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April 16, 2024 | Tamer

Dress from Head to Heal in Ounass UAE Style with Up to 70% Off EID SALES!

We all love the idea of dressing in classically beautiful designer clothes. The look, the feel, the quality just speaks to the soul of a fashionista. Exquisite designer brands in clothing, shoes, jewelry and bags never go out of fashion, they just become vintage gems and classically ageless. The trouble is designer dreams don’t always come with a designer bank account – until you shop on the gorgeous ounass UAE online emporium. This amazing store cleverly keeps its margins low so that you CAN buy the best in designer brands – but for so much less. Shop with a ounass promo code or discount code from Almowafir and, together with the onsite ounass uae discounts, you can get a bargain.

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There is Still Time to Grab an Eid Discount

Yes, even during the holiday, you can pop into the ounass uae site and pick up a plethora of gorgeous articles for up to 70% off! Discover ranges of essential luxurious brands for your festive boost and save lots of cash! 

Ounass has a real sales style and there will be, throughout the summer, masses of discounts and time-limited sales on almost all of your favorite categories; clothing, shoes, accessories, bags, beauty products, jewelry, interior design, plus a breathtaking selection of vintage luxury.

Shop today via the main tags and find collections of Contemporary Labels, Event Dressing, Modest Dressing, Niche Fragrances, Arabic Fragrances and more and more for both guys and gals. Add an ounass promo code deal for extra shopping joy!

At ounass uae they really do understand who we are and our traditions, ensuring to alway highlight edits that honor our culture. Ounass reflect Arabic traditions, in dress, but also in the respect we show to our family and our love for the giving of gifts. Therefore ounas uae have curated amazing collections of items that fit perfectly into our lifestyle, our homes and our dreams.  

Ounass have online stores that are aimed very specifically for GCC audiences and keep their sites very local, so that in addition to ounass uae they have Ounass sites that serve Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar plus, of course, sites that serve the MENA region as well.

I have written previous blogs on the Almowafir retail blog site about Ounass that are worth reading before you dive deep into your shop.

Hottest Eid Sales with Same Day Delivery!

Don’t miss out on the moment, take 30 minutes and start to browse. You can search via your favorite brand or designer, via your preferred discount, via exclusive offers or, of course simply go into the EID SALES Link and see what’s on offer. In addition go into Almowafir and see which ounass discount code offers would enhance your shop and copy one, or two! It really does pay to shop smart even when designer shopping!

So what caught my eye? Just to wet your appetite I spotted a JIMMY CHOO Candy Clutch Bag in Tortoiseshell at 50% off the recommended retail price! What an amazing find and classic addition to any classy wardrobe. I also loved the ultimate Little Black Dress, but with a modest twist with the LEE MATHEWS Maleo Cotton Blend Maxi Dress that is currently at 70% discount – I kid you not!

I found, and bought, for my husband a gorgeous pair of GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Urchin Leather Sneakers at 50% off and I got them delivered on the SAME DAY! I did hint that he should go over to ounas uae too and maybe take a look at the perfumes 🙂 I’d love an Arabic bouquet fragrance by AYESHA ZIYA – Signature Oud Eau de Parfum – it is on sale right now.

Hottest Eid Sales with Same Day Delivery!

Luxury at ounass uae is yours with an ounass promo code

For the most exciting Designer Deals for men simply filter by Clothing, Accessories, Grooming, Bags, Home, Shoes and Watches and bathe in the delights. There are superbe edits for men not only in clothing but also accessories such as Bags, Belts, Cufflinks, Wallets and much more. 

I think Cufflinks on a fine shirt are really classy and I found a beautiful selection on ounass uae at discounted prices, in particular I loved the TATEOSSIAN Silver Cable Knot Cufflinks that are now 30% off ,which makes them eminently affordable and rather nice to have!

Hottest Eid Sales with Same Day Delivery!

Accessorize with class at ounass uae with an ounass discount code

Ounass UAE have right now, reams of bargains branded items that will make your KIDS look gorgeous. There are plenty of collections for boys and girls, from newborns and up to teenagers, with price tags of up to 70% off. The offers include clothes for every occasion, shoes, accessories and special gifts that parents and children alike will adore. Maybe add a little sparkle for your princess with a stunning pair of little BABY FITAIHI Floral Topaz Diamond Stud Earrings or a snazzy POLO RALPH LAUREN Polo Bear Canvas Backpack that comes in with a 41% discount. Buy now and get TODAY for super EID gifts.

Shop at Ounass UAE and Make The Dream a Reality

Sometimes you really can live the dream and reflect the glamour and elegance of designer style. Somehow a classic piece of clothing, a top branded handbag or  designer sunglasses give you that added confidence to strut your style. 

You will find on ounass uae EVERYTHING you always wanted, but now you can afford to buy. Add an ounass promo code and SHOP TODAY and enjoy!