Best online clothes shopping sites in KSA

19th May 2022 | Rachel

The market opportunity

Fuelled by a very young population, the retail market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is among the fastest growing in the world.

Mall operators, real estate developers and fashion brands have noticed the opportunity and are all betting big on the Saudi market. E-commerce retail is not far behind.

Dress code

Fashion is one the top categories in Saudi Arabia’s retail boom. Despite social norms governing appearances, interest, passion and intent are thriving across clothing, apparel, and footwear for men, women and kids.

The dress code is slightly more relaxed for expats, especially within compounds, but they are expected to abide by the dress code in the public space.

Shopping malls and markets are the only places where men and women can be seen together in public.

Online shoppers also seem to be looking for value for money as they seem to be searching the word “coupons” across their searches. This makes them wise consumers that do proper research and watch a lot of video content before they make a purchase.

Women are the biggest fashion consumers and they seem to focus mostly on traditional clothing (with an emphasis on black and white). However, when they shop for western clothing, they are likely to be interested in jackets, dresses and shirts.

Watches are among the top searched accessories (Rolex being the top brand in the searches every time) followed by gold and diamonds jewelry (earrings especially bangles seem to be extremely popular).

Seasonal promotions

The busiest period in the year is the week of Eid Al Fitr (right after Ramadan), when people frantically shop online and offline for clothes, accessories and footwear among other things to mark the end of Ramadan. (women usually shop more than men)

Retailers leverage this week with exclusive promotions.

Online shopping websites: the most convenient solution

Convenience is one of the best benefits of online shopping, and that’s precisely what you’ll get with these online stores. Whether you want to browse the latest fashion launches, or you’ve been wanting to get a new smartphone, find everything you need at one of these sites.

Shopping-a form of entertainment

Shopping is also a way for Saudis or expats to spend time with family or socialize with friends. It is even a form of entertainment and the air-conditioned shopping malls and physical stores give a much-needed break from the blistering climate.

Online Shopping Websites and Mobile Apps are the quickest way to shop in Saudi Arabia.

The leading brands available in Saudi Arabia are accessible mostly through a few big fashion retailers platforms. Each one of these platforms has its own advantages and strengths and we recommend to check also their customer service as well as the quality of their products.

Amazon Sales: This is THE best online shopping website. The site has a total of 34 categories, including supermarket and grocery items, fashion products, electronic products, beauty and cosmetics, home appliances, office supplies and books. Amazon is top of the list in the KSA and offers the cash on delivery option.

Best online clothes shopping sites in ksa-sivvi
Sivvi Sales & Codes KSA

SIVVI Sales: SIVVI, a Saudi online shopping fashion destination, has relaunched in the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a new look and an incredible service offering for customers and fast shipping. In Dubai, customers can opt for an unrivaled fast delivery (3 hours), while in Riyadh orders will be delivered same-day. Sivvi is a subsidiary of the Noon Group, and sells high-quality products and the most famous brands in Saudi Arabia. Sivvi offers free delivery and returns.

Best online clothes shopping sites in ksa-Namshi
Nashi codes & Sales KSA

Namshi Sales: It focuses on online fashion and offers reasonable prices mostly thanks to a bulk ordering policy. They have everything from jeans to dresses available on their website. Namshi has some great deals that include free shipping with all purchases over SAR 200. Namshi provides cash on delivery feature for its users.

H&M Sales: Shoppers can browse through the different categories on the H&M website or visit the physical stores (tens of stores spread throughout Saudi malls)

Next Sales: Uk-based fashion retailer next offers an extensive range of super clothing, footwear, accessories, and domestic products for both women and men. You can find casual wear as well as formal pieces in Next stores.

Noon Sales: Noon is among the biggest shopping websites in the region and the largest online store of leading brands in categories such as electronics, mobile phones, fashion, health and beauty, jewelry, fragrances, grocery, baby products and homeware. In addition to clothing and accessories such as scarves and handbags, Noon has recently started offering more types of clothes, including abayas and shawls that were previously only available in white or black. The site provides many electronic payment methods in addition to the cash on delivery feature.

Best online shopping apps in Saudi Arabia

  • noon shopping
  • shein fashion shopping online
  • Amazon shopping
  • Haraj
  • Alibaba marketplace
  • Jarir bookstore (this is the best KSA online shopping website and app for smartphones and gadgets)

How can I get the best deals for these online clothes shopping sites?

These websites will do anything to encourage you to purchase online. Usually they give you a 10% or 15% off your first order if you sign up for their newsletter. They will also provide with excellent shipping services and payment options (including the cash on delivery which is so popular in the UAE and in the KSA, check out our list above). However, if you wish to get an even better deal, check out Almowafir Sivvi code and Almowafir Namshi coupon.

You should also be aware that all these sites frequently have sales and each year they offer massive seasonal discounts such as the Ramadan Sale or Black Friday Sale.

When you combine all of this, you can definitely save a lot of money