What are the Most Popular Aigner Bags?

March 01, 2022 | admin

In terms of luxury bags, there are only a few known brands within the fashion industry that are guaranteed to deliver and sell high-quality bags and accessories for many fashionistas around the world. One of those known brands is Aigner, a brand that has two separate fashion houses, namely Etienne Aigner US and Etienne Aigner AG. As already seen in their names, the two Aigner fashion houses are based in the US state of New York and in Munich, Germany.

Although Aigner is a very popular brand today, there are still some people that are unfamiliar with it. If you are one of those that are not yet familiar with Aigner, we are here to help you know more about its popular products if you ever want to own one or more items from the brand by purchasing them on Namshi and using a Namshi discount code. So, without further delays, here are the most popular Aigner bags you can buy today.

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Diadora Crossbody Bag

One of the most popular Aigner bags that many people use is the Aigner Diadora Crossbody Bag, a timeless classic that features grained cowhide leather, shiny light gold metal parts, and a durable shoulder strap. The Diadora bag has three compartments, which are the main compartment, a compartment with a zipper, and a compartment with a magnetic closure. So, you can fit a lot of items in this bag despite its relatively small size. But, the Diadora Crossbody Bag comes in two sizes, which are XS (extra small) and S (small). Pick the size that is most suitable for your preferences.

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Livia Mini Bag

The next well-known model in the lineup of bags within Aigner is the Livia Mini Bag, which is a slimmer bag compared to Diadora Crossbody because it only has one compartment. However, this bag still features high-quality grained cowhide leather and light gold-colored metal parts that truly make this bag look luxurious. If you want a bag that is slimmer and less eye-catching, then you should get the Livia Mini Bag.

For those looking for a much rounder bag shape, they should get the Calla Crossbody Bag Log. This bag has rounded edges compared to the bags we have presented previously, although it is much bulkier because of its three compartments, which is comprised of an outside pocket with a magnetic closure, a compartment with a zipper, and a large main pocket that has a metal closure that snaps in place when opened or closed.

However, the Calla Logo model comes in two sizes, and these are the S (Small), a bulkier bag with more compartments, and the XS (extra small), a much smaller bag with fewer compartments that is perfect for those that don’t want to care a big and bulky bag. Be sure to utilize a Namshi promo code so that you can save money in buying this luxury bag.

Pria Crossbody Bag

The rectangular-shaped small bags are quite trendy today, so if you want to follow the latest trends in fashion while also having an Aigner, you should purchase the Pria Crossbody Bag. This luxury bag features a very trendy small and rectangular bag shape, but what makes this unique from other bags of the same design is that it has the iconic Aigner logo embossed all over the genuine cowhide leather exterior. Because of its thin profile, the Pria Crossbody bag only has one compartment, but it is spacious enough to fit your phone and wallet comfortably inside.

Selma Crossbody Bag

For fashionistas that are looking for a bag with a minimalist design, the best Aigner bag for them is the Selma Crossbody Bag, which looks like a blank slate of grained cowhide leather bag but with a golden Aigner logo at the middle of the magnetic closure that seals the main compartment. However, besides its main compartment, it also has a pocket inside that can be closed with a zipper, so you can use it to store your wallet and other important items.

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Selma Hobo Bag

If you want something bigger than the Selma Crossbody Bag but still retain a minimalist design, then we recommend the Selma Hobo Bag. This Selma bag has a similar design principle to the crossbody version, as it still has the simplistic magnetic closure and the small gold Aigner emblem at the center, but what makes this version different is that it has a bigger compartment and a shorter strap. Inside the large compartment, you will find a zip case where you can put important items and accessories.

Selma Handbag

Another version of the Selma model is the Selma Handbag, which took away the magnetic flap closure and replaced it with a zipper enclosure that is easier to open for some people. Although it is marketed as a handbag that features two short straps that you can use to carry it on your hand, Aigner included a shoulder strap with the bag so that it can still serve as a crossbody bag for those that don’t want to carry anything on their hands or if their hands are occupied by shopping bags and other items.

Ivy Mini Bag Lizard

People who like exotic accessories should take a look at the Aigner Ivy Mini Bag Lizard, a small bag that has lizard-like embossing on its exterior. Despite being advertised to have “Lizard” as one of its features, it doesn’t actually have lizard leather; instead, the leather is cowhide but with lizard embossing. The Ivy Mini bag also has three compartments, with two magnetic closure pockets located at each side of the big while the main compartment has a zipper at the top to seal it securely.

So, those are some of the best Aigner bags that you can buy today in the Aigner store or in other shops that carry the Aigner brand. If you want to have a much easier time finding the most suitable Aigner bag for you, you can just check out the Aigner online shop or various online stores where you will have plenty more options when it comes to different models and colors.