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Almowafir is now offering the best Waffarha coupon code for Zed Park, which is:… Read more about ZED Park coupons

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ZED Park Promo Codes & Deals

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Up to 42% OFF + 10% Extra on Zed Park Entry Tickets at Waffarha W4298 Ongoing

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Almowafir is now offering the best Waffarha coupon code for Zed Park, which is:

Up to 42% OFF + 10% Extra on Zed Park Entry Tickets at Waffarha coupon!

Zed Park is a unique place that offers many different activities for all ages and genders.

If you decide to visit Zed Park, be sure that you will create unforgettable memories and experience many other things, and try different games.

Ora Developers has a record of producing stunning surroundings that combine brilliant thought and durable, sensitive design.

Use Almowafir’s coupons to save fees by up to 42% and pay the least amount possible for Zed’s park admission.

They make a great effort to design, create, and build high-quality places that fit easily within their surroundings and have sustainability at their core since they respect the natural world around us.

Zed's Winter Fest

You may select your chosen coupon from Almowafir’s and save between 10% and 42%!

Their projects are vibrant, thriving lifestyle destinations with a strong sense of community that provide opportunities for everyone and various pleasurable lifestyle activities.

Choose your favorite activity or Zed Park’s cool games and enjoy! Also, in Zed park, you can eat food at incredible prices with Almorafir’s coupons! Choose your preferred coupon type and save up to 42%!

Also, with Almowafir, you can get a full ticket and other great features at Zed Park for the lowest possible price!

Zed's motivational quote

Let’s talk briefly about the rules of Zed Park and what it offers you, and what is not allowed there.

Zed park is not a proper place for companies and big groups such as schools and nurseries.

We highly recommend visiting Zed Park if you have kids and using it as a family vacation.

Various associations offer discounts, including restaurants, theme parks, escape rooms, hotels, movie theatres, spas, and other businesses. With Almowafir’s, you can choose your preferred coupon type and save between 10 and 42%!

Zed Park will offer you many choices for your activities. Some of the services they provide are:

  • Cars jump around (25 EGP)
  • Mini swing ride (25 EGP)
  • Samba balloon (25 EGP) 
  • Fire brigade (25 EGP)
  • Butterfly jump around (25 EGP)
  • Ferris wheel (100 EGP)
  • Ice rink (75 EGP) 
  • Flying chairs (50 EGP)
  • Carousel (50 EGP)
Zed's Winter Fest banner
  • Scooter (50 EGP)
  • Karting (100 EGP)
  • Foot park (3 games) (25 EGP each)
  • Galleon 42 (75 EGP)
  • Trampoline (100 EGP)
  • Bumper Cars (50 EGP)
  • Eastwind (25 EGP)
  • Fantasy Dome (100 EGP)
  • Balloon race (75 EGP)

And many more options…

Also, you can choose to go to their famous horror house or escape room. Kids adore trampolines and card games, so this will be the perfect place for them!

Use this exclusive Zed Park Dec 2023 discount code, available only at Almowafir, to save up to 42% and an extra 10% off on park admission fees for your preferred park!

Types of Zed's Ticket Options

We told you this would be the perfect place for kids, but this doesn’t apply to kindergarten trips or schools. You can find every piece of information you need on their website. Also, you can leave your review, comment, or read other reviews before going!

By using Almowafir’s vouchers, you may reduce the cost of Zed’s park entry by up to 42%.

You should be aware that you can’t go through the entry gate with:

  • Expired weekdays entry coupon or
  • Weekdays entry coupon on Friday or Saturday
  • Beverages
  • In big groups
  • With pets
  • On any date which includes holidays or when the park is closed. (Be sure to check it out)

Also, all outside food is forbidden. Zed Park offers great food, and you will receive outstanding services there, so don’t worry!

If someone has a weak heart or similar medical conditions, people like that should consult a doctor about whether it is suitable for them to visit such places before buying a full ticket.

The ticket you buy with Almowafir’s coupon code will be valid all week long except on special event days or non-working hours.

You need to pay park entry fees or use a weekday entry coupon for your kids that are four years old or above. So the required starting is from four years and will cost the same for adults and kids.

These are necessary conditions if you want to enjoy your time in Zed Park!

Also, we suggest you check the date before buying the weeklong entry coupon because it’s valid only from Sunday to Wednesday.

Zed's membership banner

Working hours are from Saturday to Wednesday from 1 pm to 9 pm. Thursdays and Fridays are from 2 pm to 12 am. You can also book a ticket online, and with Almowafir’s coupon code, you will get it for the lowest possible price.

You can find great discounts with Almowafir and unique tickets that include: Park entry fees + Games Card.

How Do You Use Zed Park’s Promo Or Coupon Code For Dec 2023?

Go to and paste the code at checkout to get your discount

You may save up to 42% off and an additional 10% off on park entry fees for your chosen park by using this exclusive Zed Park Dec 2023 discount code (W4298), available only at Almowafir! Pay park entry fees less than ever!

Here is the quick five steps guide using Almowafir’s coupons and services for the best deals!

Step 1: Open the Almowafir app or website and navigate the Zed Park official page.

Step 2: Decide which Zed Park coupon you wish to apply.

Copied Coupon from Almowafir

Step 3: Select the “Copy” button next to the code, and the website will be opened for you.

Step 4: When you’ve decided what to buy, head to the payment section.

Step 5: Type or paste the discount code (W4298) found on the Almowafir website in the space provided for coupon codes.

Also, the “Apply” button must be clicked for the code to take effect.

Almowafir's coupon for Zed Park's entry at Waffarha

That’s all; It’s genuinely that easy!  Enjoy your day at Zed park for the lowest possible price!

Instead of going to the theater or reading a book at home in bed, it’s the right time to indulge in the adventures Zed Park offers.

Save up to 42% off with Almowafir’s coupons and pay the lowest possible price for Zed’s park entry fees.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Zed Park

Question 1: Where can you find your tickets when buying with a coupon code?

Answer: You will get it through email as a PDF file attachment. In case it has been sent there, kindly check your Spam Folder. For your favorite park, use this exclusive Zed Park Dec2023 discount code (W4298), available only at Almowafir, to save up to 42% and an additional 10% off on park entry prices!

Question 2: What is Zed Park’s safety policy? What does it include?

Answer: The tourists’ well-being and safety are their top priorities. The entire event will be subject to security inspections. They also advise all visitors to exercise caution and never leave their baggage or personal things unattended.

Question 3: What is the minimum age for children to enter Zed park for free?

Answer: Park access has free entry for children under four years old.

Question 4: So, what ticket should you get for your kid?

Answer: As we already mentioned, kids under four years old have free entry. From the age of four years old and above, all tickets offered are the same for adults and children. With Almowafir, you can find a weeklong entry coupon and enjoy the best offer price!

Question 5: Are pets allowed?

Answer: Pets are not allowed. Also, all outside food or drink is not permitted. Don’t try to pass the entry gate with beverages and suspicious products.
We hope this article helps you to plan your best trip to Zed Park! Enjoy the weekday entry coupon with Almowafir’s best prices!