Loyalty Program from Almowafir – 12 Questions We Answered to Help You

May 15, 2024 | سفيان

We announced on Almowafir a while ago about the loyalty program in the Almowafir app, through which you can collect points when buying products or services using one of Almowafir’s coupons or by completing certain tasks like sharing the app with your friends, and so on.

Once you have collected the Almowafir coins, you can convert them into a range of exclusive discounts or valuable gifts of your choice.

Everything is fine so far, but there are a number of questions posed by users of the Almowafir app that are directly related to the issue of collecting ALM coins.

Therefore, today we will answer these questions in detail, including how to join, ways to collect ALM coins, and the issues that can lead to the loss of your ALM coins or even account closure.

What are Loyalty Coins?

Loyalty Coins symbolize our appreciation for your loyalty to Almowafir. Earned through active engagement, these coins grant access to exclusive rewards, including sought-after gift cards. They’re our way of thanking you for being part of our community and for shopping with Almowafir Codes


How do I know if I’ve earned any coins after completing an action?

مستلزمات الحج

Simply check your Coins Record section where you can view both pending and granted coins associated with your account. This comprehensive record ensures transparency and keeps you informed of your earnings.


I made a purchase through your offers, but I haven’t seen any coins added to my account. What should I do?

Firstly, please check your Coins History section, where you can find details of both pending and granted coins associated with your account. If you don’t see the coins reflected in your record as pending or granted, kindly notify us, and we’ll promptly investigate the matter to ensure you receive the coins you rightfully earned.


When will I be able to convert my coins to Gift Cards?

ou can convert your coins into Gift Cards once you’ve accumulated the required amount. Upon clicking on each card you’ll see if you have enough coins balance


How can I earn more coins?

There are several actions that allow you to earn coins, including following us on social media or watching an ad. However, the most rewarding method is to shop from brands offering coin rewards. You can easily identify these brands by the icon badge displayed on their profiles. Some brands even offer Double or Triple Coins, providing you with greater opportunities to accumulate rewards quickly. Explore these options to maximize your coin earnings and unlock exciting benefits!


I don’t see a gift card for the store that I want to buy from?

Gift cards are powered by LikeCard, so availability depends on the cards they currently have in stock. Keep checking back as their inventory may change over time.


I don’t see an option to buy a gift card. Why is that?

If the option to purchase a gift card is temporarily unavailable, we recommend revisiting our platform in a few hours. Additionally, please check our social media channels as we typically announce any updates, including if cards are temporarily out of stock. Not to worry, we regularly refresh our inventory and add new gift cards every few days to ensure you have a wide selection of options to choose from.


Do you give coins as gifts?

Absolutely! Enjoy bonus surprises by simply entering our app. Keep an eye out for push notifications about “Golden Times” where you can earn DOUBLE coins. Additionally, stay connected with us on social media for announcements about coin giveaways in our exciting social media contests. Earn rewards effortlessly and make the most out of your loyalty to Almowafir!


I had a balance, and it disappeared. What could be the reason?

Firstly, ensure that you are signed in to view your coins. If you are signed in and still unable to see your coins, check if you have redeemed them for a gift card. Additionally, if your coins were acquired through fraudulent means, they may have been canceled, and you may be banned from the Almowafir Loyalty Club. We take integrity seriously to maintain the trust and fairness within our community.


I received an email stating that the Almowafir team banned my account and deleted my coins. Why did this happen?

If you received such an email, it indicates that your account was involved in fraudulent activities. We take fraud attempts seriously, and the decision to ban your account and delete your coins is final. We prioritize the integrity and fairness of our platform for all users.


I have a problem, but I can’t find the solution in the questions above?

Please navigate to the Almowafir App and contact us directly by following these steps:
Go to “More” > “Purchase History” > Use the provided contact email. By including your user data, we’ll be able to assist you more efficiently. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re here to help resolve any issues you may encounter.


Finally, these were the most prominent questions about the loyalty program on the Almowafir app, which we have answered in detail,

Therefore, everything is clear, and all that remains is to download the Almowafir app from Google Play or the App Store to start collecting ALM coins.