer dresses that are in line with the most stylish new looks and don’t look tacky or low quality. Take a browse  and search out Ever Pretty for amazing aliexpress dresses for your summer treat.

Ever Pretty 
aliexpress dresses are elegant & inexpensive with Ever Pretty

Simplee Apparel

Our final top pick for aliexpress dresses that will make your mouth water and your pocket sing are the curated edits from Simplee Apparel. No matter what the occasion is you can be sure you will find something stunning to wear from their collections. They have the dress to suit a beach party with friends, a special date or dinner at your mother in law home. They boast a customer feedback rating of 98.4% which reflects just how popular they are, Simplee Apparel have been on AliExpress for over four years and really do deliver on price, quality and customer service. Their sizing is generous and the styles are catwalk perfect. Go and browse for special aliexpress dresses at their store and take with you an Almowafir coupon discount to sweeten the deal. A hot favorite of ours is the Simplee Casual Green Print Women Dress with Summer Beach Lace-up Flared Sleeve – a lovely floral print for a summer’s day.

Simplee Apparel
Simplee Gorgeous with an Almowafir coupon discount

Get Summer Style Aliexpress Dresses for Less

Make sure that your summer look is sizzling with style and pizzazz. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to brighten up your wardrobe when shopping for delicious aliexpress dresses. Take advantage of all the deals and aliexpress coupon offers or aliexpress promo code discounts from Almowafir. Remember to browse Almowafir BEFORE and DURING your shop to match the discount to your choices!  Ensure you read with care customer reviews and rating. Then you can go ahead and shop with confidence and find perfect aliexpress dresses in every style!