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Shawarma House Promo Codes & Deals

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Shawarma House Reviews And Ratings

Shawarma on a wooden platter.
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Also, you can enjoy the excellent breakfast where Shawarma House is open for almost 24 hours a day and is currently working on opening its new branch with a location on Khurais Road.

Shawarma and fries on a plate.
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Shawarma House provides delectable dining, takeaway, and delivery services in Saudi Arabia.

These Restaurants got many positive and five-star reviews, and people from the country say they love to order from them!

The History Of The Restaurant

Mohammed Al-Shawarma established the Shawarma House restaurant company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in 2000.

Since May 8, 2020, Muhammad Al-Ghuraimel has been the new owner.

Shawarma House is known for its great food, good service, and pleasant employees.

Their restaurant is well-known for its innovative take on classic meals and commitment to utilizing only high-quality fresh ingredients.

Shawarma and fries on a platter.
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Shawarma House restaurants enhanced its eight-branch system in the Riyadh region with the grand opening of its new branch in early 2020.

These restaurants have won the admiration and appreciation of consumers in Riyadh and visitors from outside the city. 

They have achieved international fame by providing the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia’s most famous and preferred meals.

Shawarma House offers a very diverse and delicious menu that includes dishes such as chicken shawarma.

Shawarma House got many good fast food items such as fries, burgers, shawarma, and even perfect fresh juices! Order now and save with a unique Almowafir Coupon code of up to 10% – B39 .

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The proprietor of Shawarma House restaurants was excited to develop his business by serving great food to consumers all across the Kingdom and the world.

The success of Shawarma House in the Riyadh market motivated the company to develop new branches in the area, allowing fans of Shawarma House meals in other locations to sample the most delicious cuisine while also receiving excellent service.

Shawarma House prepares cuisine on demand using a professional method to guarantee that it is always served fresh and hot!

Shawarma and fries in a bag.
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It is worth emphasizing that the restaurant chain Shawarma House UAE is the first option for fast food consumers due to the great and high quality of the meals, excellent service, and variety of the menu.

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Shawarma House’s goal is exemplified by its lofty ambitions to develop throughout the Kingdom and beyond the world while maintaining its position as a specialized brand.

If you look at their reviews and comments on their order apps, you will find many helpful stuff and compliments!

Shawarma House app.
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You can do the following using the Shawarma Arabi app:

– Look at their excellent menu

– Arrange delivery without leaving the house

– Get update notifications on the progress of your order

– Make reservations for your party or any other big event

– Save the address for future reference

Eggs and bacon on a plate.

The app will be helpful for everyone who wants to order exceptional Arabic food and enjoy its great sales!

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Wrapped shawarma.
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These restaurants got great reviews because of their excellent google locations, warm service, and fantastic food!

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FAQ- Shawarma Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Who owns the Shawarma House Restaurant?

Answer: Mohammed Al-Shawarma founded the restaurant business in 2000 in Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al-Ghuraimel, Muhammad bought the restaurant chain on May 8, 2020, and became its new owner.

Question 2: When does the shop open?

Answer: Al-Hazm Branch, Dirab Road, opens at 6 a.m. and closes at 3 a.m.

Question 3: What to expect from Shawarma House’s menu?

Answer: Shawarma House’s menu offers amazing options that you can choose from and enjoy a variety of different masterpieces of Arabic cuisine. Popular dishes:

Marinated soft, great-tasting beef shawarma. 
Original-tasting grills
Fantastic crispy brisket 
Spicy fries with excellent cheddar cheese
Shawarma House spicy sauce and a distinct range of salads and fresh juices that customers like.