Why You Should Stay at the Centara Mirage Beach Resort in Dubai

April 16, 2024 | admin

Dubai has quickly become one of the best tourist destinations in the world, and its popularity among foreigners is mainly attributed to the many attractions that people will be able to see in the city. In addition to the sights or attractions, Dubai is also the home to many world-class hotels where tourists and locals can have a relaxing and hassle-free time in enjoying their rest days or vacation.

One of the best hotel-resorts in Dubai is the Centara Mirage Beach Resort, which was opened in 2021 at Deira Islands. As of early 2022, the Centara Mirage Beach Resorts has 607 rooms and suites that can accommodate overnight guests. The Centara Mirage Beach Resort Dubai is the first-ever establishment created by Centara Hotels & Resorts, a Thailand-based resorts company, in Dubai. To know more about this resort, here are details that will make you stay at the Centara Mirage Beach Resort in Dubai.

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Exclusive Waterpark

One of the best features of the Centara Mirage Beach Resort Dubai is its exclusive waterpark, which is filled with various slides, a lazy river, an outdoor playground, and more. In addition, the waterpark also has a beachfront swimming pool that is perfect for tourists that want to enjoy the view of the Deira Islands. Of course, you should get proper swimming gear if you are going to swim at this waterpark. Luckily, you can easily get swimming gear at AliExpress and use an AliExpress Promo Code UAE to get discounts.

Centara Mirage Beach Resort in Dubai

Within the waterpark, there are three age-specific children’s clubs that kids and teenagers can join in various activities or projects. For the adults, they can enjoy the different water sports that can be availed at the waterpark. So, in the Centara Mirage Beach Resort Dubai, you don’t need to book a trip to another waterpark, as you already have access to one in the hotel you will be staying in.

Spa Cenvaree

Both kids and adults can relax and unwind at the Spa Cenvaree, which features cold and hot plunge pools and a Thai massage station. In addition, there are also various spa treatments that guests can get at Spa Cenvaree, and these treatments include body therapies, facial treatments, couple experiences, signature rituals, and signature therapies.

In addition to the regular spa treatments, guests can also visit a candy-themed spa within Spa Cenvaree. The Candy Spa at Spa Cenvaree allows you to get candy-themed body massages, scrubs, and masks, wherein you can pick a “flavor” for the scrubs, masks, and other massage-related items at the spa. 

The specialty flavors within the Candy Spa are called “Edible Spa Treats,” and these flavors are individually named Vanilla Slice, Choco-Licious, The Neapolitan, and Strawberry Shortcake. Furthermore, there is also The Nail Bar, where you can get a manicure or nail art. If you want to save money on spa treatments, Spa Cenvaree also gives special offers for guests so that they can get discounts on popular and exclusive services.

For children, there is a “Glamour Girl and Superstar” section of the Candy Spa where they can get the Glamour Girl treatment (facial treatment, manicure, and pedicure), the Superstar treatment (facial treatment, hand massage, and foot massage), and the Rapunzel Hair Braiding treatment (hair braiding, manicure, nail art, and face painting).

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Clean and Amazing Rooms and Suites

As mentioned at the start of this simple article, the Centara Mirage Beach Resort Dubai features 607 rooms and suites, and most of these rooms are family-friendly. Here is a list of the rooms and suites available at the resort.

Superior Room Sea View King

A modern room that is 32 to 37 square meters in size. As the name of the room suggests, it has a very stunning sea view that can be enjoyed by both tourists and locals. Up to three adults can be accommodated inside this room. And guests can choose to avail of a room that has either a shower or a bathtub. Use an AliExpress coupon in AliExpress if you want to buy your own bathrobe for using the bathroom.

Mirage Superior Room

Another type of room that has an amazing sea view is the Mirage Superior Room, which is 41 square meters in size. The difference between the first room and the Mirage Superior Room is that it has bunk beds that are specifically designed for children, so this room is more family-friendly. A maximum of two adults can be accommodated in this room.

Family Room Double Double

The Family Room Double Double is a 37-square-meter hotel room that features a beautiful view of the Deira Islands and Dubai’s skyline. This room has two double beds and can accommodate up to three adults.

Superior Room Panoramic Sea View King

The Superior Room Panoramic Sea View King is a magnificent hotel room located at the resort’s beachfront, so you will have a much better view of the sea. The room is 37 square meters in size, and it offers either a shower or a bathtub in the restroom. Up to three adults can stay inside the Superior Room Panoramic Sea View King.

Family Room Sea View Double Double

If you want two double beds while also having a perfect view of the sea, then you should stay at the Family Room Sea View Double Double, which features all of those that you are looking for. The 37-square-meter room can accommodate up to three adults and can have either a bathtub or a shower.

Family Room Panoramic Sea View Double Double

For families that want a panoramic view of the sea, there is the Family Room Panoramic Sea View Double Double that has all of the features of the previous room but with a much better sea view that allows you to see the Arabian Gulf. Three adults can be accommodated inside this 37-square-meter room.

So, these are the major features and attractions that you can find at the Centara Mirage Beach Resort Dubai. If you are going to visit different places in the Deira Islands, staying at the Centara Mirage Beach Resort is highly recommended so that you can save money on transportation. In addition, you can also save money on booking tickets at a waterpark in Dubai since you can just enjoy the exclusive waterpark in the resort.