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Koenig Coupon Code: Get Extra 15% Sitewide ALM1

Konig Coupon Code: Save Up To 15% On Your Purchase

Use the Konig coupon code that can be found within the Konig special offers and coupons on Almowafir to receive an extra 15 % discount on your Konig purchase. This Konig discount code allows you to save money on all Konig designs of luxury timepieces for men and women on the official Konig website.

Purchase the latest luxury Konig watch designs for women and men that combine current technology with creativity, and take advantage of a special Konig discount code (ALM1) available only via Almowafir!

About Konig

Konig is a German watch company that is noted for its design that incorporates elements of culture, technology, and handicraft. Rico Pross, the founder of this business, spent years traveling the world in pursuit of the perfect timepiece. But he couldn’t find the right watch, so he decided to create his firm, which he named Konig. It was primarily concerned with developing a one-of-a-kind timepiece that combined utility, quality, richness, and innovation. 

With this feature, the business spread around the world, including all Middle Eastern nations such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain. Its present mission is to make each user feel good about themselves by blending fine workmanship with cutting-edge design and an unwavering dedication to continuous innovation.

Konig Store: Luxury Watch Collections

At the Konig webshop, you will find an incredible assortment of timepieces that are all different from one another and have distinctive styles. Each model is a one-of-a-kind work of art that tells its own story. Various watch models, such as the Marine, Base the King Craft,  the Calibre, the Carbo, the Ladycat Rona, the Bijou, and others, are available for you to choose from. You’ll also discover exquisite designs with expensive gemstones embroidered into the watch, such as emerald, ruby, sapphire, and diamonds. 

So go ahead and get your perfect timepiece while using the Konig coupon code (ALM1) available via Almowafir and save a lot of money!

Women’s Collection

With Konig watches, you may choose the right timepiece without compromising on quality or design. Konig provides contemporary watches that come with all you need to appear gorgeous, whether you’re going out or working all day. The K74 Mosaic series will bring out the best in your feminine appearance and complement it. Your attractiveness is enhanced by the magnificent diamonds on your wristwatch. Aside from this wristwatch, you may discover other timepieces that go well with your outfits, such as the Mosaic, K74 Ladycat Rona, Skull, Bijou, and Bijou Skull, among others. 

Use the Konig (ALM1) coupon code at the checkout page to obtain the look you want while receiving a 15% discount on top of that.

Men’s Collection

A timepiece is a must-have piece for men who want to look their best. It might be challenging to select a watch that complements your attire and helps you get an ideal look.  However, you can now purchase your wristwatch directly from the Konig website. It features an incredible variety of timepieces branded as the K74 series, including the Marine, King Craft, Calibre, Carbon, and Base models, among others. Fashion and creativity come together in these K74 timepieces, which offer outstanding designs. Stainless steel, ceramics, carbon fiber, and precious gemstones are used in the construction of these timepieces. 

Purchase your favorite timepiece at a reduced price when using the Konig coupon code (ALM1) at the checkout page!

Konig Store: Payment Options 

Make your purchase using one of the many payment options provided by the Konig online store. Choose from VISA, MasterCard, and American Express, as your payment method. The card information you provided to complete the purchase is kept safe, ensuring the security of your transaction.

Konig Store: Delivery

The Konig shop offers free delivery on all of its items anywhere in the world. The delivery of your purchase will take between 3 and 5 business days. You will also be provided with a tracking link so that you can keep track of the progress of your order shipping.

Konig Store: Return Policy

Within 14 days after receipt of your order, you have the option to return or replace it. Original packaging and price labels must accompany the items, and they must be returned in their original state. Once the item has been returned to our warehouse and we have evaluated its condition, we will issue a complete refund to your credit card. You can also trade a product of equal or lesser value for another one.

Konig Store: Warranty 

All of our goods are manufactured following the German high-quality standards set by Konig. Despite this, your watch is protected by our limited guarantee against any manufacturing issues; this includes the watch mechanism, dial, indexes, hands, and stone settings on the dial, amongst other things.

The warranty duration for a KNIG74 watch is 3 years from the date of purchase. After the warranty term has expired, all repairs will be subject to a service fee.

Konig Coupon 2022: 15% Off On All Konig Watches

If you use the Konig coupon code (ALM1), you will receive a 15 % discount on all Konig luxury watches for men and women. Simply copy and paste the Konig coupon code (ALM1) into your order summary at checkout to receive the discount and save money!

The Konig discount code is valid for all watch designs for men and women on the Konig website, and it is open to all online customers from all GCC countries – copy the Konig coupon (ALM1) and use it to continue purchasing the greatest luxury German watches at the Konig web store with a 15% discount!

When shopping for a Konig watch, take advantage of the 15%off coupon (ALM1), which is good for all Konig watch collections, including reduced styles.

How I Use The Konig 2022 Discount Code?

Here is a step-y-step guide on how to use the Konig coupon code 2022 worth 15% on all watch collections:

  1. Visit the Almowafir website – or app – then go to the Konig store page.
  2. Choose the Konig discount code or coupon you want within the offers and discounts available to you.
  3. Click on the code you want, and it’ll be copied automatically.
  4. Within three seconds you’ll be referred to the Konig website.
  5. Pick the Konig watches you want to purchase based on the Konig discount code you’ve chosen. Add some products to your shopping cart – and proceed to checkout.
  6. Paste the previously copied Konig discount code in your order’s summary, in the field provided for it.
  7. Click “Apply” to activate the Konig coupon code.

Congratulations! You’ve just saved money with the help of Almowafir!

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Konig Discount Code 2022: FAQ

Question 1: What is the best Konig discount code?

Answer: The best Konig coupon code is (ALM1), which provides you a 15 percent Konig discount on all Konig luxury German watches in various styles on their website exclusively for all online shoppers in the GCC, and with no minimum spending – simply paste the Konig code (ALM1) at checkout and save money!