The Best Marc Jacobs Bags to Own

April 12, 2022 | admin

There are dozens of brands that offer high-quality bags in the market, and one of the most popular brands is Marc Jacobs. This fashion label was founded by its namesake, Marc Jacobs, who founded the label in 1986. After the label’s founding, it quickly became one of the most popular names in the fashion industry, although it would recently become more renowned for its line of bags that are simple yet sophisticated.

Today, Marc Jacobs’ bag line consists of more than 20 items that come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Because of how many bags there are in the collection, it would be quite difficult for some people to find the most suitable bag that they can buy in online stores like AliExpress, where they can use an AliExpress promo code UAE for discounts. If you are one of those people, we are here to help you find the best and perfect Marc Jacobs bag for you. Here is a list of the best Marc Jacobs bags to own.

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Monogram Jacquard Tote Bag

One of the most popular bags that Marc Jacobs sells is the Monogram Jacquard Tote Bag, which is a simple and sturdy tote bag that is gray in color and has “THE TOTE BAG” text printed on one side. As its name already suggests, the tote bag is made from rich jacquard cotton that feels smooth and soft to the touch. To add durability to the bag, it has leather trim detail on the sides and at the handles that are considered high-wear areas.

Marc Jacobs logo

The Leather Mini Tote Bag

If you want a relatively small bag that is durable and reliable, you should check out The Leather Mini Tote Bag, which has the same shape as the Jacquard Mini Tote Bag that Marc Jacobs also sells but is entirely made of leather instead of jacquard cotton. This versatile mini tote bag can be worn using the removable leather crossbody strap or its top handle. Similar to the first bag on this list, The Leather Mini Tote Bag also features “THE TOTE BAG” text on one side.

The Colorblock Snapshot

For those that want a much smaller bag than the mini tote bag, The Colorblock Snapshot may be more suitable for them. The Colorblock Snapshot features a more colorful exterior that is made from 100% leather for extra durability. Furthermore, it also has an adjustable webbing strap that features an updated texture and pattern to add to the overall flair of the bag.

Marc Jacobs bag

The Snapshot DTM

A much simpler version of The Snapshot is the DTM, which is an abbreviation for “dyed-to-match.” The simplicity of the DTM comes from its color, as the bag and the strap that it comes with have the same color, so they are monochrome in appearance. Besides the color, the DTM also features Double-J hardware for increased durability on high-wear areas of the bag. The adjustable webbing strap of the DTM is much simpler than the strap included on The Colorblock Snapshot, and it is also significantly lighter.

The Snapshot

The original Snapshot is still a very popular bag, and it is now available in a variety of colorways that would suit any style or outfit. The Snapshot features a Saffiano leather exterior and an adjustable webbing strap with multi-layered stripes in different colors. As mentioned before, there are different colorways available for The Snapshot, so you will definitely find the colorway that is suitable for you for this model.

The Jacquard Camera Bag

If you are currently looking for the perfect bag for your camera, you should consider The Jacquard Camera Bag, a simple bag that features a removable webbing crossbody strap. The exterior of the Marc Jacobs camera bag is made from jacquard cotton that is smooth to the touch, but it is reinforced with polyester for added durability. Then, the camera bag has a printed “THE CAMERA BAG” text that serves as a signature for the Marc Jacobs line of bags.

The Jacquard Small Tote Bag

If you want the design of The Jacquard Camera Bag on a much bigger bag, luckily, there is The Jacquard Small Tote Bag that has the same design as the mentioned bag but in a bigger size. Similar to the camera bag, The Jacquard Small Tote Bag is made from a combination of jacquard cotton and polyester, and it also has a removable and adjustable webbing strap that would feel comfortable on your shoulder. You can also purchase a third-party online from stores like AliExpress. Be sure to use an AliExpress coupon to save money on your purchase.

The Logo Strap Snapshot

Flaunting the brand of your bag is easy if you have The Logo Strap Snapshot, which features a different strap from the other Snapshot variants, as the strap of this model has the Marc Jacobs logo stitched on it. Moreover, the Logo Strap Snapshot still features the elegant Saffiano leather exterior, as well as the Double-J hardware. The logo strap is also adjustable and removable for a customized fit and look.

The Director

One of the most sophisticated bags that Marc Jacobs designed is The Director, which is a relatively simple tote bag that is made from natural grain leather. The Director has adjustable shoulder straps for customization, and it also has a magnetic enclosure that is sufficient for closing the main flap of the bag. Inside the bag, you will find a middle zipper compartment where you can store important items.

The Softbox

The last bag on the list is The Softbox, which is a re-imagining of the Box Bag that Marc Jacobs designed many years ago. True to its name, The Softbox features a much softer exterior that is suitable for those that don’t want a bulky bag, and it also includes a removable crossbody strap that you can put on the bag if you want to carry it on your shoulders rather than on your hands.

So, these are ten of the best Marc Jacobs bags that you may want to own. If you have a big budget, you can just go for two or more bags, but if you can only pick one, we suggest that you get the simplest bag like The Director or The Softbox since it would fit well with any outfit.