Ninja Grocery Promo Code May 2024 – Grocery delivery with 30% Cashback for KSA customers!

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Not only does Ninja Grocery sell wide selection of products including fresh fruits, vegetables at retail prices. They have VERY fast delivery (same day -hours)!… Read more about Ninja coupons

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Ninja Grocery Promo Code 2024 – Grocery delivery with up to 30% Cashback for KSA customers!

Not only does Ninja Grocery sell wide selection of products including fresh fruits, vegetables at retail prices. They have VERY fast delivery (same day -hours)!

Ninja Grocery promo code will get you up to 30% cash back, up to 30 SAR on any order, added directly to your account. Ninja Grocery offers this deal on over 2000 items when you order through the Ninja Grocery app. Each time you order through Ninja Grocery, the app will give you the discount as cash into your account.

Save with a NInja Grocery promo code from Almowafir today!
Save with a NInja Grocery promo code from Almowafir today!

How does it work? Use your Ninja Grocery Coupon Code to choose some food for big savings!

Saving money using Almowafir coupons is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

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About Ninja Grocery KSA

  • Ana Ninja is an online shopping platform that provides customers with a convenient and secure way to shop for over 2000 products at affordable prices. The company was founded with the goal of creating a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for customers in the Middle East, especially the KSA.
  • Ninja Grocery offers an extensive range of products across categories such as fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy products, as well as many non-food items. The company has partnered with top brands and retailers to ensure that customers have access to high-quality products from trusted sources. Ana Ninja also has a dedicated team of customer service representatives who are available 24/7 to assist customers with their inquiries and concerns.
  • In addition to providing a convenient shopping experience, Ana Ninja also offers various payment options including cash on delivery and online payment through credit cards and other methods. The company also provides fast and reliable delivery.
  • Ninja Grocery app also offers VERY fast deliver (same day -hours).
Get up to 30% cash back from Ninja Grocery with a coupon from Almowafir!
Get up to 30% cash back from Ninja Grocery with a coupon from Almowafir!

Ninja Grocery product categories to save on with a discount code from Almowafir!

Once you have downloaded the Ninja Grocery app, it is time to pick items to purchase and have delivered fast. Here are some of the best categories that you can choose from and get VERY fast deliver on the same day, while saving by using a Ninja Grocery promo code from Almowafir:

Fresh Foods:

  • Fruit/ vegetables promo code
  • Meat/ Fish promo code
  • Dairy & eggs promo code

Processed foods:

  • Canned foods coupons
  • Snacks and candy coupons
  • Condiments coupons

Household goods:

  • Pet supplies discount
  • Disposables discount
  • Cleaning and laundry products discount

How to contact Ninja Grocery Customer Service

If the customer has any issue with their order from Ninja Grocery, they can contact the company through the app.


Phone or Whatsapp at: +966920004957

Special Features @ Ninja Grocery

  1. Online ordering for absolute comfort from home
  2. Many advanced payment methods for ease of purchase
  3. Convenient order system through Ninja Grocery app
  4. VERY Fast Deliver (same day -hours)
  5. Strong Customer Support Service

Download the Ninja Grocery app now:

Android app here

IOS app here

Ninja Grocery delivery methods:

Ninja Grocery app delivers to these popular areas in the KSA:

Riyadh, Jeddah and the Eastern Province.

  • Ninja Grocery has delivery hubs throughout the area. 
  • The timing and fee for delivery depend on the distance from the nearest hub to the customer.
  • Any time a customer orders on the app, they will be informed of the charge based on the distance calculated from hub to address.
  • In many cases, delivery can be within the hour.
  • Ninja Grocery delivers Mon-Thu from 7.30am- 11 pm.
  • Fri-Sat from 7.30am – Midnight. ​

Ninja Grocery KSA payment methods:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • AMEX
  • Apple Pay
  • Mada

Ninja Grocery KSA return and refund policy:

If there are any problems with the delivery, either with a product, or due to a missing product, please contact Ninja Grocery KSA customer service through the app.

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FAQ Ninja Grocery on Almowafir:

Q: What is the Ninja Grocery delivery fee?

A: The delivery fee is based on distance from the closest hub and the customers basket size – the higher the basket value, the lower the delivery fee. The exact delivery fee is posted on the checkout page in the app.

Q: Why does Ninja Grocery charge a storage fee?

A: In addition to the delivery costs, Ninja Grocery charges an additional fee (storage fee) for certain products. This fee compensates for the higher costs associated with the sale of these products, e.g. special expenses for inspection, storage or protection against theft. The storage fee applies to every order that includes at least one such product and is shown separately in the shopping cart or in the order overview.

Q: Can I pay when my order is delivered?

A: No. You pay in just a few clicks when you place the order using one of our several online payment options.

Q: Ninja doesn’t sell my favorite brand. How can I tell you about it?

A: We love to hear what our customers think is missing on Ninja. We are always open to new products to expand our selection. So don’t hesitate to give them feedback.

Q: I regularly see your riders riding. How can I become a Ninja rider?

A: We are regularly looking for new riders. Sign up in the app to become a rider or warehouse employee.

Q: Is there a minimum order value?

A: Yes. The minimum order value is based on distance from the closest hub. The exact minimum order value is posted when ordering in the app.

Q: Why do I sometimes have to wait longer for my order?

A: If it is busy, it can sometimes unfortunately take a bit longer for the order to be delivered. The estimated delivery time is always indicated in the app before the order is placed. If the order has not arrived after the delivery time indicated, please contact customer service.

Q: Q: Why can’t I place an order if it is during working hours?

A:If it gets too busy, the hub  may temporarily restrict new, incoming orders so they can avoid extensive delivery times.

Q: I forgot something I wanted in my order, can I add it?

A: Ninja Grocery starts packing every order right away so it arrives quickly. As a result, it is impossible to make changes after placing the order.

Store Features

Customer support 24/7
Customer support 24/7

Shipping Methods

Same-day delivery
Same-day delivery

Payment Methods

Credit card
Credit card