The Most Fashionable FitFlop Shoes You Can Buy

March 21, 2022 | admin

Hundreds of different brands are currently available for footwear, but not all of them are able to produce and sell shoes, sandals, and other types of footwear that are comfortable and stylish at the same time. Some brands would have shoes that are so stylish that they are already uncomfortable to wear, while there are also brands that would sacrifice style in the name of comfort.

However, there is one particular brand that has combined comfort and style effectively, and this brand is called FitFlop. The footwear brand was founded in 2007 by Marcia Kilgore, who wanted to create shoes that toned the person’s legs whenever they walked. So, in partnership with biomechanical engineers Dr. David Cook and Darren James, Kilgore was able to create shoes and sandals that are very comfortable to wear while also looking very fashionable. To know more about the different models you can buy from the brand, here is a list of the most fashionable FitFlop shoes you can buy.

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One of the most popular FitFlop models that you can buy today is the Rokkit, which is a simple sandal that has a single strap that is usually made from soft and comfortable suede. Because of the Rokkit’s popularity, you can easily buy this model in online stores like Namshi. Be sure to use a Namshi discount code to get discounts on the FitFlop Rokkit.

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Because of the suede strap, your feet won’t feel irritated compared to wearing sandals with a plastic strap, which can cause itching and irritation. What’s stylish about the Rokkit is that the suede strap is embellished in dozens of rhinestones so that the sandals would catch anyone’s attention. However, the Rokkit is simple enough to pair with almost any outfit.


If you want something a little bit more low profile than the Rokkit, which has a big midsole, then you should get the Surfer. The Surfer has a much lower midsole compared to the Rokkit, which makes it more flexible and more comfortable for women that are not a fan of wearing high midsole shoes and sandals. For those that are planning to go to the beach, the Surfer is also a great pair of sandals to wear since it is made from EVA, and it has a mesh strap, which helps in keeping the sandals durable and dry.


For those that don’t really like sandals, FitFlop also offers slip-ons that can protect the upper portion of your feet. One of the best slip-ons on the FitFlop catalog is the Superskate, which features the same comfortable midsole as most of the brand’s popular sandals, but instead of a strap, the upper of the Superskate is full leather upper that provides protection for your toes and heels. The leather upper also has a cotton lining for improved comfort, and the midsoles have a leather footbed to add extra cushion for your feet.


While the Rokkit is already a simple pair of sandals, there is actually a model that is simpler than that. This model is called the Lulu, which usually features a leather strap with a microfiber back so that the strap would feel soft on the skin of your feet. Much like most FitFlop models, the Lulu features a comfortable midsole that has a firm back to protect your heels against impact, a softer midsole for cushioning, and a 50% firmer front to help you push off your feet while walking. The difference between the Rokkit and the Lulu is that the latter doesn’t have rhinestones, so it is less eye-catching and is truly much simpler in design. Use a Namshi promo code to reduce the price of the Lulu on the Namshi online store if ever you plan to buy it.

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The Skinny features a single strap like the Lulu and Rokkit, but instead of a suede or leather strap, the Skinny typically features a strap made of fabric for better flexibility. However, the strap is reinforced with leather lining so that it would be more durable while also providing comfort for the wearer because of the leather’s softness. But, there are also particular variants of the Skinny that features a full leather strap. Another great feature of the Skinny is that its strap can be adjusted using the buckle located on the side of each sandal. So, if you want to tighten the strap for a better fit, you can easily do it on the Skinny.


Another popular model from FitFlop is the Electra, which features a lower profile midsole similar to the Surfer, but instead of having a mesh strap, it has a leather strap that is embedded with dozens of sequins that makes it shine and attract anyone’s attention. True to its name, the Electra surely has an electrifying design because of the sequins, which can come in a variety of shining colors depending on the variant. To make the strap comfortable, it has cotton padding at the back that feels soft to the skin of your feet.


One of the models with the lowest profile or midsole on the FitFlop catalog is the Allegro, which is technically a pair of ballet flats that has a genuine leather upper that protects your toes and heels against scratches and exposure to the sun. Despite having a very thin and lightweight midsole, the Allegro still has a comfortable footbed that provides support and cushioning for your feet. The cushion within the insole is the Dynamicrush technology that offers a little bit of bounce for your feet whenever you walk.


The most “different” FitFlop model on this list is the Shuv, which is a pair of leather clogs that shares similarities to the popular rubber clogs that are becoming trendy in the 2020s. The Shuv features a genuine leather upper with softer leather linings for extra comfort. Furthermore, the Shuv has an open heel so that you can easily wear the pair and take it off whenever you need to. Hidden within the midsole is the classic FitFlop cushioning that offers support for your feet while still being comfortable to wear.

Through the list that we have provided above, we hope that you will have a better idea of which FitFlop shoe model is the most suitable for you in terms of style and preference. Check all of these FitFlop models out on a physical store or online shop.