What to Look For in the Sivvi Women Winter Collection 2022

February 07, 2022 | admin

Fashion is an evolving form of self-expression that allows people to wear whatever they want and convey their moods, attitude, or personality through their outfits. However, there are also particular trends that people follow in order to be “in” and have an acceptable fashion style among the people that are considered as the most fashionable and stylish in the world. But, even if there are trends that are prominent in the fashion world, you are still free to wear any piece of clothing that you want and would best represent your personality to other people.

If you are looking for clothes that you plan to wear during the winter in the UAE, there are many online shops that you can visit through your computer or smartphone. But, there are only a few of those shops that are considered better at offering good customer service and great fashion items. One of the few best shops in the UAE for fashion is Sivvi, which was recently relaunched in the UAE and KSA with a brand new look. You can also use a Sivvi code on the website to get discounts on your purchases. To know what items to look for, here are the best pieces found in the Sivvi Women Winter Collection 2022.

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LABEL RAIL Essential Knit Cardigan

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First on the list is the LABEL RAIL Essential Knit Cardigan, which features a knitted and warm viscose fabric that is comfortable and cozy to wear. It also has dropped shoulder seams and an open front so that you can showcase your undershirt or anything you are wearing beneath the cardigan. This knit cardigan is available in two colors, namely black and brown.

Adidas Essentials Relaxed Logo Hoodie

The Adidas Essential Relaxed Logo Hoodie is a simple piece of clothing that has a hooded neckline, long sleeves, and soft ribbed cuffs for a customized fit. The overall design is then finished off with a large Adidas logo or brand at the chest. If you want to flaunt the brand of the clothes you are wearing, then this logo hoodie is perfect for you.

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Puma Essential Sweatpants

Another simple piece that you may want to wear during the winter in the UAE is the Puma Essential Sweatpants, which has a black color and is made from durable, comfortable, and elastic materials that also allow it to be used for gym use or for jogging. This pair of sweatpants has an elasticated waistband for a custom fit, as well as side slip-in pockets to store items like phones and accessories. Use a Sivvi promo code to save money in buying this pair of sweatpants on the Sivvi fashion UAE website.

Ted Baker Leather Biker Jacket

Next up is the Ted Baker Leather Biker Jacket, which is a classic leather jacket in black that has most of the appointments of what you would usually see bikers from the old days wear. This biker jacket is made from genuine leather, and it has an asymmetric front zipper detail that is a standard design for most leather jackets. This piece of clothing is also utilitarian, as it has multiple pockets where you can store small and important items. The biker jacket is fairly warm to wear, so it is suitable for colder temperatures in the UAE.

Vero Moda Curve Belted Longline Jacket

For women looking for plus-size pieces on Sivvi, they can get the Vero Moda Curve Belted Longline Jacket. This piece of clothing features soft recycled polyester blend fabric to make it more durable while being comfortable. Also, it has a lapel collar and leather cuffs for a layered look. If you want it to be a little bit form-fitting, you can adjust the waist of the jacket by using the adjustable self-tie waist belt.

Nike Therma-FIT Training Top

If you want to go training outdoors during the winter, then you should wear the Nike Therma-FIT Training Top, which is made from soft, comfortable, and thick polyester fabric to keep you warm in the cold season. This training top also has the Therma-FIT technology that uses your natural body heat to retain the warmth on your body for much longer than normal. To keep it simple, Nike only put their small logo on the upper right chest area of the top. The Nike training top is available in beige, black, and pink.

Calvin Klein Logo-Print Hoodie

A classy but simple hoodie that you can wear is the Calvin Klein Logo-Print Hoodie, which is a basic hoodie that has the Calvin Klein logo or branding at the front. The hoodie is made from comfortable and soft organic cotton fabric, and it also has an adjustable hoodie neck if you want to fit tighter or looser on your head. The Calvin Klein hoodie also features a kangaroo pocket to fit small to medium-sized items at the front of the clothing. You can buy this logo print hoodie in white, pink, and black, and all of them have a white Calvin Klein logo at the front.

Adidas FI 3B Bomber Jacket

For a cool outfit, you can get the Adidas FI 3B Bomber Jacket, which sports the iconic look of a classic bomber jacket but with an athletic twist, as it is made from a slick and soft textile that is comfortable and durable. The bomber jacket also features a central zip enclose and a ribbed hem style so that the neck of the jacket won’t easily get loose after a couple of washes. At the back of the jacket, you will see the classic Adidas three stripes branding without the brand text.

Calvin Klein Jeans Leather Casual Boots

For women looking for a tough pair of boots to wear for the winter, they can buy the Calvin Klein Jeans Leather Casual Boots, which are made from genuine and smooth leather to make it comfortable and form-fitting as you continue to wear it throughout the season. Even though it has eyelets and secure lace-up closure, if you want to tighten or loosen it, you can easily take the boots off using the full zipper closure at the side of each boot. These boots can be bought in either a black or a white color.

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MANGO Cropped Button Cardigan

A complex and elegant cardigan that you can buy at Sivvi is the MANGO Cropped Button Cardigan. This piece of clothing features a denim jacket-like design and is made from knit polyester fabric that is soft to the touch. Because of its jacket-like appearance, it has a collar neck and two-buttoned flap chest pockets where you can store items. Then, you can close the cardigan by using the secure front buttons.

New Look Faux Oversized Coat

For the coldest winters, you should wear the New Look Faux Oversized Coat, which is made from faux fur that will provide sufficient warmth for your body while you are walking outdoors in freezing temperatures. The coat has a collar neck and long sleeves to offer more warmth, and it also has a secure buttoned closure so that you can close down the coat and not let the cold breeze touch your undershirt.

Nike NSW Therma-FIT City Series Puffer Jacket

Another piece of fine clothing that you can wear under colder temperatures is the Nike NSW Therma-FIT City Series Puffer Jacket. This jacket is long enough to look like a dress, so it can provide warmth not only on the upper part of your body but also on your legs. In addition, the jacket has a hooded neck so that you can also make your head feel warm whenever you feel too cold. It has a front slit so that your legs won’t be restricted from moving, but it still has a front zipper that ends at the slit so that you can close the jacket and feel warmer.

Pepe Jeans London Bea Trench Coat

The next long coat that you should take a look at is the Pepe Jeans London Bea Trench Coat, which has a double-breasted button enclosure at the front to provide a more secure fit to your body. The coat is made from soft and cozy polyester blend fabric, and it has a collar neck for a stylish look. If you want to tighten the waist, you can use the adjustable self-tie waist straps. But, in order to avoid restrictions of movement while the waist is tightened, the coat has a kick slit detail that allows your legs to move with ease.

Jacqueline de Yong Solid Longline Cardigan

The last item on this clothing list is arguably one of the simplest, and this is the Jacqueline de Yong Solid Longline Cardigan. The cardigan is made from lightweight acrylic blend fabric that feels cozy and warm on your body, which makes it the perfect loungewear piece. The item also has a relaxed fit so that you can move freely without any restrictions or limitations. Moreover, it has an open front so that there wouldn’t be buttons that could add to the weight of the cardigan.

So, these are the items that you should look for and check out in Sivvi’s Women Winter Collection 2022. Find the pieces that would fit your style and could help you showcase your personality better through fashion.