The Best Bata Shoes to Wear in 2022

19th April 2022 | Jessica

There are so many luxury brands that specialize in creating and selling expensive shoes that are often made of high-quality materials. While these pricey shoes can be worth it to buy for some people, not all of us actually have the money to buy luxury footwear. Thankfully, there are numerous footwear brands around the world that are dedicated to bringing the most durable and fashionable shoes and sandals at a relatively affordable price. One of those brands is Bata.

Bata is a multinational footwear company that was founded in 1894 in Zlín, a city in the Czech Republic. Bata is one of the oldest surviving footwear brands in the world, and its decades-long history has allowed it to have plenty of experience when it comes to making high-quality footwear. 

Bata Logo

In addition, it is also one of the few family-owned shoe-making businesses, as it is still owned by the descendants of its founder, Tomáš Baťa. Today, Bata is known for making affordable wear that is durable and stylish. Also, Bata shoes are widely available in online stores such as Farfetch, and you can even reduce the price of the already affordable shoes by using a Farfetch promo code. If you plan to own or wear a pair of Bata shoes, here are the best shoe models of the brand that you should wear in 2022.

Comfit Cynara Loafers                            

One of the most popular footwear models in Bata’s catalog is the Bata Comfit Cynara Loafers, which looks like a regular pair of loafers from afar, but it is actually more comfortable and more durable. The Cynara Loafers feature a TPR outsole that is more rugged than the outsole found on regular loafers, so it is expected that the Bata loafers would last much longer. In addition, the Cynara loafers have a Comfit insole that provides a little bit of cushion on your feet so that they won’t tire easily.

Flexible Gente

The Flexible Gente is a modern version of the pointed-toe shoes worn by women during formal events, parties, and other gatherings where they would need to wear dresses or business casual clothes. The Flexible Gente, as its name suggests, is a very flexible shoe, which is beneficial if you are walking around plenty of times during the day, as the shoe wouldn’t limit you in the movement you want to make. Moreover, the Flexible Gente features a comfortable insole that gives cushioning for your feet whenever you are walking.

Northstar Nadia

If you want something more casual, then you should get the Northstar Nadia, which features the classic canvas sneaker look but in a slimmer profile that makes it more suitable for women. Even though it has four shoelace holes at the top, the Northstar Nadia is actually a slip-on by design, so you don’t have to tighten anything with a shoelace in order for it to fit well on your feet. This Bata shoe also has a rugged outsole that will last for many months if you are constantly using it.

EDO Raakhi

If you want a pair of classic sneakers that is elevated a little bit in terms of style, there is the EDO Raakhi, which features a leather upper with floral prints printed on it to make it stand out. The EDO Raakhi also has an ankle support lining so that your ankles won’t slip out of the shoe whenever you are walking. For extra comfort, the EDO Raakhi has comfortable insoles that feel soft on your feet.

Bata low top blue

Power Breeze Sneakers

Speaking of laceless shoes, one of the best-selling laceless sneakers that Bata sells is the Power Breeze, which has a garterized top for a snug fit on your feet. The upper of the Power Breeze is made from a flexible and stretchable fabric so that your feet won’t be limited in terms of movement. The outsole and midsole of the Power Breeze are also quite soft and can absorb the impact between your feet and the floor while you’re walking or running. Use a Farfetch discount code to get the Power Breeze sneaker for a more affordable price.

Northstar Nikita

Another shoe model within the Northstar series is the Northstar Nikita, which features the same canvas upper as the Nadia but with three shoelace holes instead of four. In addition, the Nikita also comes with an actual shoelace, although you have the option to remove it since the Nikita also has a slip-on design. The Nikita has the rugged outsole seen on the Nadia, so you can expect that this can also last as long as the Nadia.

Denise Boots

For women that want waterproof boots that are still stylish and can fit with rainy day outfits, they should get the Denise Boots, which feature a waterproof upper made of premium leather. Moreover, the Denise Boots also have an elevated upper that makes the boots more fashionable than the others usually worn on rainy days. To prevent your feet from sweating or perspiring too much, the Denise Boots have a breathable lining to lower the temperature inside the boots.

Chloe Flats

If the Denise Boots are too high for you, but you still want waterproof shoes, luckily, Bata sells the Chloe Flats, which feature the same waterproof leather upper but in the style of the classic flats instead of high-heeled boots. The Chloe Flats features a stretchable opening at the upper to make the shoe much easier to put on and more flexible for movements, and the shoe also has a breathable lining to prevent your feet from sweating excessively.

Comfit Eva

The last footwear on the list is a pair of sandals called the Comfit Eva. The Comfit Eva is a sandal that has double straps, with the strap near the ankle adjustable for a customized fit. Much like all of the shoes in the Comfit series, the Eva has a Comfit insole for added comfort and less strain on your feet when running errands or simply walking outdoors. The TPR outsole of the Comfit Eva makes it more durable and less slippery than most sandals available on the market.

These are nine of the best Bata shoes that you can buy and wear in 2022. If you are going to buy a pair of Bata shoes online, be sure to check reviews to see if the model you are looking at is suitable for your preferences.