Why are Rolex Watches So Valuable?

14th March 2022 | Jessica

There is always one particular brand whenever people think about the most expensive and valuable watches in the world, and this brand is Rolex. Rolex is a Switch watchmaker founded in 1905 by German-British businessman Hans Wilsdorf (who also founded Tudor) and business partner Alfred Davis.

Although Rolex doesn’t produce their watches in-house from the company’s founding up to the early 21st century, the quality and the durability of the watches that they sell allowed them to become one of the most revered watch brands in the world. To learn more, here are the reasons why Rolex Watches are so valuable.

Rolex wristwatch

Hand-Assembled Watches

Rolex is one of the few watchmakers that still make watches most by hand. Although Rolex has now used robots in their production facilities, the only tasks that those robots do aren’t actually related to the watchmaking process, as they are responsible for filing, cataloging, and sorting items on the facilities. 

The watch movements and the bracelets of every watch are built and assembled by hand. Before each watch goes through the COSC (Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute), several watchmakers within Rolex will have to inspect the watch first before it goes out of the facility. If you want to keep the strap of the Rolex watch in mint condition, you should use an AliExpress Promo Code UAE so that you can buy replacement straps for a discounted price.

Hiring the Best Gemologists

The one aspect that you can’t deny when seeing or wearing Rolex watches is that they are made from the finest materials that you will see on an accessory. Rolex achieves this by hiring some of the best gemologists in the world who do research on various gems, metals, and materials in order to ensure that every item that Rolex uses for making watches is high-quality and durable.

In addition, Rolex is also one of the few brands in the world that still uses timepieces that are made out of gold, which would explain the reason why Rolex watches can be quite expensive today. Because of the precious materials used to make the watch, it is expected that the value of the watch you will buy from Rolex will remain for many years.

Rolex has Research Facilities

Besides the production facilities that make the Rolex watches, the company also has various research facilities that handle innovative manufacturing techniques that can help employees make better watches in a faster, more convenient, and more efficient manner.

In these research facilities, Rolex hires the most proficient scientist that will always do their best to come up with different projects and innovations for the company. These facilities would also have a stress test room where they will test the durability of Rolex watches under different circumstances and situations.

Durable and Water-Resistant

Speaking of materials, Rolex watches are guaranteed to stand the test of time because the materials used to make them are durable, long-lasting, and resistant to wear and tear. You would find most Rolex watches to be incredibly scratch-resistant, which means that you don’t really need to baby it in order for it to remain in great condition.

Moreover, most Rolex watches are also water-resistant, and they will be able to withstand up to 300 meters of water pressure, which is quite amazing. The water-resistance of Rolex watches is tested under pressurized tanks, which mimics water pressure as you get deeper into the sea.

Rolex Uses 904L Stainless Steel

One of the strongest materials that Rolex uses for their watches is the 904L stainless steel, which is not only stronger than the regular 316L steel that most watchmakers use but also shinier, which makes it more compatible with precious gemstones that would look better with other shiny materials.

However, the downside to using 904L stainless steel is that this material is quite expensive, which is one of the reasons why Rolex watches have a high price tag. Furthermore, 904L stainless steel is also quite difficult to mold or manufacture, so it would need special skills in order to transform one block of this material into various parts of a watch. But, using this material is very much worth it, as it can make the watch be more durable and long-lasting.

close up wrist watch rolex

Rolex Watches Hold Their Value

Rolex watches and items hold their value better than most watchmakers in the world, and the value of the watches that the brand makes is usually attributed to their durability and quality. Despite being a very old brand, Rolex has never been out of style compared to other watch brands, as they remain the number one most popular luxury watchmaker. If you want to hold the value of your Rolex watch based on quality or condition, you should buy a safe box on AliExpress and use an AliExpress coupon to reduce the item’s price.

While men’s watches in Rolex’s catalog have been valuable for many years, there have also been women’s watches in the brand that are starting to have high resale value. So, if you are going to buy a Rolex watch, you will be sure that you can sell it for a relatively high price even after years of keeping or wearing it. As such, Rolex watches are good investments, especially if you are a watch collector.

Celebrities Wear Rolex Watches

Another reason why Rolex watches are so valuable is that a lot of high-profile figures and celebrities throughout history have worn the watches or have praised them for their quality and looks. Fashion trends are sometimes determined by what the most famous celebrities wear during a particular season, so it is no surprise that celebs also control which watch brands are more popular than the others.

Because a lot of celebrities have worn Rolex watches throughout different decades, the brand is always trendy no matter which models they sell during those decades. There are even a lot of people that would buy a particular model of Rolex watch just because their favorite actors or musicians have worn it. So, as long as celebrities wear Rolex, you should expect that the brand will never go out of style.

These are the biggest reasons why Rolex watches are still so valuable after many years. If you have the budget, you should definitely try buying a Rolex watch since it is a good investment and it looks nice to wear no matter what outfit you are sporting.